Google Translate Update: Now Version 2.5 Adding Image Translation Support

Google translator app

It is one of the most downloaded apps of the Google play store. So the good news arrive is that the search giant has issued a new updated version of the Google Translate app.This update is supposed to be a major one with a long list of change log. We have seen this after some time that Google has updated its … [Read more...]

Google Maps Update: 130 New Cities For Live Traffic Alerts

google-maps for android

The world’s most favorite mobile map, the search engine Giant’s own Google Map was just a month ago updated with the 3d navigation few days ago which was made for competition with the new Apple Maps and again the company has again updated Google Maps.This is one of the major updates coming this season. The app … [Read more...]

Dolphin Browser Update: HD Test With An Improved Address Bar

Dolphin Browser

If you are an android user you must be very familiar with the Dolphin Browser HD. The default browser in Android pre Jelly Bean versions had lots of bugs, so users had no other option other than to use the third party Android internet browser, and then it was a time that a new refreshed look browser was available … [Read more...]

Modern War Android Game Review: The Next Level Of Addiction

Modern War android game

With the Android platform taking up the heat and gaining momentum, the Google Play store is also not behind the heat. The increasing number of Apps daily in the Google Play store is making the platform more and more solid.The App count in Google Play store is not lagging behind iOS App Store and with the … [Read more...]

The Jelly Bean Wallpaper: A Coolest Live Wallpaper Experience

jelly belly wallpaper

Whenever the term Jelly Bean is heard the very first thing that comes in mind is latest Android version. Well there is a world beyond Android Eco-system where Jelly Bean is used as a desert.Jelly Bean Android 4.1 is a hot topic for Android right from the release of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich version. The … [Read more...]

EA Games Makes Announcement Of the Iteration Of Real Racing 2


The developers from the EA sports and a new studio Firemonkeys have made an announcement of their new game Real Racing 3.Firemonkeys is the newly made studio which has made a collaboration with the gaming giant EA for the release of their new game Real Racing 3. The original Real Racing was one of the most … [Read more...]

Gameloft Aiming To Release Games For Both iOS And Android At The Same Time


With the world of mobile gaming is undergoing a period of a big evolution, Gameloft continues to make games better and better. This is not the old time where we used to own a Nokia 1100 and play Snakes and getting entertained, HD games are not limited to PC or the Gaming consoles now.Mobile gaming is becoming … [Read more...]

Skype Or Viber Which Would You Choose?


Skype has been dominating the PC world for quite some time by offering cheap rate for making calls and also their service is very good. With the release of android app Skype were able to take it one step further.With the availability of 3G connection and WI-FI connection one could use Skype to make phone to … [Read more...]

SMS Morning Call App Lets Your Friends to Wake You Just Through an SMS


Do you want to wake up at particular time to attend important meeting or marriage functions, but you have the habit of forgetting an alarm for that? Don't worry here is a good solution to solve this problem.All you need to do is just install the SMS Morning Call app in your android mobile and intimate your … [Read more...]

Total Recall Movie Android Game Available Now On Google Play


It seems like smartphone are driving every industry crazy. Once back in beginning time of computer everything started to involve with computer and software programs.Now smartphones are driving crazy every industry and android  apps are getting enriched by every type of task and even management.With all … [Read more...]