Sony Xperia Z Home Launcher Ported to Samsung Galaxy S2/S3/Note/Note 2/Nexus Handsets

Sony Xperia Z Home Launcher

If you like the interface on Sony's Xperia Z but stuck with the rather boring Samsung Touchwiz launcher. Then here is a new launcher for you released by XDA member ThilinaC.He is managed to port the Xperia Z launcher over to the Galaxy S2, S3, note and note 2 devices and Galaxy Nexus devices, which will … [Read more...]

List of 5 inches Display Screen Phablet Phones In India

LG Optimus Vu

Generally, the classifications of smart phone devices are done according to their screen size. Formerly, the devices with more than 7-inches display are known as tablet PCs and one with less than 5 inches display screen measured diagonally are known to be smartphones with their calling features.But now, a new … [Read more...]

Why Android Phones are Popular?

Android phones

Before the emerging of Android Phones the iPhones are so popular. At that time it is the only smartphone that anyone wants. It was universally good. Only the actors, models, academics and graphic designers had that with them.But after few years the trend was completely changed. Most of the people start to use … [Read more...]

Rumor says Motorola X Handset will be Launched on July 8

Motorola X Handset

A new rumor is flying out the air; which is the Motorola X handset will be coming out this spring at Google I/O 2013. Rumors said that it is a non-nexus like android 5.0 key lime pie 5-inch smartphone.Further, it said that it is a multi-carrier device, unlike Moto's Droid family members that were available … [Read more...]

Caller Name Talker App Lets you to Identify the Caller Without Looking Android Screen

Caller Name Talker App-1

Are you tired of seeing your android screen by seeing every time while they are calling or texting. Here, is a very good app for you which is called as Caller Name Talker. This app speaks up the text displayed on the caller ID i.e. Caller name or number on an incoming call or incoming SMS on Android.On top of … [Read more...]

Date in Status Bar : An App to Show Date in Statusbar/Taskbar of Android Phone

Date in Status bar

One of the very little downside of the Android mobile is it doesn't show the date in the Statusbar or Taskbar by default. If we want we should touch the Taskbar or pull it down.But don't worry you can rectify that by installing the very simple app called Date in Status Bar. This app shows the day of the week … [Read more...]

How To Upload Videos To YouTube Using Android Smartphone and Tablet PC


You tube is a popular video-sharing website that everyone is aware much better than the Google Videos which was dumped very recently.Now you can easily upload your favorite videos in You tube directly in your Smartphone since the Android tablets have been evolved for better video recording at 720p and … [Read more...]

Functions of External Buttons of Android Phone – Easy Guide for Newbies

Camera button

If you are new to the Android phones then this article will definitely useful for you. In this article we discussed about the functions of each and every external buttons. Some of the android phones comes with few physical buttons and some others comes with a few touch sensitive keys.Each of those keys have a … [Read more...]

How to Unlock/Root Padfone 2 A68

Padfone 2 A68

This guide will help you to root and unlock the Padfone 2 A68 smartphone with the stock firmware IMM76I.WWE_9.8.8.55-0.Please be informed that, this procedure is irreversible. Once you unlock your mobile by following this procedure after that you want to lock it back, or put it in a Virgin "out of the box" … [Read more...]

How to Transfer the Files Between Android Phone to PC via WiFi


Hey, guys in this article, we have present you the tutorial to transfer the files between Android smartphone and computer using WiFi without the dispute of having to look for a USB cable or removing the SD Card from your Droid.Numerous methods are available to get files to/from your Android device to computer. … [Read more...]