Hive Settings : An Awesome App to Manage your Android Settings from One Place

Hive Settings

Do you want to quickly access and change all your Android Settings from one place? Then here is a simple app for you released by XDA Forum Member_lucian.The app is called Hive Settings which allow you to access quickly and change your device settings from a no-frills interface. Actually, this app looks similar … [Read more...]

TimeAct Task Manager : An App for Scheduled Task

TimeAct Task Manager

Proper planning is the key for success. Without planning you could not achieve anything in your life. If you plan properly and implement that plan in a correct manner then success will be in your hands.You no need to make a big chart for planning. Life is become smarter nowadays. By using your smartphone you … [Read more...]

Network Traffic Monitor : An App to Check your Network in Real Time

Network Traffic Monitor App

Nowadays, we requires data connectivity for everything. Users are video chatting and streaming various media, TVs come with WiFi and there are all of these mobile devices begging for connectivity.It's no surprise that some households have 10+ devices connected via WiFi. Unless you live in Kansas, your internet … [Read more...]

How to Backup and Restore Call Logs


If you start to root your device or try anything in your device do keep in mind that there is a chance to wipe of all your datas completely. So, it is advisable to take backup of all your internal data such as SMS, MMS, Call logs, Apps, APN Settings etc. So, that just in case if all they are deleted you could … [Read more...]

How to Backup and Restore SMS Messages

Backup and Restore SMS

Before you start to try anything newly in your device it is always advisable to take backup. If you stored any important SMS, or your favorite SMS sent by your dear ones and you don't want to lose them then take a full backup of all your SMS with the help of Backup and Restore SMS Messages.Please make a note … [Read more...]

Undelete : An App for Root Users to Recover Deleted Files from SD Card

Undelete  App

Undelete application is really a great app for root users. If you delete your most important files mistakenly, and if you forget to take backup of those files then don't worry definitely this app will save you from that critical situation.Yes, this Undelete app allows you to recover any type of deleted file … [Read more...]

LetterWars : A New Game to Test Your Word Skills


Hi guys, are you feel boring by playing a 3D games or android games? Then here is a one casual game for you. The name of the game is LetterWars. It is a round based multiplayer game focused on letters and words. This cool game is released by the XDA Recognized Developer Goddchen.How to Play? Gamers are need … [Read more...]

Bazooka Launcher : It is a Themeable Trebuchet Based Launcher Brings More Customization

Bazooka Launcher

As of now, so many launchers are available for Google Play Store and they are truly splendid. In that some launchers focus the speed, some focus on customization and some launchers focus little bit on both.However, one thing that launcher switching fans have to deal with is when one of launcher doesn’t have a … [Read more...]

Tile Launcher : An App Brings Windows 8 Experience to Android

Tile Launcher

Here, is a new launcher called Tile Launcher that keeps the android experience and allowing the users to try out the tile experience.This app was released by the XDA Senior Member rob43. As with most Windows phone-styled launchers, the idea is to try to emulate the windows phone experience on an android … [Read more...]

DroidNotifier : An App to Receive Text Messages and Android Notifications in your PC


So, guys in this article we are telling you how to receive important android notifications and text messages on your Windows computer. Many times we are too busy with our work on the computer and we don't realize someone could sent an important text messages.At that time, just in case, if you put your android … [Read more...]