Battery Compare : Very good App for Battery Performance Comparisons with other Devices

Battery Compare app-2

Battery life is the very important factor we need to consider while purchasing any android devices. And, knowing how your device performs against other devices is also important. For that, an app called "Battery Compare" will definitely help you in that department.It is really a very good indicator that … [Read more...]

Exciting Features of ZDbox (All-In-One Toolbox) – Battery Info, DND Feature, App Lock, Task Killer And More…..


  What is ZD box? ZD box is one of the multi-function and incredibly handy toolbox apps for Android. It contains several helpful features like battery info and power saver, traffic counter, battery info, do not disturb feature, app lock, task killer, uninstaller, application to SD card functionality and system … [Read more...]

Asus Dual Padfone 2 Planned To Be Launched On 16th October


Apart from its several products in the market ASUS has led to develop devices that favor good user friendly actions and are good in sales also.The recent news given by ASUS in the press events at Italy & Taiwan showed the precise upcoming of the new ASUS Padfone 2 that is much better than previous version … [Read more...]

Motorola Unveils The All New Motorola RAZR I Powered By Intel


Motorola has been launching its devices that have now gained popularity in the international market. Motorola has launched its various devices recently.The most recent announcements include the unveiling of all new Motorola RAZR I that has been unveiled by the company on 18th September morning in … [Read more...]

Apple vs. Samsung Verdict: Apple Claims Antitrust Investigation Opened Against Samsung


Apple vs. Samsung has reached to a complete legal war that has stunned the continents. From Tokyo to san Francisco have experienced the cases of these two companies.The judge in South Korea said that both Samsung and Apple are guilty of the issue of patents and the judge ordered the two companies to pay each … [Read more...]

LG Splendor US730: Specs And Features

LG Splendor US730

The United States state owned carrier, US Cellular comes with a new smart phone namely LG Splendor bearing model number as LG US730. LG Splendor US730: The new model looks to be variant of Optimus L7 smart phone designed for the GSM networks but this is a CDMA handset. To analyze their specifications, it … [Read more...]

Samsung Galaxy Camera Now Available In Pink & Orange Colors


Samsung Mobile is one of the leading brands for consumer benefits that have really hit market with its variable established products.Samsung has launched variable products ranging from low range products followed by mid-range products and then jumping to high value devices.The officially launched Samsung … [Read more...]

ZTE Announced All New Android Based Grand Era U985 Mobile


In the today’s market of competition and quality many devices remain unresponsive and many of the devices elaborate their sales even after actual production.Apple as it is leading the world with its much enhanced technological advancements and with its powerful user friendly devices it has unveiled its iPhone … [Read more...]

Samsung Starts To Construct Mass eMMC Memory for Its Mobile Devices


Samsung after facing many problems in relation to the Apple vs. Samsung verdict that involved the patent infringement of Apple by Samsung now has been heading back again in the mobile industry.Even after facing many loses recently Samsung has now thought to build strong 128GB eMMC memory for its upcoming … [Read more...]

Rumors Say: HTC Droid Incredible X Specifications Leaked


HTC has been launching its precise smartphones that are running successfully worldwide thus improving the sales of HTC at glance.Recently HTC One series devices have hit the Android smartphone market. The HTC One X is first in the list and is signified to be the best smartphone ever.Recently the rumors … [Read more...]