Easy Steps to Add GPS Shortcut Icon on Android Home Screen

GPS Shortcut Icon - Android Home Screen

Usually, a new and normal android phone has very less or no icons on its home screen. Due to because of this, if we want to enable Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or GPS we need to go to the settings menu on android phone.Every time, accessing the Settings menu is some what a long and boring process to perform on Android. … [Read more...]

Maluuba : An App to Perform Tasks with Voice Commands on Android Smartphone

Maluuba app- reminder

Our life become smarter by using the Android smartphones. Here is a very good app to make your life further smarter with smartphone.The app is called Maluuba. This app performs multiple tasks with voice commands on Android. It lets you to speak anything to your android and work accordingly.Once you … [Read more...]

Date in Status Bar : An App to Show Date in Statusbar/Taskbar of Android Phone

Date in Status bar

One of the very little downside of the Android mobile is it doesn't show the date in the Statusbar or Taskbar by default. If we want we should touch the Taskbar or pull it down.But don't worry you can rectify that by installing the very simple app called Date in Status Bar. This app shows the day of the week … [Read more...]

Camera Mod for Xperia X10 which Brings Camera Improvements and More……..


Many of the developers focus on updating the older device into the latest version of Android. It does not mean that development comes to an end to the stock ROMs.Now, the Sony Xperia X10 users have a camera mod for their stock ROM to help make the most of the device's 8MP shooter and Zeiss glass.Full … [Read more...]

How to flash Jelly Bean ROMs in Droid Razr HD and get your Modem Working with LTE Enabled

Motorola Droid Razr HD

In this guide we will explain you how to flash the Jellybean ROMs in the Motorola Razr HD and get your modem working with LTE enabled.In this guide the developer used the Australian Jelly Bean ROM but there is a chance to work with any of the Jelly Bean ROMS. If you want to try this in any other ROM then take … [Read more...]

How to Upgrade Motorola Droid Razr HD to JellyBean via RSD-Lite

Motorola Droid Razr HD

Many Motorola Droid Razr users find difficult to upgrade the HD to Jelly bean. In this article we have you to rectify the above mentioned problem.In this tutorial we have used Telstra rather than Orange and SFR because this two have many battery issues.DISCLAIMER : Best Android Blog would not held … [Read more...]

How to Root Samsung Epic 4G on FC09 with Prerooted ROM

Samsung Epic 4G Pre-rooted

This is a easy tutorial to root the Samsung Epic 4G device with Prerooted ROM. Before start to proceed make sure you have a good data cable preferably a heavy duty Blackberry cable.If you do not have drivers installed on your laptop you can either let Windows Update load them for you or download them from … [Read more...]

SMS SyncUp : A tool to Upload/Backup your SMS to Gmail

SMS SyncUp-1

Hi guys if you want to store any of your important messages in your Gmail account then definitely the app SMS SyncUp will help you.Follow the given below steps to implement the same:1. First install the SMS SyncUp app in your device.2. Then choose your Gmail Account3. Then open the app, and … [Read more...]

How to Install the Unofficial Cyanogen Mod 10 on the AT&T Galaxy Note II


The Unofficial CyanogenMod 10 was released for AT&T Galaxy Note II variant. It was released by the XDA Senior member madmack. Please be aware that this is actually an initial release, so there may be a few issues. But that too will be fixed very soon.DISCLAIMER : Best android blog would not be held … [Read more...]

How to Flash Stock ROM on Micromax A110 Smartphone

Micromax A110 stock and clockworkmod recovery

In this article, we have present you how to return back to Stock ROM after you flashed your Micromax A110 device with custom ROM.There may be a reason to revert back your device warranty or maybe you didn't like the custom ROM you just flashed. In that case, this tutorial might help you.With the help … [Read more...]