Janetter : The Best Twitter Client App Which Allows to Access Multiple Accounts Simultaneously

Janetter app

As everyone know,Twitter is one of the most famous social networking sites in the world. Eventhough, Twitter has its own official app, they are usually limited, and third party developers have been making client apps and tend to add extra and interesting features to those apps.Recently, a new comer namely … [Read more...]

FaceDropt : An App to Upload Your Photos Automatically in Facebook

FaceDropt -1

Nowadays, smartphones come equipped with good digital cameras that people use to take pictures on special occasions. After that they want to upload and share their photos and videos in the most popular social networking sites.Talking about uploading photos, especially in the Facebook you need to create new … [Read more...]

Step by Step Guide To Using Screen Slider App


At one point you are working on your system and there are lots of windows you need to be open but the screen real estate isn’t just enough to accommodate most of your open windows. So in such cases you would usually go for a new monitor that will complement your first and help you to increase screen estate and … [Read more...]

Nest Thermostat – Its New Version Updated with Tablet Compatibility and Stability

Nest thermostat

If you have bought yourself a Nest thermostat, and looking for the latest software update for it then this is the correct time for you. Previous generations of the mobile app were not compatible with tablets or even later versions of Android for that matter. But now it has released the new version and it brings a … [Read more...]

Netflix App Gets Sudden Update To Its User Interface At Google Play Store


Netflix offers mobileapp for Android and tablets. NetFlix favors internet video streaming of selected TV shows and videos.The recent sudden update of this app at Google Play Store did not make a significant change in this app for both phones as well as tablets. The latest update favors new interface and … [Read more...]

5 Best Multiplayer Games For Android

android multiplayer

There are loads of single player games available in the android market but playing the single player games often gets boring and at such times its worth having a multiplayer game in your device.Having a multiplayer game is very fun because it will allow you to connect with your friends and play the game … [Read more...]

Best Pinball Games For Android

pinball deluxe

Pinball is one of the most classic games which are still popular among people of different age groups. Its juts great ways of passing your time when you’re tired of firing making birds fly.If you take a look in the android market there are many different kinds of pinball game available but how to tell which … [Read more...]

Google Play Store Becomes More Kid-Friendly With NQ Mobile Family Guardian App


Android market is the best market that contains every type of featured app and user friendly app that that are used to provide entertainment, knowledge and understanding of various aspects to the customers.Although many c are running at the Google play Store but NQ Mobile Family Guardian App is one of the best … [Read more...]

Vocal Scientific Calculator – Awesome app to do Scientific Calculations in Smartphone or Tablet

Vocal Scientific Calculator -2

The Vocal Scientific Calculator app is one of the useful app to have on your android smartphone or tablet. It allows you to do simple and scientific calculation functions like just any other calculator app. One of the best part of this app is no need to touch the phone or even look at it. Currently this app … [Read more...]

Roku Introduced “Play on Roku” Feature & Mobile App Updates

Play on Roku-2

Roku is the leading dedicated streaming platform for delivering video, music and casual games to the Television. Now, it comes with the new update available for its mobile apps on Android and iOS.For most people, mobile devices are an extension of their lifestyle they use their smartphones and tablets for … [Read more...]