Galaxy S2 Plus or Galaxy S3 Which One to Choose?

samsung galaxy S2 plus

There are only few days remaining for the start of MWC (mobile world congress) which will showcase the latest devices that are to be released in this year.Before the launch of MWC already a device from Samsung has leaked and its Samsung galaxy S2 plus but not the highly anticipated Galaxy S3. The reason for … [Read more...]

Comparison Between Dual Core Flagships Galaxy S2 and HTC Sensation Part 2

galaxy s2 and htc sensation

In our previous post Comparison Between Galaxy S2 and HTC Sensation we compared three different things build, storage and RAM, processor and found out that each of the phone has its own merits and demerits.If you are looking for something more solid than HTC Sensation would be the phone for you but if you’re … [Read more...]

Comparison Between Dual Core Flagships Galaxy S2 and HTC Sensation Part 1


With the release of the dual core devices in market Samsung and HTC have both released dual core android flagships which features top of the range specs and performance. Now for most users it becomes difficult to choose between the two devices.These two devices are top of the line. They feature almost similar … [Read more...]

HTC Sensation: A Phone Set To Be An Android Sensation

HTC sensation

When the dual core phone bandwagons were being announced at that time HTC had announced about their dual core flagship HTC Sensation which was intended to be the rival of the hugely popular Galaxy S2.HTC Sensation manages a league of its own and unlike other phones from HTC they have managed to fit a very … [Read more...]

Sony Ericsson Xperia Pro: Providing QWERTY With Mobile BRAVIA Engine

xperia pro screens

Over the years Sony Ericsson have released very successful handsets under Xperia brand name and this time they have done it again by releasing Xperia pro which aims at giving the best of QWERTY physical keyboard along with best multimedia capabilities.With this device the Xperia line up is complete and this … [Read more...]

Samsung Galaxy Note: Bridging The Gap Between Phones And Tablets


Tablets these days are becoming more and more famous because of the usability they provide along with portability and longer battery life. But sometimes the tablets are too large and also having two devices with you at all times can become a hassle.So why not have a phone that can also provide long battery … [Read more...]

Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S: Daring Display Of Skill And Style


After the release of the Xperia Arc there were many people who wanted the device mostly because of its daring display of skill and style. But if your one of those who has been waiting for something different in Xperia Arc then you don’t have to wait any longer.Now you can go for Xperia Arc S another droid in … [Read more...]

Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray: The Underdog To Sony Ercisson Xperia Arc

xpeira ray headphones

Sony Ericsson has released another brand of xperia device which takes up a position just below their flagship Xperia Arc. This phone is designed without the usual curve and is slimmer and smaller as compared to the Xperia Arc.Its like Xperia Arc has taken away its armor to reveal the device within. It features … [Read more...]

Samsung I9103 Galaxy R: Affordable Version Of Galaxy S2


Over the years Samsung have always released variants of their top flagship phone for the masses. Some of these variants offer moderate specs which always come in second to the specification that is found in their flagship phone.Samsung I9103 Galaxy R exactly does that. With a brushed metallic body it falls … [Read more...]

Samsung Galaxy Y S5360: The Android For Everyone

samsung galaxy y

Samsung Galaxy Y is a smartphone that is designed for the people who have qualms about spending a lot of money on any high end droid. Samsung Galaxy Y is one step above the dumb phones that features the latest android OS.The best thing about this phone is that it provides the latest specification at a very … [Read more...]