Tamil Songs, Comedy & Movies Android App – A Review

Tamil Songs, Comedy & Movies App - A review

Are you searching for a separate app to download the Tamil Video Songs, Comedies and Movies. Are you tired of Searching it? Don't worry, now you can watch all those three things in one place by using Tamil Songs, Comedy and Movies app. Tamil Songs, Comedy and Movies app: It is an app available freely in the … [Read more...]

How to Factory Reset Your Android Device

Factory Reset

In this article, we have present you how to do the Factory Reset in the android mobile. Along with that we have also describe you what would happens when you do a factory reset and what are all the prior steps you have to taken before start to proceed.So, lets start here: What happen when you do a Factory … [Read more...]

Wireless Charging Mod for T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note II

Wireless Charging Mod

Although HP devices were the first major smartphones to introduce wireless charging, it has recently quite rage-especially when Nokia decided to bring it to their latest Windows Phone 8 handsets.The XDA forum member vinas1 has been working on a wireless charging mod for the T-Mobile Galaxy Note 2, building on … [Read more...]

How to Cleanup Your Android Device by Using History Eraser app


Do you want to sell your smartphone? If you decided so; then you are advisable to delete Call history, Text messages, Market Search etc. before selling your mobile due to because of Security, Privacy and Maintenance reason.If you not decided to sell also it is advisable to always delete the above mentioned … [Read more...]

Google Play Books Gets Many New Features Include Read Aloud, Pinch Zoom and More…

Google Play Books

Google has released a new version of Google Play Books for android. It has acquired some interesting new features which includes the ability to listen to books, making them a kind of audio book, with the new "read aloud feature".The "Read aloud" feature, allows you to listen almost any text-heavy book, without … [Read more...]

Lenova Newly Launched the K860i Android Smartphone in China


Lenova already launched the K860 smartphone in the market. But now, again it comes with the successor model and it was named as K860i.This smartphone comes with better specification when compared with its predecessor. Don't expect many changes in this version, they did only slight modifications.The … [Read more...]

How to Improve the Android Smartphone Battery Life

Android Smartphone Battery Life

The android smartphone brings numerous changes to our life. It helps in many ways to live our life smarter. But if we use our smartphone in a full-fledged manner its battery level is quickly depleted. I think, it is one of the major disadvantage of smartphone.As a result we cannot use that at the time of … [Read more...]

HD Sharp Aquos Phone SH930W Launches in Russia

HD Sharp Aquos Phone SH930W

Sharp has recently announced the Aquos Phone SH930W, back in November and now it was supposed to hit the shelves in Russia a few days later. It costs RUB21,900 or about €540. Surely it's not one of the cheapest phones around, but given the hardware you get, it still seems like a good price.It is powered by … [Read more...]

Google Calender for Android Updated, Brings Notifications and More


Do you have an android phone with android 4.0.3 or higher installed? If so, here is a one good news for you. The latest update to Google Calender app brings several new handy features that makes many things easier for you.Directly from the notification screen, you can now make a phone call, or look up an event … [Read more...]

What is Rooting on Android, Its Pros and Cons

What is Rooting on Android, Its Pros and Cons

In this article, we have present you what is rooting? and what are all the advantages and disadvantages of rooting. Before start to rooting always keep in mind that, once you root your device its warranty will get void and also there is a chance of your device getting bricked.What is Bricking? It means … [Read more...]