Hidden Menu Enabler Tool for Verizon Galaxy Note II

Hidden Menu Tool for Verizon Galaxy Note II

The hidden menus can provide a number of useful functions and help to solve problems or make processes easier. In previous instances, the hidden menus have been used to restore bricks. Now, there is a tool for the Verizon Samsung Galaxy Note II that helps to get to those hidden menus a little easier.Full … [Read more...]

List of 5 inches Display Screen Phablet Phones In India

LG Optimus Vu

Generally, the classifications of smart phone devices are done according to their screen size. Formerly, the devices with more than 7-inches display are known as tablet PCs and one with less than 5 inches display screen measured diagonally are known to be smartphones with their calling features.But now, a new … [Read more...]

iGrill an Android App For Cooking


iDevices an app development company recently launched the iGrill app for android to monitor your food from upto 200 feet away. This iGrill app makes the cooking fun, easy and stress free with a host of useful features and long range Bluetooth enablement.The iGrill is an app-enabled wireless Bluetooth meat … [Read more...]

Woven Photo Viewer – An App to Bring all the Photos at One Place From Different Photo Sharing Services

Woven Photo Viewer -1

In this article, we have discussed about another app called Woven Photo Viewer. It is a free photo viewing app for Android. It brings all your photos together in one place and allows you to view them all together with ease on Android.You need to just pickup the photo sharing service such as Facebook, Dropbox, … [Read more...]

Why Android Phones are Popular?

Android phones

Before the emerging of Android Phones the iPhones are so popular. At that time it is the only smartphone that anyone wants. It was universally good. Only the actors, models, academics and graphic designers had that with them.But after few years the trend was completely changed. Most of the people start to use … [Read more...]

Rumor says Motorola X Handset will be Launched on July 8

Motorola X Handset

A new rumor is flying out the air; which is the Motorola X handset will be coming out this spring at Google I/O 2013. Rumors said that it is a non-nexus like android 5.0 key lime pie 5-inch smartphone.Further, it said that it is a multi-carrier device, unlike Moto's Droid family members that were available … [Read more...]

Asus Memo Pad 10 Makes Unexpected Appearance, Could be Official Very Shortly – Specs, Price & Availability

Asus Memo Pad 10

Asus has planned to announce 10-inch version of its android tablet namely Memo Pad. It is yet to be officially unveiled by the Taiwanese firm but has somehow made its way to the folks over at Mobile Arena.Specs and Features of Asus Memo Pad 10: The Asus Memo Pad comes with 10.1 inch LED IPS LCD Panel with … [Read more...]

My Script Calculator App Lets you to Make Calculations By Using Your Own Handwriting

My Script Calculator

It is sometimes very difficult for us to solve a tricky equation by using a calculator using android phone. This is because it looks some time to search the symbols. It is little bitter.But here is a one new app called MyScript Calculator. This app allows you to make calculations in your own handwriting on … [Read more...]

Caller Name Talker App Lets you to Identify the Caller Without Looking Android Screen

Caller Name Talker App-1

Are you tired of seeing your android screen by seeing every time while they are calling or texting. Here, is a very good app for you which is called as Caller Name Talker. This app speaks up the text displayed on the caller ID i.e. Caller name or number on an incoming call or incoming SMS on Android.On top of … [Read more...]

How to fix Unlocked Xperia Phones through OTA Updates

How to fix Unlocked Xperia Phones through OTA Updates

This guide will helps you how to restore your bricked Sony Xperia device. And also it will helps to fix your unlocked phones which got bricked through OTA (Over the Air) Update and are dead now.DISCLAIMER : Best Android Blog would not held responsible/liable for damages that occur to your device by … [Read more...]