Samsung Galaxy SIII’s S-Voice vs. iOS6’s Siri


If we talk about the U.S market, new Samsung Galaxy SIII hasn’t reached to a lot of people yet but still, it has created some good hype in the market. The most anticipating thing about the new Galaxy SIII was not only the quad core processor used in it but also the voice recognition system known as … [Read more...]

Samsung Galaxy SIII Comprehensive Review

Galaxy SIII

With every passing day the battle in Smartphone industry is getting intense. There are no signs of the advancements stopping anywhere soon and of course, it is not possible as well. There was a time when we used to carry simple GSM handsets and feel proud and today, we can’t get enough of the … [Read more...]

Plum Might The Sub $200 Galaxy Note For The Masses

plum might

Galaxy Note is an interesting device because it combines best of both the world that is tablet and phone at a much more affordable size and price than a tablet.But for some people the phablet might be priced higher and also its quite bigger than any other phone in the market. The bigger size makes it quite … [Read more...]

Is Galaxy S3 A Worthy Successor Over Galaxy S2 Part 2

galaxy s2 and s3

We saw the release of the Galaxy S3 which has taken the mobile world by storm. It has many new features and also provides an improved performance that leaves all other mobile devices in a cloud of dust.In our last post we were comparing the Galaxy S3 with the Galaxy S2 to see whether it was a worthy successor … [Read more...]

Is Galaxy S3 A Worthy Successor Over Galaxy S2 Part 1


The year 2011 was dominated by Galaxy S2 which was the most powerful android device of the year. It boasted some impressive hardware and performance in a very thin shell. No other devices were able to match the performance offered by Galaxy S2.Other phones were able to come close to the performance of Galaxy … [Read more...]

Samsung Galaxy S3 Vs. HTC ONE X: Battle For The Title Of The King Part 2


In our last post we took a look at both the devices and saw what different features sets them apart. The design category was easily won by the HTC ONE X because it gives a premium feel to it.Whereas in the display and hardware comparison the limelight was easily stolen by Galaxy S3 because Samsung have managed … [Read more...]

Samsung Galaxy S3 Vs. HTC ONE X Battle For The Title Of The King Part 1


HTC ONE X was released a few months back and was the first device to feature Tegra 3 quad core processor along with some good performance but in terms of software experience there was nothing new that could make it stand apart from other competition.Now here comes the Galaxy S3 which not only boats impressive … [Read more...]

Meet The New Android Emperor Galaxy S3 Part 2


In our last article we mentioned how the galaxy S3 is revolutionizing the android world by introducing a host of new features that are aimed at making the android experience one of a kind.Samsung have tweaked the android 4.0 so much that they have host of new features that we have mentioned in our previous … [Read more...]

Meet The New Android Emperor Galaxy S3 Part 1


Samsung has become the world’s largest phone manufacturers thanks to the Galaxy S2 which was a hugely popular device for the year 2011. But now let’s give the predecessor a rest and let’s concentrate on the New Emperor of Android devices THE GALAXY SIII Design AT first look you will notice the magnificent … [Read more...]

HTC One V: An Affordable Android 4.0 Review


Introduction HTC One is a new series of HTC phones. This new series has included many different wonderful features that are really amazing. These exclusive features of One series has taken HTC phones to a new stage. Among the One series phones of HTC, One S and One X are flexible to use. On the other hand these … [Read more...]