Root Transmission : An App Helps you to Root Other Devices Using Your Phone

Root Transmission app

Many methods are available to root any given device. Some do it manually using the ADB or terminal, some others root use one-click toolkits or custom root scripts. Mostly these methods require the computer. The XDA Forum Member wchill developed a new method it does not require computer.In this method, he has … [Read more...]

Falcon Pro : A Twitter App Available in Google Play Store

Falcon Pro Twitter app

Are you looking for a Twitter app with an innovative UI, Buttery animations and extra fast loading times and unique features then here is the perfect app for you; which is nothing but Falcon Pro app.It features a holo-styled interface that fits right at home on Jelly Bean and Ice Cream Sandwich devices and is … [Read more...]

Smart WiFi Toggler : An App to Control Your Phone’s WiFi Using Location Based Rules

Smart WiFi Toggler

If you forget to turn the Wi-Fi off before leaving a wireless hot spot then your device battery will suffer a lot. It would be great if your device enabled the WiFi automatically when you were in range of a hot spot and disabled when you left that. Now, it can be done by a Smart WiFi Toggler.It is an app … [Read more...]

mTicket : An app to Purchase the Train Ticket Through Android or iOS Smartphones

mTicket -An app to Purchase the Train Ticket Through Android or iOS Smartphones

The Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority (MBTA) just announced the passengers on some of its commuter rail trains can now purchase their digital tickets from their Android or iOS smartphones. This new MBTA mTicket app lets users buy a ticket that can display a digital bar code for conductors to scan once on … [Read more...]

Command Line : An App for Windows Mobile 6.1

Command Line

People who are still using the Old Windows Mobile or HTC Excalibur and are looking forward to upgrade their device with any new app then this article will be useful for you.Here we present you the XDA Senior Member Unit ZERO's latest application: Command line. It is an app designed to allow for greater control … [Read more...]

How to Install Multi Window Mod Feature in Sprint Galaxy Note II

Sprint Galaxy Note II

One of the exclusive feature of the Samsung Galaxy Note II is the Multi-Window feature. This feature is the built in part of TouchWiz where users can run two apps at once.The first app takes the top half of the screen, and the second takes the bottom of the screen. It is the smart feature of the Galaxy Note II … [Read more...]

New Google TV Updates Brings Voice Search, You Tube and Prime Time

New Google TV Updates Brings Voice Search, You Tube and Prime Time

Last year, the Google TV received an update which adds the Google Play and simplified the entertainment discovery experience. The next update makes you to find whatever you want in Google TV. One good thing about the new update is it allows you to search even more faster and easier. The update starts to roll out … [Read more...]

Popup Browser Invoker : An app Opens the Popup Browser Without Clicking Links in Galaxy Note

Popup Browser Invoker

Usually Floating apps opens the window over your current screen, much like how it's done on desktop interfaces. The windows can be re-sized and moved. They allow the users to use the apps without taking up an entire screen.One such app is called Popup Browser. This app works well in Samsung Galaxy Note. The … [Read more...]

LEDBlinker : An app Gives Non-Root Notification LED Control


Most of the smartphone users do not pay more attention to the notification lights but some give more importance. If you are such kind of user then check out the app called LEDBlinker released by the XDA forum member MOST2K2.One of the best part of this app is you no need to root your device. It gives the … [Read more...]

IntelliCover : An App Control Various Actions On Screen Using Proximity Sensor


Over the course of the last year, the developers and OEMs have been working on other ways to control the screen aside from actually touching it. For some, it's using floating touch to hover your finger above the screen without touching it.Now, recently an app called IntelliCover was released; it takes it in … [Read more...]