Call Actions: Streamlining Your Phone Calls

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Call Actions is an android app that helps you to stay organized if you are receiving important phone calls daily. This app will help you to remember to call back certain person after you are done with a call.

Also certain times you are busy so you just can’t note down the important things that another person is telling while you are on call. So this app will do it for you very easily and efficiently.

Moreover Call Actions has a popup that you can customize to perform any of the following actions:

  • Redial the last called number
  • Send SMS
  • View or add new number to your contact list
  • Send Email
  • If a number has missed call you then you search that number on Google
  • Add appointment to your Google calendar associated with a phone number
  • Set a reminder with alarm if you want to call a certain person at certain time of the day
  • Ability to share contact via Vcard.

After you have downloaded the app from the android market it is enabled by default but you can tweak it a bit more to your liking by visiting the settings menu.

One useful feature that the developer has included in the app is the ability to auto close the app and you can set the time limit when you want the app to auto close. This is useful when you are not using the app.

Windows Phone 7 Interface

The user interface of the app was designed keeping in mind the metro UI of the windows phone 7 which keeps it simple and very easy to navigate through various options that the app has to offer.

The tiles are large and you can customize the tiles to your liking. You can also set it so that the tiles change color depending on the theme you are using on the phone. But the useful feature is changing the tile color depending on the call you received.

So if you receive call from a frequent caller then set up a color and whenever that caller calls the color will show up so you can easily recognize the caller. You can ever set the color option to random so that for each call the tile color is different.

You can download various themes for the app from the market but sadly the app doesn’t come with any themes preinstalled.

Call Action In Action

Every time you are done with a phone call, call action will pop up with all the option it has to offer. In the beginning it was very much annoying because you are not used to this and with all the options.

But after sometime of using I started appreciating the option because it will enable you send SMS or add contact or set reminders at that moment rather than getting busy with some other job.

So immediately you can perform the actions that you might forget or send a quick text to the caller if you have forgotten to mention it in the call. Once you are used to app it will become routine and you will become very much comfortable with the app.


Well what to say. This is a very useful app that makes sure that whenever you are busy you can access your last called number very easily without the need for much scrolling.

Moreover if you enable the last caller notification it will be visible in your notification bar and this feature has helped me out on a daily basis especially on days where I have been too busy to scroll through the list to find out the last called number.

Do give this app a try and let us know what you think about it and how it has helped you out.

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