List of Essential Android Apps


In this article, I have listed out the vital android apps that everyone must have in their mobile. Let's not waste anytime by giving unnecessary introduction and go directly to the list: 1. Android2Cloud:It is really a great app to send links from your Android phone to your browser instantly.Click here … [Read more...]

Tweetlane : A New and Fresh Twitter Android Client


Hey guys are you looking for not just good, but great Android Twitter client? If so, then prepare yourself for gorgeous Twitter fuelled, Ice Cream Sandwich inspired  app called Tweetlane.It is finally out in the Google Play Store and also marks an entry for an all new twitter client which is very different and … [Read more...]

CM 9,10, Paranoid Android 2.55 Receive Xperia Small Apps

CM 9,10, Paranoid Android 2.55 Receive Xperia Small Apps

Small apps have been ported to devices from any manufacturer running Cyanogen Mod Versions 9 and 10 and Paranoid Android version 2.55. Ported by XDA Forum member c3ma138, they allow users to have floating applications running over the other applications concurrently.Installation is relatively simple, require … [Read more...]

SkyPhrase- A New Speech Recognition App With Higher Artificial Intelligence

skyphrase voice recognition

It has started by apple as USP of iPhone 4S, yes i am talking about Siri, the virtual assistant on smartphone.  As edge of competition is getting more and more sharp for smartphone market, another giant introduced an alternative, fairly different virtual search assistant android application.The search giant … [Read more...]

What A Cult – A Game Review

What A Cult

Hi guys do you know more about movies, books, famous people and their quotes? Then you can test your knowledge by playing a "What a Cult" game. It is a trivia game containing more than 300 quiz, including pictures and quotes, that suggest the name of a famous person!These images and quotes will lead you to … [Read more...]

Return to Simplicity with Listener Launcher App


Many Android users feel overwhelmed by Android's user interface, thanks to the multiple home screens, fancy lock screens and the vast number of widgets available.Sometimes you just want a phone that simply show your apps, and perhaps allow you to quickly check the weather before you go out, or show … [Read more...]

Active Lockscreen App for Android Smartphones

Active Lockscreen App

The Celltick released the new app called Active Lockscreen. It is a free app that provides you with a cool personalized and user friendly starting screen for your android phone that enables fast and easy access to your most frequently used apps.It organizes all your favorite contacts, apps and recent calls … [Read more...]

Tokii : An App for Couple’s to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Tokii app

Hey guys Valentine's day is coming soon. Everyone is interested find their better half. Already found them. Every manufacturers start to make their own products for Valentine's day. So, only they can give gift to their better half.App developers also create several apps specially for lovers.  Because, in this … [Read more...]

A Comprehensive Review of Simple Alarm System App

Simple Alarm System

Are you a person of hiding some personal photos, videos and some other important password in your smartphone. Don't you like that by using your smartphone by others.Then here is a great and funny app for you. It will alert you if someone try to grab or move your phone away from you while you are absent or not … [Read more...]

smsSync : An Android App to Sync SMS Messages From your Phone to the Tablet


Now, you can easily sync the SMS messages on your phone to the tablet with the help of smsSync app. This app was developed by Alexander Oprisnik. By using this app now you can easily read as well as respond to SMS directly from your tablet.Setting this smsSync app is very simple. For that you need to install … [Read more...]