smsSync : An Android App to Sync SMS Messages From your Phone to the Tablet


Now, you can easily sync the SMS messages on your phone to the tablet with the help of smsSync app. This app was developed by Alexander Oprisnik. By using this app now you can easily read as well as respond to SMS directly from your tablet.Setting this smsSync app is very simple. For that you need to install … [Read more...]

4 surprising ways your sensitive information is put in danger

Cyber Security

The digital age is upon us. Data privacy concerns are spreading like wildfire in recent times. Technology is barrelling at an incredible pace along and the use of smartphones and other smart devices is skyrocketing as well. This unprecedented upsurge in usage means that the privacy of sensitive data is at risk, … [Read more...]

iGrill an Android App For Cooking


iDevices an app development company recently launched the iGrill app for android to monitor your food from upto 200 feet away. This iGrill app makes the cooking fun, easy and stress free with a host of useful features and long range Bluetooth enablement.The iGrill is an app-enabled wireless Bluetooth meat … [Read more...]

Woven Photo Viewer – An App to Bring all the Photos at One Place From Different Photo Sharing Services

Woven Photo Viewer -1

In this article, we have discussed about another app called Woven Photo Viewer. It is a free photo viewing app for Android. It brings all your photos together in one place and allows you to view them all together with ease on Android.You need to just pickup the photo sharing service such as Facebook, Dropbox, … [Read more...]

My Script Calculator App Lets you to Make Calculations By Using Your Own Handwriting

My Script Calculator

It is sometimes very difficult for us to solve a tricky equation by using a calculator using android phone. This is because it looks some time to search the symbols. It is little bitter.But here is a one new app called MyScript Calculator. This app allows you to make calculations in your own handwriting on … [Read more...]

Wapedia : An App to Search Content on Wikipedia and Other Wikis


Many Wikipedia apps are available in the Android market; now one more app is added onto this lineup. It is called Wapedia. This app allows you to search anything on the Wikipedia in a faster and easier way.The main menu of the app provides well-organized list of options, including categories, news, featured … [Read more...]

Maluuba : An App to Perform Tasks with Voice Commands on Android Smartphone

Maluuba app- reminder

Our life become smarter by using the Android smartphones. Here is a very good app to make your life further smarter with smartphone.The app is called Maluuba. This app performs multiple tasks with voice commands on Android. It lets you to speak anything to your android and work accordingly.Once you … [Read more...]

Date in Status Bar : An App to Show Date in Statusbar/Taskbar of Android Phone

Date in Status bar

One of the very little downside of the Android mobile is it doesn't show the date in the Statusbar or Taskbar by default. If we want we should touch the Taskbar or pull it down.But don't worry you can rectify that by installing the very simple app called Date in Status Bar. This app shows the day of the week … [Read more...]

Microsoft Released the HelpBridge App to Get and Give Help to the People During Natural Disasters


Microsoft recently launched a new mobile app powered by Windows Azure called HelpBridge. This app allows you to ask help after a natural disaster, as well as offer to give it.In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, the launch is an excellent initiative to meet everyone around one cause i.e supporting each other during … [Read more...]

Super Backup : A Very Good App to Backup Everything in Your Android Phone

Super Backup

Hi guys are you a lazy to make a separate backup for your apps, data, contacts, SMS, Calenders, Bookmarks Call logs etc. Then here is a very useful app for you.It is called Super Backup. This app is really a simple, yet functional backup tool that will allow you to make backups of various different things all … [Read more...]