How To Install Galaxy S3 Themed ROM On Your Galaxy S I9000


Samsung Galaxy S3 was just recently announced and left everyone in awe because it is the most powerful device in the history of android to be released that completely redefines the android experience.Ice cream Sandwich was released for the Galaxy S in an unofficial way along with lot of custom ROM that … [Read more...]

How to Update Galaxy S Plus I9001 with Value Pack XXKQG Gingerbread 2.3.6 Firmware Update

Samsung Galaxy S plus I9001 users can now update their devices with the value pack namely Value Pack XXKQG Gingerbread 2.3.6 Firmware Update. Over a period of article, we would be checking out a tutorial to apply this update.Well, this update is not an official one. As it’s a Global update, it can be applied … [Read more...]

How to Boot Samsung Rugby Smart (SGH-I847, Galaxy W Variant) into Different Modes


If you are a Samsung Rugby Smart user and if you don't know how to boot your device into Clockwork Recovery and Stock Recovery then make use of this tutorial.Further, we have also given how to boot your device into Odin and Download mode along with this. So, make use of this and enjoy.How to Boot into … [Read more...]

How to Install Gamerz Custom ROM v10 on Samsung Galaxy S GT I9000

We see here the Gamerz ROM which got an update after a long time and this time it’s an update for Samsung Galaxy S devices which already received a lot of updates since past and this Gamerz ROM update is only for Galaxy S. So, make sure you never try this update on any other device. In due course of article, we … [Read more...]

How To Configure “Google Now” On Your Android Device To Set Your Virtual Assistant On Hand


If you think Google is trying to compete Apple with its ‘Google Now’ feature against Siri you might be thinking not up to the mark of Google Now’s functionality.Google now is just not a answering machine to answer your question to search things online. It’s way more than that type of functionality.  Google now … [Read more...]

How To Speed Your Android Smartphone

speed up android

Your new mobile phone always works faster and smoother but with the passage of time, it gets slower. Buying a new phone costs too much and no one wants that his/her phone becomes slow. You shouldn’t worry because there are some great ways to make your Android Smartphone faster just like a new phone. How’s Your … [Read more...]

Root Your Motorola Xoom Running Android 4.0.3


Android 4.0.3 ICS has been released for the Motorola Xoom tablet and it brings many performance improvement over the previous Honeycomb tablet OS.But upgrading to the latest OS would mean that you would lose your root privileges and also you might be worried that whether the latest android has its roots out … [Read more...]

How To Install Xpeira S UI With Home Launcher In Your Android Phone


Sony ercisson have entered the android race quite bit late with their latest flagship device Xperia S Sony have made sure to produce a device that stays a level below the top dogs of android device with specs that are a year old.But Xperia S has its own advantage with its 12MP camera and along with its … [Read more...]

How To Sync Your Chrome Desktop Bookmarks With Your Android Phone

android and chrom sync

Android is the best thing that has happened to the mobile world. With android you are able to do lot more things than it was previously possible.To help us out in our daily tasks there are loads of apps available that enables us to do our job quickly and efficiently. Also there are apps that allow us to take … [Read more...]

How To Speed Up The Dual-Core Processing Of Your HTC One S


If you own HTC One S and you want to increase the speed of its dual-core processor then you will find a complete guide for doing this. The processing speed of HTC One S can be increased with the tweaks shared in this blog post.This is a fact that HTC One S comes with a dual-core processor but the problem is … [Read more...]