Block Unwanted Calls And SMS With Root Call Blocker

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In our day to day life we many people and give them our contact information. Most of the time they are our colleagues or friends and sometimes they are people who we have just met for business.

But sometimes from all those people there are certain contacts who are just plain annoying and you get no other way to avoid them. Even after you avoid them in your social gatherings they still get your contact information and annoy you with unwanted SMS.

Not only that but there are prank callers and telemarketers who we just want to block so that they don’t annoy us or disturb your momentary peace that you get in your busy life.

Now there are many apps in the Play Store that will allow you to block calls and SMS from unwanted numbers but they usually allow your phone to ring once so that the number is matched with the list that you have created for blocking callers.

Root Call Blocker The Ultimate Call Blocking App

Wouldn’t you want an app that will block the calls and SMS from the unwanted number even before they can make your phone ring? Then you don’t have to look further than Root Call Blocker. This app was developed by Fahrboot Mobile and as the name suggests you need to root your android device for the app to work.

The reason for this is that Root Call Blocker is integrated to your device at the system level thus providing you with a airtight filtering service from calls and SMS. This app is the most easy to use app that you can ever find from the Play Store.

The power to avoid annoying relatives, prank callers and telemarketers just got easy with Root Call Blocker. This app provides you with a very simple and easy to use interface which will make you feel right at home. You can set up schedules when you want the number to be blocked so that your weekend is not disturbed and also you can make sure that calls and SMS from blocked numbers are kept hidden so that you don’t have to remove them later on.

You also get the option to block unknown number with just the area code and also international calls. To avoid offending your annoying relatives you can use a feature of Root Call Blocker that will enable you to reject their calls with an auto reply SMS.

After you have installed this app on your device you will be presented with a list where you can block them or blacklist and a whitelist on which calls are allowed. For the app to work more effectively you need an internet access because the app will access the telecommunication provider for licensing and application tracking.

This app is not bug free so when you are using it be careful as it’s known to crash easily when using certain features. This app is available for trial from Play store where you can block one number at a time. To get around this limitation you need to purchase the Pro version which is available for just $4.99

Do let us know what you think about this app and also if there are similar apps that gets the job done while being free.

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