How “Solid Explore” Can Be Used To Get Better File Management On Your Android Device


If you are sick of using different file explorers and file managers in your Android device then it is the time to try something new and more advanced. This new app is called “Solid Explorer” which helps you manage your files in a better way.So far, the design of Android OS has come a long way. However, there … [Read more...]

Poetry Lovers Rejoice Because Now Android Will Help You In Your Poetry With The Best Poetry Apps


Poetry is an art that lest words resound in your soul with special and deep meaning that only a poetry lover can truly understand. In the past there were many great poets who have left behind much great poetry for you to enjoy.But now many new poets are emerging and along with the help of android are able to … [Read more...]

Toggle Your Auto-Rotation With Shake ‘n Rotate

Shake ‘n Rotate Works

Smartphones these days come equipped with a variety of sensors that help you to orient your device and also view the pictures or videos in portrait or landscape mode. But the accelerometer sensors in the smartphones these days are too sensitive than the previous generation sensors.A little tilt of your phone … [Read more...]

Some Very Powerful Apps Of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS)


Android is most famous OS nowadays which runs in many world famous devices like Sony, LG, Motorola, Samsung etc. One of the major reasons of the popularity of Android is it’s outclass apps which makes users addicted of Android. In new Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) there are many mind blowing apps. You will … [Read more...]

Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich Features Which Can Make Your Phone Joy To Use


Combination of sweetness of Honeycomb and crisp of Gingerbread in the shape of new Android Ice cream sandwich makes Android more tasty for its users. It’s a treat for Android users from Android developers.Google wanted to merge all android versions in one version, the version which can run in the devices like … [Read more...]

Increase The Creativity Of Your Kids – Use Top 5 Educational Apps For Android

Drop words

We all want our children to become mentally sharp and creative. However, it is not easy to take time out for this purpose these days. There are certain educational apps for android that can be helpful for your kid to learn new things and sharpen his brain.Latest trend in market is to learn through technology. … [Read more...]

Want To Save Money? – Here Are Top 5 Personal Finance Apps For Android


Who doesn’t want to save money on things the he/ she is buying? Even if you can’t save money on stuff that you buy, still you can track record of your expenses with the help of your android smartphone. There are different personal finance apps that can be used to keep track of your expenditures.Keeping a … [Read more...]

HDR Android Apps Helping You To Enhance Your Captured Moments

best-hdr camera apps

The camera qualities in the android phones have been steadily increasing and also there are various options in the camera that allows you to tweak the picture to your liking. But the default camera app in the android has its own limitation.You can’t enhance the pictures on your own or also add certain artistic … [Read more...]

Migrate Home Screens Across Different ROMs And Launchers With Desk Migrate

App Review Desk migrate

Android is the most versatile mobile OS to be ever developed. You get the option to customize then entire OS to your liking and also make it work and function exactly as you want it to work.There is no other OS that features so much customization option. Android will allow you to get the full mobile experience … [Read more...]

Worried About Health? – Here Are Top 5 Health & Fitness Apps For Your Android Phone


We all are worried about our health these days. Especially in the current circumstances where there is almost no physical activity at all in our lives. If you want to find a way out of it, you could easily pave your own way with the help of following android health & fitness apps.If you didn’t know the let … [Read more...]