Bazooka Launcher : It is a Themeable Trebuchet Based Launcher Brings More Customization

Bazooka Launcher

As of now, so many launchers are available for Google Play Store and they are truly splendid. In that some launchers focus the speed, some focus on customization and some launchers focus little bit on both.However, one thing that launcher switching fans have to deal with is when one of launcher doesn’t have a … [Read more...]

Tile Launcher : An App Brings Windows 8 Experience to Android

Tile Launcher

Here, is a new launcher called Tile Launcher that keeps the android experience and allowing the users to try out the tile experience.This app was released by the XDA Senior Member rob43. As with most Windows phone-styled launchers, the idea is to try to emulate the windows phone experience on an android … [Read more...]

How to Install the PACMan ROM In Samsung Galaxy Tab


PACman ROM is now available for Samsung Galaxy Nexus. This ROM is the combination of the best features of CM10, AOKP and Paranoid Android. Full credits will goes to the XDA Senior Member vertigo who has released the AOSP kang for the Galaxy Nexus.For most devices, there are usually some bugs due to the lack of … [Read more...]

DroidNotifier : An App to Receive Text Messages and Android Notifications in your PC


So, guys in this article we are telling you how to receive important android notifications and text messages on your Windows computer. Many times we are too busy with our work on the computer and we don't realize someone could sent an important text messages.At that time, just in case, if you put your android … [Read more...]

iBerry has Launched Auxus CoreX2 & X4 3G Tablets – Specs and Price Tag


Now, the current Indian tablet PC market is flooded with price-driven tablet PCs, now two more tablet PCs are added in that line. Yes, the technology firm iberry has launched two new models of tablets namely Auxus CoreX2 3G and Auxus CoreX4 3G. As the name suggests, both the tablets are 3G enabled and also can … [Read more...]

Functions of External Buttons of Android Phone – Easy Guide for Newbies

Camera button

If you are new to the Android phones then this article will definitely useful for you. In this article we discussed about the functions of each and every external buttons. Some of the android phones comes with few physical buttons and some others comes with a few touch sensitive keys.Each of those keys have a … [Read more...]

Whats App Messanger : A Free Cross-Platform Mobile Messaging Application

Whats App Messanger

It is really an awesome app to send unlimited messages to friends and family without any cost. Further, you can enjoy the group chats with your friends. It can be used in the platforms like Symbian, Android, iPhones and Blackberry for sending messages across the world.It is an alternative to SMS and MMS across … [Read more...]

GYF(A Side Launcher)- Allows to Access your Apps from Anywhere

GYF - A side launcher

Android has added many useful features such as lock screen widgets, revamped quick settings and further more for users convenience. Actually, all these features allows you to do more with just one or two clicks.But, there is still one task that has remained the same; that is opening a new app. For that users … [Read more...]

Ringtone Slicer : An App to Make Custom Ringtones in Android

Ringtone Slicer

Ringtone Slicer- The name itself suggests that it allows you to load an audio file. Further, it allows you to slice the audio file and let you to make that as your custom ringtone, alarm tone or notification sound. Once you have created the own ringtone you can save them in the SD card.There is a built in file … [Read more...]

Come Puffy – Fun Filled Entertaining Game


Games are always favorites for every children; not only children even teens and old peoples love to play that. One of the best place to download the games is the Google Play Store.It is a complete package of all the apps and games that are user friendly. Both free and paid games are available in Google Play … [Read more...]