Blockster – Most Interesting Puzzle Game

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Blockster is one of the most interesting and addictive puzzle game where you have to remove blocks by pressing colored drums. The game are in three modes: Beat, Endless and Reverse and is incredibly easy to play.

It is one of the funniest and rewarding puzzle game. At the bottom of the screen it contains four drums; yellow, red, green and blue. If you want to remove the color, simply tap the drum which matches.

Three different modes of the Blockster game :

1. Beat:

In this mode gamers can easily remove the rows of blocks from left to right. Levels start off really easy- rows of one or two colors, then it gets trickier by mixing these up more and more. The game is over when the blocks (of which rows are continually added) reach the bottom of the screen. There are more than 100 levels to work through with 4 different themes: Snare Zone, Floor Zone, Crash Zone and Drums Zone.

2. Endless:

Here, the individual blocks fall from the top of the screen and you tap the corresponding color to remove them. As the game progresses, blocks fall faster leaving you less time to respond. The game is over when a block hits the bottom of the screen.

3. Reverse :

Reverse mode turns game play on its head. Similar to Beat mode, rows of blocks descend from above. Each row will only be made up of three different colors. Gamers have to knock the missing color to remove the row. This requires an entirely different kind of skill as you have to quickly identify which color is missing and knock it. Rows fall much faster here than in Beat mode.

The three different modes of play are refreshingly different from each other and they all offer completely different challenges.


  • Its very easy to Play
  • Makes the Gamers interesting
  • Makes Addictive
  • Simple to Play


On some screens there is a back icon in the top left hand corner which take you back a page (your hard back button will make you leave the game altogether). On others it is invisible. On others still, like the Mode page, it doesn’t exist at all so you have to use the hard back button which makes you leave the game entirely. Additionally the music was also not great.


1. Addictive:

  • The blending of casual and instinctive game-play, simple controls, lots of levels and three different modes make the game easy to pick up, but hard to put down.

2. Fun factor:

  • It has lots of fun. There is loads of levels to progress through in Beat mode so there’s lots to play.

3. Sound:

  • The drum has its own sound and you will receive regular notifications that you are doing well.
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