Tutorial to Add a Website Shortcut on Android Home Screen

Website Shortcut on Android Home Screen

Hi guys you may tired of opening the website in your android smartphone. Every time you want to do that you have to launch the browser first then you need to wait until the browser gets ready.After that you type the website address then only the web page will accessed in your android phone. It is actually a … [Read more...]

Galaxy S2 Gets Cyanogen Mod 9 Alpha Built

cyanogen mod9

It has been quite some time since galaxy nexus running the latest version of Android ICS was released and already the team behind the highly popular after-market custom firmware is hard at work to release the OS on Galaxy S2.They have promised that the Android 4.0 ICS will be available for Galaxy S2 at Q1 of … [Read more...]

Procedure for Rooting Your Dell Streak 7

dell streak 7 android root

Rooting is a procedure that will enable you to be the master of your device as it will enable administrative privileges on your device. Through rooting you will be able to perform much more customization or even install custom firmware to get more out of your device.If you’re an owner of dell streak 7 then … [Read more...]

How to Unlock Verizon Galaxy Tab 2.7.0 Bootloader

Verizon Galaxy Tab 2.7.0

In this, article you will find how to unlock the bootloader in Verizon Galaxy Tab 2.7.0 LTE.Please make a note that before start to follow the given below tutorial it is necessary to check whether your Verizon Galaxy Tab 2.7.0 is rooted or not. If not so then you need to root your device without rooting you … [Read more...]

SMS Backup Android

SMS Backup Android

When it comes to backing up your SMS there is no better way to do it than the android application that is available for free, if you want to back up all your SMS data and send it to the cloud then the android platform by Google allows you to do this by a very easy to use application.You do need to have the … [Read more...]

How to Root and Flash the T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note II


Here is the easy method to root and flash your T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note-II. This method works perfectly in T889.DISCLAIMER : Use the given below procedure at your own risk. We would not be held responsible if anything goes wrong in your device. 1. First, download the CWM6-Recovery-n7100-121014.tar and … [Read more...]

How to Install ClockworkMod Recovery on Any Galaxy S3

Samsung Galaxy S3

This tutorial will help you how to install ClockworkMod Recovery on your Samsung Galaxy S3, it gives you an endless amount of customization you can do with your phone. It allows you to install Custom ROMs, themes, tweaks and much more than you couldn't do without ClockworkMod Recovery.Disclaimer: Best … [Read more...]

How to Fix Internal Storage if 16GB Reduce to 8 GB in Nexus 4


Many people complaint that the 16 GB version of Nexus 4 device lose half storage after flashing.In this article, we have come with the solution to fix the problem. So, if you too face such problems and want to fix that then follow the given below points.DISCLAIMER : Best Android Blog would not be held … [Read more...]

How To Increase Battery Life Of Your Android Device

Increase Android Battery Life

You have recently bought the most popular and sought after android device but no matter what everyone says about its battery life the device just doesn’t live up to your expectations. You’re on TWITTER OR FACEBOOK and enjoying a lively conversation over 3G or WIFI and suddenly you notice the battery indicator and … [Read more...]

Statusbar Toggles Available for Sony Xperia J, Xperia Tipo and Xperia Miro

Statusbar Toggles

Statusbar Toggles are useful for many Android users. It is now available for Sony Xperia J, Tipo and Micro. The XDA Senior Member Zoldyck introduced a mod for aforementioned devices.It allows the users to have the same toggles as other Xperia Users. Zoldyck offers four different toggle layouts including Jelly … [Read more...]