Android Tablet Market Segmentation And How It Affects The iPad and The Tablet Market


With the release of the new iPad we are clearly seeing a shift in the market of tablets with various users opting for a cheaper android tablet then paying premium price for an iPad. Every time a new iPad is released the market tends to favor the new Apple product for a short period of time since the Apple fans … [Read more...]

How to Update Galaxy Note N7000 with Official DDLP8 ICS 4.0.3 Firmware

Galaxy Note N7000 users got a reason to rejoice as they can now switch their device to the official ICS 4.0.3 firmware since this update is now available via KIES PC tool as well as via OTA.  This update is dubbed as the Official DDLP8 ICS 4.0.3 Firmware. As this update is a boot loader free update, you can … [Read more...]

What Is Android Forking And Will It Work?


Since android has been made open source for all the users many firms are using it as an opportunity to change the user interface of the android or apply their custom skin on top of the Android OS which helps it to be different than other manufacturers android. The process of applying skin on top of the android … [Read more...]

Useful and Best Android apps To Hide Your Private Photos/Pictures, Videos, Contacts and more……

Hiding folders on Android

Do you have any exciting or animated photos or videos in your android smartphone and do you want to hide that? If yes, then numerous options like fake fronts, password, pin protection, encryption tools etc are available for you. Many android apps are available to hide your contacts and text messages too. Here, … [Read more...]

Moneto NFC Chip Alternative

Moneto NFC chip

NFC stands for Near Field Communication is relatively new technology which allows two devices with the NFC chip to send and receive data. For the transfer to work the devices have to be closed pretty close almost 5cm apart from each other. NFC is new and is available only a couple of devices. But it has been sited … [Read more...]

Google Drive The Online Storage For Keeping All Your Files In Sync

google drive

There are many online cloud storage facilities are available for the different devices that are out there. There is iCloud the cloud service from Apple for its devices, live mesh from Microsoft which allows you to sync all your files with the windows devices including your windows device. But from all of them … [Read more...]

Update HTC Evo 3D CDMA with Leaked ICS 4.0.3 Firmware [How To]

HTC EVO 3D ICS 4.0.3 Update

HTC Evo 3D CDMA gets an all new update dubbed as ICS 4.0.3 firmware and in due course of article, we would be checking out a detailed tutorial to apply this update. Readers need to be aware that this is not an official update and RUU leak version neither we have any information on where there would be an official … [Read more...]

National Geographic App for Android device

National Geographic App

Are you a great fan of National Geographic channel, but you don't have a time to spend your time to watch latest news, research that has been telecasted in the channel due to because of your busy schedule? Don't worry by launching the National Geographic app in your android device you can watch them whenever or … [Read more...]

Revolutionized Epic 4G Gingerbread Mobile Gadget: Best Device for the Active Online User

Video thumbnail for youtube video Revolutionized Epic 4G Gingerbread Mobile Gadget: Best Device for the Active Online User

When it comes to quality mobile gadgets, it is vital that you take a look at Epic 4G gingerbread. The main objective in using this first class mobile phone is to be able to surf through the World Wide Web in a relatively faster speed. It is a good thing that the manufacturer of this quality handheld device was … [Read more...]

Google To Introduce Siri Like Assistant For Android Devices


If you have been following the rumor mill then you must have come across the name Majel which was the codename for the voice action which is present in all the android devices. The voice action didn’t perform any special task other than performing the specific actions that you dictated which didn’t involve any … [Read more...]