Take Your Android Swimming

FUJITSU 10.0 inch waterproof android tablet

Well waterproofing your device is a very important aspect because we have the habit of spilling water or any other liquids on our phone or tablets. Most of previous android devices when waterproofed were too bulky or too ugly that it makes you turn away to never look back again.Well now it’s about to change … [Read more...]

Movie Box : Free Entertainment At Your Fingertips!


We know how relaxing it is to watch a movie or a TV show after a hectic day. For those who want a very easy-to-use app that offers entertainment for free, MovieBox is what awaits you! The App is compatible with iOS devices and is available in various languages like English, Turkish, French and German.The … [Read more...]

Samsung Galaxy S Gets Android 4.0 (Unofficialy)


Samsung Galaxy S former flagship mobile of Samsung has thousands of users worldwide. The device has been in constant care from its manufacturers with regular updates and fixes to various bugs. Everybody thought that with the release of the latest Android 4.0 Ice cream Sandwich Galaxy S would be in line for the … [Read more...]

How To Install Android 4 ICS Firmware?

Firmware of galaxy s2 ics

Samsung has been hard at work at releasing ice cream sandwich for its flagship device Galaxy S2 and now unofficially Samsung has released ICS 4.0.1 ROM build XXKP8. The ROM is a late alpha build and can be almost used daily except for some bugs that are being worked on at the moment and will be sorted out when the … [Read more...]

4G Speed

4G Speed

Right now in the technology space there is a lot of buzz about 4G and every major network provider is trying to tell you that 3G is a thing of the past and that you need the latest technology and hardware to support the latest 4G technology.Some people say that 4G is currently not a fully developed platform … [Read more...]

Easy and Simple ADB and Fastboot Setup for Newbies (Windows Only)

Easy and Simple ADB and Fastboot Setup for Newbies (Windows Only)

In this article, you will find the tutorial to setup ADB and fastboot. Before start to proceed with this tutorial it is important to check whether the USB Debugging is enabled in your device. If you don't know how to do- then go to Settings>Applications>USB Debugging. Then enable the option.DISCLAIMER … [Read more...]

Reactiv Dialer App – Replacement of Stock Phone Dialer App on Android Phone

Reactiv Dialer App

A T9 dialer is basically allows you to search for phone numbers from your contacts using the classic phone pad by simply pressing the numbers instead of letters for contact names. But unfortunately it does not comes in the stock Android even in Jelly Bean 4.2.But some of the custom OEM skins such as HTC Sense … [Read more...]

Android 2.3 Update

Android 2.3

The android 2.3 update has promised many new UI changes and improvements. There is now better touch screen usability and it is a lot faster to input text into the device which is great for typing SMS and also writing email and browsing the web. There is also new power management features on the android 2.3 … [Read more...]

An Overview of the Updated Chrome Beta for Android


Chrome Beta for Android recently got updated, much to the delight of the Android user community. Most of the hitches that had plagued the previous version have been corrected, and the new browser is not only better, it is distinctly faster as well. The annoying bugs have been eliminated, and the browser is now … [Read more...]

How to Root LG Lucid 4G Smartphone


Over this period of this article, we will be checking out on how to root the LG Lucid 4G smartphone. You probably know that this LG Lucid 4G smartphone runs on the Verizon's 4G network to provide ultra-fast internet speed to those who often download large files, such as movies and games.Once you root your … [Read more...]