A Blessing For A Cult: The Cult HTC G1 Gets Android “Jelly Bean” Port


Are you aware of the HTC G1 Dream; it was the first Android phone ever released long ago at 2007. So did you ever have the privilege to get hands on with the phone ever?If no then it would be very difficult as the number of devices are quite low and one of the most old specification phone. Now this device was … [Read more...]

CyanogenMod 9 Disappoints Lots Of Users: No Rollout For Snapdragon S1 Devices

CyanogenMod 9

As we all know that CyanogenMod is the best Android 3rd party stock looking ROM. Cyanogen Mod is in existence due to a great man “Steve Kondick”, he started making lot of changes into the Android source code and made a ruminant amount of changes.The changes directly changed the framework of Android and he … [Read more...]

RIM CEO Admitting Of Possibilities For Shifting To Android


So we know Blackberry as one of the world’s most secured OS, but for years there was no major haul in the operating system which led to the fast decline in the shares of RIM.We definitely know that RIM is not in a good form and with constantly downfall of shares there is not much hope for the platform … [Read more...]

HTC Made Developers Rejoice By Releasing The Desire C Kernel source


It was not too long ago that HTC made an entry to the ICS market with the high end One Series phones. It was not just the high end phones that debuted with Android 4.0 ice cream sandwich but there were other low end android phones like Desire C who marked the debut of low end Android Ice cream sandwich phones made … [Read more...]

Samsung Mobile Unpacked Event, Berlin- Galaxy Note 2, Note 10.1 Lots Of Other Magical Releases


So all the Samsung fans it’s time to rejoice. There are reports confirming the release of a new Note Device by the Samsung. The Korean giant has sent invitation to the developers for announcing a new device on developer day.The event is scheduled on August 29, 2012 which is just few days from today. The event … [Read more...]

SMS Morning Call App Lets Your Friends to Wake You Just Through an SMS


Do you want to wake up at particular time to attend important meeting or marriage functions, but you have the habit of forgetting an alarm for that? Don't worry here is a good solution to solve this problem.All you need to do is just install the SMS Morning Call app in your android mobile and intimate your … [Read more...]

HTC EVO Series Are Getting Updated With Android 4.0


A treat for HTC EVO series users, HTC is no new company in android development. This company has taken part in android development from the start of the Operating System.The company has provided regular updates to its phone and in speculated time. This trend continues with the HTC as EVO users enjoy. There are … [Read more...]

Security Attack On The Samsung Galaxy S3-Vaulnerability Exposed

Galaxy SIII

Is security a setback in Android Ecosystem; Every day and any day there is a security attack on the operating system one of the latest being the exposed vulnerability being noticed in the Samsung Galaxy S3.The issue was reportedly up by some users earlier, the issue was found in the Samsung proprietary … [Read more...]

Accessories for Nexus 7 Is Coming Soon-Doc And Two Types Of Cover


With the announcement of the Google Nexus 7 last month there was a huge Tsunami in the world of android. For the first time users felt that Android can be used in tablets properly and Google received massive pre-orders for the device.The device being released now has already got a lot of users. It has already … [Read more...]

Samsung Galaxy Beam Is Available Now On UK Market Before Announcement Of US Rollout


The Samsung Galaxy Beam is that very same phone with a built-in projector Samsung announced late February at Mobile World Congress and it’s finally here! This galaxy beam was about to be available in UK by Expansys more than 3 weeks ago but due to some problem in the stock it was not sold. The device has been … [Read more...]