Meizu MX: A Droid Within IPhone


You have always had that desire to own an IPhone due to that striking look and the form factor that always has attracted but then rejected the idea of owning an IPhone due to the limitation imposed by the iOS. Well you don't have to be worried about it anymore because china has announced Meizu MX that has the body … [Read more...]

Comparision Between Best Android Phones

Samsung Galaxy Nexus Vs Galaxy S2 Vs Galaxy Note

Samsung has been the most successful mobile manufacturer of the year 2011. Not only did that they release Galaxy S2 which is able to stand its ground no matter what is thrown at it, but the first HD display phone-tablet hybrid Samsung Galaxy Note was also released which was the first to be incorporated with S Pen … [Read more...]

Android Just Got More Affordable With Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus!

samsung galaxy ace plus

Last year Samsung launched Galaxy Ace a mid-range droid in Samsung’s android portfolio. It was highly popular because with its specs it could easily pass as a high end droid phone. But this year it just got better with the launch of Galaxy Ace plus.It improves upon the original Galaxy Ace and also provides … [Read more...]

HTC EVO Android 3.0 Phone

HTC EVO Android 3.0 Phone

The new HTC EVO Android 3.0 Phone is a fantastic phone and it comes shipped with Google Android Honeycomb version which includes fantastic features such as a music player, radio, a brilliant audio player, fantastic camera support for brilliant pictures, superb WiFi options and many other fantastic features.The … [Read more...]

Reactiv Dialer App – Replacement of Stock Phone Dialer App on Android Phone

Reactiv Dialer App

A T9 dialer is basically allows you to search for phone numbers from your contacts using the classic phone pad by simply pressing the numbers instead of letters for contact names. But unfortunately it does not comes in the stock Android even in Jelly Bean 4.2.But some of the custom OEM skins such as HTC Sense … [Read more...]

Top 2 Android Phones

Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Right now there are many cell phone manufacturers developing Google android phones. Now Google supply the operating system which is an open source, but you see its all down to the actual technology in the phone such as its hard drive and screen resolution. Samsung Galaxy Nexus:The Samsung Galaxy Nexus is … [Read more...]

How to Root LG Optimus Slider Smartphone

LG Optimus Slider

If you are the owner of LG Optimus Slider smartphone and are looking for best tutorial to root your device then this is the best one.If you are not a noobie for rooting, you obviously know what does mean. Eventhough you don't have prior knowledge in that, no worries know that from here. Rooting gives you the … [Read more...]

HTC Myst Facebook Phone Specifications

HTC Myst

Hi guys, here is a one exciting news for you. You may get surprised after hearing about this. Yes, HTC is going to release the Facebook phone in the name of HTC Myst. Specifications of HTC Myst smartphone: The HTC Myst will sport a 1.5GHz dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, 320 PPI 4.3 inch 720p display, … [Read more...]

Detailed Tutorial to Understand the Android 4.0 ICS Home Screen


The Android Home Screen may differs with every smartphone and it entirely depends on the phone model.For example, the HTC phones usually come with the HTC Sense UI, and the Samsung Android phones come with their own interface.Once you have done the initial setup of the phone, the home screen welcomes you with … [Read more...]

Yota Phone : An Innovative Phone of 2013 – Specs and Features


Yota Mobiles, the Russian telecom company recently showcased its one of the most amazing and unseen smartphone in Mobile World Congress. Once you see that phone am damn sure you will definitely impressed. Yes, it comes with two displays to help you to enjoy life's virtual side without missing its real … [Read more...]