Google Glasses Reviews: An Empowering Device To Processes Information Faster Than Ever


Do you want to be on the bleeding edge? Google Co-Founder Sergey Brin invited you to be a bleeding edge person to be a user of Google Glass.In Google I/O he boldly pronounced that ‘Google Glass is not a consumer device’. Now the question is how he claims so bold. What is the magic on this bleeding edge Google … [Read more...]

Jelly Bean 4.1 Face Unlock: You Can’t Fake It Now, Blink To Unlock Your Android

face unlock

Among all other ice cream sandwich criticism the one was bit funny and funky-Face unlock. Actually it was quick face unlock by recognizing the face. The idea of the face unlock no doubt great and obviously convenient that typing out password.But the system was vulnerable that if anyone tries to fake it by … [Read more...]

Google Nexus Q reviews: A Simple Social Entertainment Device

Review Google-Nexus-Q

Google I/O 2012 was full of astonishing with revealing new Google gadget and the time they declared the Google Nexus Q it gave peoples a true sense of social era. Yes, Nexus Q is going to make media more social. Because of multi-screen choices for enjoying media are typically the craze today , it needs to truly … [Read more...]

A comprehensive Review Of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean

Android 4.1 Jelly Bean

There are lots and lots of happening at the Google I/O conference. One such is some details revealed about Android 4.1 Jelly Bean mobile OS of Google. Following what the search giant said about it in the conference, we have compiled here a complete review about the Jelly Bean.Project Butter Jelly Bean is … [Read more...]

When And Where Can We Buy Google Nexus 7 Tablet

Google nexus at google play

Google is currently accepting orders for the Nexus 7 , the beginning tablet to carry the Nexus title . As hope , it’s made by Asus and has a beginning value of $199 for an 8GB model . There’s also a 16GB type accessible to $249 .Google is supplying both on the Play Store , alongside the Galaxy Nexus cellphone. … [Read more...]

Pre-order Google Nexus 7 At Google Play Store And Retail Store

Pre-Order Nexus 7 Tablet Google Play Store

Google has finally released their own branded and Asus made Nexus 7 tablet at Google's I/O Conference yesterday. Running on Android's newest version, Android 4.1 Jelly bean, the 7-inch sized tablet posses some amazing features which you haven't seen in a smaller version tablet.With 1 GB of RAM and 1.2Ghz … [Read more...]

Enjoy ICS Goodness On Android 2.3.7 With CyanogenMod 7.2 RC

cyanogen mod

Cyanogenmod team has been working very hard at releasing a stable version of their highly anticipated CM9. Although the alpha version has been available for some time but that ROM is not suitable for daily use as many bugs still remain.They recently have released a flowchart that outlines which Android devices … [Read more...]

Google Nexus 7 Tablet Hands On [Pictures And Video]

Nexus 7 Tablet Hands On 1

Google has finally released the most awaited and most hyped, own branded tablet, Nexus 7 yesterday at Google's I/O conference. The tablet as expected by plenty of people comes out with amazing features which makes it a top-quality tablet with a cheap price. Powered by Google's new mobile operating system Android … [Read more...]

The Exciting New Features Of Android Jelly Bean 4.1

Android jellybean 4.1

Yesterday’s Google's I/O keynote was initially mind blogging and then it started mind blowing with the features of Android Jelly Bean 4.1 which will be released very soon. This exhilarating upcoming android shift will be first available on Nexus S, XOOM and the Galaxy Nexus. Features of Android Jelly Bean 4.1 to … [Read more...]

Sprint HTC EVO 4G LTE: Google Wallet Bug fixed?

google wallet on HTC EVO 4G LTE-xl

The HTC EVO 4G LTE handset is the coolest among phones around was recently launched. It is judged by a lot to be Sprint’s greatest smart phone at this time however it looks like a number of consumers were experiencing difficulty with the Google Wallet feature .There is some bug biting reports regarding Google … [Read more...]