Samsung Galaxy S Duos : Comes with Dual Sim Facilities


Samsung plan to launch a new mid-range Android Smartphone. One of the significant feature is that it contains dual-SIM ports. It allows the users for additional communication benefits.The Samsung Galaxy S Duos is resemble to the Galaxy S-III, one difference is that its specs are much lower-range. However, the … [Read more...]

Micromax Superfone Elite A84 : Features And Specializations

Micromax Elite A84

In recent days, Micromax has start to launch many high range devices. Micromax's superfone lineup includes Micromax A45 Punk smartphone, Micromax A50 and A52 and recently it was expanded to 5 inches phablet by launching A100 Superfone.Recently, it has launched Micromax Elite 84 which was added to the Superfone … [Read more...]

Verizon Introduces Anti-Malware apps For Android Smartphones

Verizon - Mobile Secruity app

Nowadays, mobile malware threats increase day by day. To prevent this Verizon reveals a new antivirus app for its line of Android phones, titled as Verizon Mobile Security.This app is available in both paid and free versions that depends on your security needs.According to McAfee report, the amount of mobile … [Read more...]

New Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1: Updated With Hands-On Video And S-Pen

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

Samsung has put a lot of time and effort into the user experience here, hell bent on shifting consumers' focus from hardware to software. It recently designed the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1.It is a natural evolution of current tablet specs from Samsung. It included the same quad-core processor as the … [Read more...]

Samsung Galaxy S III Wireless Charging Kit Announced By ZENS

zens-SIII charging kit

When Samsung announced its flagship product the Galaxy S3, the company also showcased a wireless charging accessory with the help of which the device can be charged wireless.This was one of the interesting features of the Galaxy S3 as no other Android manufactured did this to any of their products. Samsung … [Read more...]

Sony Ericsson W8: Reviving The Walkman Series


Sony Ericsson Walkman series were one of the most popular music oriented device to be available in the market. They were highly popular among the music enthusiasts until the advent of the touch screen smartphones and hardware race.With Sony Ericsson W8 they have revived the Walkman series which is sure to make … [Read more...]

Samsung Galaxy Pocket Is Finally Arriving In UK-A Pocket Smartphone With Low Price Tag


Samsung has finally decided to mark the entry of its much anticipated low entry level android phone in UK. Samsung Galaxy Pocket was announced way back in March after the MWC but was still not ready to be launched.The smartphone seems to be getting ready as Three UK has mentioned the device in its webpage with … [Read more...]

Sony Launching A Low Priced Version Of Ice Cream Sandwich With The Entry Of Xperia Tipo


A low cost version of the Android operating system containing mobile is going on stairs this week. It was not just a week ago that rumors fled that Sony is planning of releasing a low cost Android mobile in UK under the carriers O2 and Orange.The original rumor stated of an early August release. Now again new … [Read more...]

Samsung Galaxy Player 4.2 Review

Galaxy Player 4.2

Samsung is keenly producing new Android handsets to capture as much market share as possible. According to some reports, Samsung has already outclassed Apple when it comes to the sale of handsets. Today, we are going to take a look at new Samsung Galaxy Player 4.2 that is iPod rival.Seems like, the purpose to … [Read more...]

Samsung S3 VS HTC Galaxy One X: The Ultimate War of High End Android Smartphone


When we talk about Smartphone, it is quite interesting because number of  android smartphone is huge and when we talk about comparison there are lots titans come to point of talk.Today we will discuss here between Samsung Galaxy S3 and HTC One X. This is because they are an ultimate weapon for both famous … [Read more...]