Camera Mod for Xperia X10 which Brings Camera Improvements and More……..

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Many of the developers focus on updating the older device into the latest version of Android. It does not mean that development comes to an end to the stock ROMs.

Now, the Sony Xperia X10 users have a camera mod for their stock ROM to help make the most of the device’s 8MP shooter and Zeiss glass.


Full credits will goes to the XDA Senior Member FeraVolt who has released this mod. It adds several features to the camera, while improving the overall camera experience. Additionally, several other mods are also present to improve the phone’s general performance.

Camera Mod for Xperia X10

The features of the Camera mod includes:

  • BraviaEngine
  • AudioShutter Fix
  •   FPS Uncap
  • Enchanced Bass
  •   Init.d autorunner
  •   Updated Busybox
  • One init.d tweak:
  1. Increased JPEG quality
  2. Enabled support of Bravia Engine
  3. Misc encoder tweaks
  4. Vm CacheDrop
  5. Panorama tweaks
  • Modified Camera App:
  1. Changed all res images to newer ones
  2. Decreased camera wait delay
  3. Decreased Video service delay
  4. Increased Sound Quality
  5. Increased Image capturing speed
  6. Decreased Face Detection delay
  7. App Opening speed increased
  • Video Capturing quality increased

– Audio Codec quality increased
– DoubleChannel audio recording (but mono sound)
– Image quality increase


  • It decreased all possible UI delays
  • It also decreased all possible HW-SW i/0 relation delays
  • Audio quality set to original in apk (was causing problems)
  • Recent media thumbnail quality increased
  • Fixed init.d tweak
  • It added the another Panorama capturing app
  • It also added NeoReader app
  • Further it has raised the video capturing fps limit from 24 to 30

It is really a long feature list for a simple camera mod. People find a many increased camera quality and panorama mods as of now, no one did not find any downside by using this mod.

So, if you are still on a stock Sony Xperia X10 ROM and wants to improve your android mobile camera performance and some additional tweaks am sure this is definitely a good mod to try out.

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