Best Geeky Science App That Android Has To Offer

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If you are a true geek then you know that science isn’t just limited to the physics or chemistry but it extends to cover many more areas which will allow you to get greater understanding on things like how universe acts.

But sometimes we don’t have a telescope with us that will allow us to view the distant stars or we don’t have the proper reference material that will allow us to be updated on the latest scientific news.

Play store has lots of apps that will allow you to get updated knowledge on science and also provide you with hundreds of scientific facts. So we have compiled some of the best scientific app that you can try from the play store. Read on to find out about them.

1.     New Scientist

You must be familiar with the names of the all famous scientist who have greatly contributed to the development of the human society. Rather than being behind on the latest scientific discoveries New Scientist app will provide you with new and latest discoveries that are being made.

This app will keep you updated on latest inventions right on your android device so you don’t have to go searching for new information every time.


2.     WolframAlpha

Science is one big field which contains many different branches so one can imagine that it is very difficult to find all the information in one place. You will be surprised because WolframAlpha exactly does that by collecting all the information in one place.

You can get answers to complex questions and WolframAlpha has answers to almost all scientific queries that you can throw at it. Even Siri of iPhone uses WolframAlpha to answer your queries. WolframAlpha can provide you answer to the problems in statistics, physics, chemistry, engineering, astronomy, life sciences, and several other scientific fields. This app is available for $2.99 from Play store.


3.     SkEye Planetarium | Astronomy

If you have an interest in viewing the night sky and different star groups and constellation then SkEye Planetarium | Astronomy is the app of choice for you. It contains information on different constellation and different systems that you can view on our night sky.

The app is regularly updated with latest information about night sky and where you can expect to find the different objects when you are peering through your telescope. It also has arrow feature that will help you to search the night sky for the object of interest. This app is available for free from the play store.


4.     NASA (APOD) Lite Live Wall

The heavenly pictures that are available from NASA all are captured by the famous Hubble telescope. This app will allow you to get those rare heavenly photos directly from NASA and use them as live wallpaper on your desktop.

You will get daily updates of the live wallpaper and also you can rate the wallpapers so other people can also enjoy them. The best part of this app is that you don’t have to pay anything for the beautiful breathe taking wallpapers.


5.     Star Chart

Star chart is the famous smartphone astronomy app which will help you in gazing at the night sky. The most important feature of this app is that it gives you detailed information about the constellation that you are gazing at including the distance and brightness of the object that you are looking at.

The app uses GPS to lock on your position and also give you accurate information about the object you are viewing. You can also use the app to zoom on the object you are viewing. There is many more feature which are available for just $3.21 from the play store.

So there you have some of the best scientific app for the geeks. Do let us know which app you found the best and also let us know about other scientific app which are interesting and exciting.

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