Secret Phone Codes for Android Devices

secret codes

Hi guys, in this article you will know about the Secret phone codes of android phones. But before that, I just want to give some brief intro of secret codes. So, let me start:One of the most popular practices amongst the software developers is to leave "backdoors" within the code, which essentially allow … [Read more...]

Unofficial CyanogenMod 9 ROM Released For AllWinner A10 Tablets

CyanogenMod 9 AllWinner A10 Tablets

Hey guys, today we present to you the saltest Unofficial CyanogenMod 9 for a whole bunch of tablets, so go on check if your device made it to the list. If yes, go on get it right now, else just wait for any further updates.Supported TabletsMediacom 907c, Momo11 Bird, JXD S9000, Eken A90 (first revision) … [Read more...]

How to Secure Your Android Phone and Protect Your Data

How to Secure Your Android Phone and Protect Your Data

Introduction: All software has security vulnerabilities. It is a fact. You only need to look at the software updates that are issued by the big companies like Microsoft, Google, Adobe and Apple to see how prevalent is this security problem. By using a simple method, you can reduce the exposure and help secure … [Read more...]

How to Downgrade Latest Hboot 2.00.0002 Without Using HTC Dev V2

Downgrade Latest Hboot 2.00.0002 Without Using HTC Dev V2

At the title itself you will found about what we are going to discuss in this article. So, I don't want to give intro. So, let us directly go to the tutorial.For your information, this method works only for the software version of 2.11 and above. It doesn't work for version 2.10 below. Please use zegRush if … [Read more...]

Best 5 Android Smartphones- Below 10,000 Rupees

Celkon A200

Hey guys, are you planned to buy android smartphone with low budget. Buy confused to choose the best phone. Don't worry here we have give some suggestions of best android phones at below 10,000 rupees.Eventhough, these all are under low budget it has good specifications and features like the luxury phones. … [Read more...]

What A Cult – A Game Review

What A Cult

Hi guys do you know more about movies, books, famous people and their quotes? Then you can test your knowledge by playing a "What a Cult" game. It is a trivia game containing more than 300 quiz, including pictures and quotes, that suggest the name of a famous person!These images and quotes will lead you to … [Read more...]

Return to Simplicity with Listener Launcher App


Many Android users feel overwhelmed by Android's user interface, thanks to the multiple home screens, fancy lock screens and the vast number of widgets available.Sometimes you just want a phone that simply show your apps, and perhaps allow you to quickly check the weather before you go out, or show … [Read more...]

Active Lockscreen App for Android Smartphones

Active Lockscreen App

The Celltick released the new app called Active Lockscreen. It is a free app that provides you with a cool personalized and user friendly starting screen for your android phone that enables fast and easy access to your most frequently used apps.It organizes all your favorite contacts, apps and recent calls … [Read more...]

How to Boot Android form SD Card on the Samsung Wave

Samsung Wave

In this article, you will know about how to get android booting from the bada device's SD Card. At below we have given the instructions. Actually the process itself is not overly difficult, but does require that users pay attention.You will need to download several zips that will be flashed in recovery. During … [Read more...]

Call Notes App : An Awesome App to Store Notes in Our Contacts


During the emerging period of mobile phones we were limited to store contacts in our phone book. So, we stored only the phone numbers of our closest contacts. But now, in the smartphones we can enter the limitless phone book entries, even we can save the phone numbers of people we met just once or twice.But … [Read more...]