How To Use Android OS Part 3

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In our last part of the series we mentioned about the widgets how they make your life easy and also the various kinds of apps that you can download easily from the Play Store once you have set it up.In this part we will tell you how to keep everything nice and orderly so that you don’t feel frustrated … [Read more...]

How to Update AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note (I317) with Official Jellybean 4.1.2 Firmware


Here is a new Multi Window supported official Jellybean 4.1.2 firmware for AT&T powered Samsung Galaxy Note 2 smartphone. As always, first this update was especially pushed to the International devices and then it will be gradually be rolling out to the Galaxy Note 2 devices locked on to AT&T, T-Mobile, … [Read more...]

How To Use Android OS Part 2


In our last part of how to use android we outline some of the basic guide that involved with getting started with the device after you have bought it. Also we mentioned how to access the apps that are stored your device and to change your settings by going to the settings of your device.So now we continue with … [Read more...]

How To Use Android OS Part 1

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In many of our posts we have written about best apps of various kinds, games and how to hack or root your device so that you can install number of different custom ROMs. But in all these process we forgot to mention how to actually use your android OS.There are many people who are still getting introduced to … [Read more...]

Save Your Motorola Droid Bionic With Safestrap

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You own Motorola Droid Bioinic and you are very fond of the device. Who wouldn’t be because it offers very decent specs and performs splendidly but you want to install custom firmware and must have read about different ways on how to do it?But you mustn’t have read about a much safer way with which you could … [Read more...]

How To Install Hydra Rom In Samsung Epic 4G Touch


If you own an Samsung Epic 4G and you always wanted to try a custom ROM and also that custom ROM offer some different UI experience then you are in luck because Hydra ROM which is a custom Android 4.0 ROM developed by XDA developer VeNum features a Tablet interface.The ROM comes with performance and … [Read more...]

How To Install Amazon Silk On Your Android Device


Amazon Silk is the famous android browser that is available on the kindle and Kindle fire. The browser offers many great options to control your data usage and also allows is very fast and efficient unlike other android browsers that are available.If you have always wanted to try the Amazon silk browser then … [Read more...]

XXLPQ The Official Android 4.0 Update For Galaxy S2 Has Just Arrived

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After a long wait and after going through many leaked Android 4.0 ROMs form Samsung we have finally received the official Android 4.0 ICS for Galaxy S2.XXLPQ is officially released for the Nordic regions with other regions getting the update in coming days. People living in Nordic region can upgrade their … [Read more...]

How to Install the ArchLinux on the Transformer TF300T

ArchLinux on the Transformer TF300T

Here is a one good news for Asus Transformer TF300T  owners. Now they can install the Arch Linux in their device.Actually, the method has been around for a little bit, but has been refined through updates. The XDA forum member cb22 released the method.  Although it is not perfect, it is definitely a solid … [Read more...]

How To Install Android 4.0.4 On Galaxy S i9000


If you are the owner of one of the most powerful former flagship Galaxy S and you have been itching to get the taste of Android 4.0 on your aging device then you are in luck because ICS333 ROM is a custom Android 4.0.4 ROM which combines the benefits of CM9 and AOKP ROM.Features of the ICS333 ROMBuilt … [Read more...]