Caller Name Talker App Lets you to Identify the Caller Without Looking Android Screen

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Are you tired of seeing your android screen by seeing every time while they are calling or texting. Here, is a very good app for you which is called as Caller Name Talker. This app speaks up the text displayed on the caller ID i.e. Caller name or number on an incoming call or incoming SMS on Android.

On top of it, the app also speaks up the message content, if enabled in the app settings menu. It allows your android plays the ringtone or message tone along with the caller name or number displayed on your android screen.

Caller Name Talker

The Caller Name Talker app contains multiple smart settings which can be customized and the app works accordingly. You can allow the app enable the alert even if the contact is not saved in the phone book of your android.

This makes the caller ID speak up the number from which you are receiving the call or message on Android. Further, the options are available to force the app to speak up the caller name even if you have put your android phone on silent mode.

Caller Name Talker App-1

This app will be helpful especially when you are in driving. If you get any message at that time this app will read the text message for you and allow to hear you.

This Caller Name Talker app uses the built-in text to speech engine which reads the text on your phone and convert the same to speech. The android phone which do not have the text to speech engine pre-installed, the app diverts you to Google Play Store app link. From there, you can easily download the text to speech and start using Caller Name Talker android app.

Caller Name Talker App-2

Further this app provides you the voice settings options via that you can set the speed and the pitch of the voice. Speed of the voice includes very slow, slow, normal, fast, and very fast. Same thing is available for Voice pitch settings also. You can check the preview of voice from within the app settings menu.

It has many great advantages. But unfortunately, the dual sim users could not enjoy fully by using this app. It will works only on the default sim card and not on the second one. This is one of the downside of this Caller Name Talker app. But don’t worry, the developers of this app said that they will fix the issue very soon.

Caller Name Talker App-3

So guys, if you wish to download this and install this in your android smartphone then get it from here. Just try it out and tell us in the comments section how it works.

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