Can I Google That For You – A Very Good App for Android Device

Can I Google That For You

Guys, after you buy a new android phone there might be a lot of questions inside you; like how to root a phone, how to unlock the bootloader, how to update, which ROM or kernel is best for your device etc.To know that you may search it in any blogs or forums. Now, here is an easy app to reduce your timings to … [Read more...]

Easy Contact Sync : An App to Backup Your Contacts Without Sync to Google Account

Easy Contact Sync

Easy Contact Sync is an easy app for you to back up all your contacts without the need to sync to your Google Account. It essentially creates .vcf files, which are normally known as vCards.This format has been the preferred method for backing up contacts offline in Outlook, Android and many others for a very … [Read more...]

Top 10 Android Phones Below $200 [US Market]

Sony Xperia Ion

Maybe you are wondering if there are any chances of buying an Android phone which could be less than 200 dollars. Well, because of the huge wave of Android phones nowadays, it is very possible. Many manufacturers decided to lower their Android phone price list just to gain more customers in which, the consumers … [Read more...]

Samsung Galaxy Pocket Plus Resembles the Galaxy Pocket with Only few Modifications

Samsung Galaxy Pocket Plus

Samsung plans to bring the Galaxy Pocket plus in the market very soon. One drawback of Samsung is it always concentrate on the quantity of the device instead of quality.For anything the quality only speaks but Samsung did not mind about that at some time. A very good example for this is Galaxy S2 Plus it is … [Read more...]

How to Add Own Custom Sounds in Android Device

android phone-ringtone

The very first thing most people do after getting a new phone is changing the ringtone. Depending on the manufacturer the options to change the alarm tone, message tone and ringtone are vary.If you do not like the pre-installed ringtones then you can change that as your wish from the computer. If you already … [Read more...]

Top 10 Free Entertainment Apps for Android


Android is known to offer a lot of fun Android applications. As a matter of fact, most of those applications are unique and Android OS is the only one which can offer it. With this, you need to be aware on some of the best Android apps dedicated for entertainment.The list below is ranked from 1 to 10 according … [Read more...]

File Beam – An App to Send Files with Android Beam

Android Beam

Android 4.1 brought you many surprises, improvements and extensions. Needless to say, many of the Operating system features requires hardware elements such as NFC and Beam functionality.However, the implementation of this on Google's AOSP as well as manufacturer's variants is limited to a few things such as … [Read more...]

TheftSpy : A Very Good App to Protect Your Android Mobile


Hi folks did you know android smartphone is your best friend and also your worst enemy. It can lets you to store archives of your personal photos and documents or help you to find some good restaurants and hotels. But, suppose if you miss that phone somewhere the wrong persons would start to misuse that. So, it is … [Read more...]

HTC Rezound 4G Android Phone (Verizon Wireless)- Can It Provide a Great User Experience?


Whether the HTC Rezound 4G Android Phone can provide a great user experience or not is something that only you may decide. However, we can guarantee the fact that this Smartphone is capable to offer the new HTC Sense experience that everyone loves so much. Thus, the users of this device should not be surprised to … [Read more...]

HTC Amaze 4G Android Phone Features Some Great Capabilities


None can deny the fact that the HTC Amaze 4G is one of the best devices that we can find these days especially because it comes embedded with some great features, which include advanced cameras, dual LED flash, good quality recorder, backside light sensor, fast processor, and many others.Additionally, this … [Read more...]