Most Popular Android Apps 2011

Popular Android Apps 2011

2012 is here and we yet don’t know what this year has in store for our android. What kind of apps will be available will they provide more streamlined user experience or not. These are some of the questions that we think about. But amongst all these thoughts we remember of the few apps that have provided us not … [Read more...]

Revamp Your Android Phone Using Android Launchers

Android Launchers

Bored of the same old look of the menus and the same transition effects day after day? Also you have tried custom firmwares for their different looks and the way it behaves but either it do not fit your taste or you have already used and are looking for more. Well you have to look not much further than the android … [Read more...]

Shield Your Teen from the 5 Biggest Threats on the Internet


Although the internet has brought some great features that have made our lives a whole lot easier, it has also brought a ton of dirt with it, making it unsafe for the younger generation. Threats on the web are continuously increasing, but there are five online dangers that you really need to be wary of, as failing … [Read more...]

How To Order Food Online Using Android App

Nowadays we have Android applications for literally everything. The Google Pay Store has been rapidly growing since all these years, and today hosts more than a million applications on a wide variety of genres. Well, then what about an Android application to order food online from restaurants in your … [Read more...]

Reactiv Dialer App – Replacement of Stock Phone Dialer App on Android Phone

Reactiv Dialer App

A T9 dialer is basically allows you to search for phone numbers from your contacts using the classic phone pad by simply pressing the numbers instead of letters for contact names. But unfortunately it does not comes in the stock Android even in Jelly Bean 4.2.But some of the custom OEM skins such as HTC Sense … [Read more...]

888 Poker App for Android Smartphones

New UI-3

Everyone loves playing poker. When I was getting into my 20's I started playing poker and to this day I've always loved playing it. The one that stands out of crowd is 888 Poker. Recently, they have released an android version of their poker game and I found it very exciting. The android app released by the team … [Read more...]

Contactive – Free Caller ID – Android App Review

Contactive Android App

You must have received a call from an unknown number some time and when you failed to recognize it, you would have wished that somehow, you could find out whose number it is. There Comes Contactive Android app and everything changes. Contactive is a caller ID android application which automatically identifies … [Read more...]

5 Cloud Storage Apps For Android

Cloud Storage Apps

For the past year or two, cloud computing has been grabbing as many headlines as just about any technological innovation in recent memory. The basic concept is actually pretty simple: cloud storage options give people the opportunity to sync their files and data across multiple devices (computers, mobile phones, … [Read more...]

mobileCore reinvents the way to monetize Android apps


Unless you are much passionate about open source, as an application developer, you would always need your applications profitable, especially if they are free ones. When you up ‘free’ label for your application, as you know, you lose your chances for being paid for each installation.  However, in most of android … [Read more...]

What Do I Need To Consider When Travelling With My Laptop?


When travelling with a laptop there are a few imperative rules to consider. The first and foremost consideration should really be insurance. Travelling to and from a number of places can be hectic at the best of times, and if you have several bags on the go and you are suffering from jetlag, you may find … [Read more...]