Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Release Updates-Release Date,Specs And Price

Galaxy-Note 2 Specs

Android device and Samsung is getting very stream lined day by day with successive launches of the devices. Among all the android devices 'tablets' are very market demanding touch device and hence the battle is going on among the manufacturers. Here we are very near to see another tablet from Samsung.Before we … [Read more...]

Google Nexus 7 Exhilarating Start On Retail Stores: Most Of them Sellout On Frist Day

Nexus 7 on retail

Yesterday, Friday was the first day of Google’s latest charming creating Nexus 7’s launching day on US Retail stores. Because of huge buzz created by the giant company Google and most of all this 7 inch tablets own smartness makes the first day on retail stores truly exhilarating. Almost every retail stores are … [Read more...]

Verizon HTC Rezound Official Upgrade Announced To ICS- No Hope For Jelly Bean


Extreme buzz of Jelly Bean 4.1 android seems like did not reach deeply to Verizon. In fact on only Verizon mobile, there are lots of career and even lots of android phone manufacturer are not upgrading their android phones to the buttery Android Jelly Bean 4.1.Amazingly around 85% of the android phone is … [Read more...]

Sony’s New Tablet -SGPT1211 Approved By FCC- The Second Generation Of Tablet S

Sony new tablet

It's not a total leak of a new baby of tablet world, we just got the name of the very new tablet of Sony Corporation Japan From Federal Communication Commission (FCC) . Nothing more was revealed from anywhere else of the tech reviewer. But it is pretty sure that this is the second generation of the very recent … [Read more...]

Android Is Twice As Popular As iOS [Report]

PC Advisor Smartphone Market Share Poll

Android and iOS are considered to be the two heavy weights for the smartphone market share over the past few years, with Android hitting home run against iOS in recent months. But still many people believe the percentage of market share is just a number.Well, if you are not one of them and if you want to know … [Read more...]

Archos 97 Carbon: New Warrior Of Tablet Battle [Price, Features And Specifications]

Archos 97 carbon slate

Amazon is pretty much senior to Google play, in fact i was named very recently after two years of Google for selling content. In that sense Google is really baby for selling content online.Amazon is selling physical product and books and years of digital products.When this digital product trend goes on fire … [Read more...]

Sony Car : A New Launcher Introduced by Sony To Drive Safely

Sony Car Launcher

Sony always comes with some innovative apps and launcher. This time also it introduces a new app on the Xperia Z called Sony Car. It is specifically designed for driving.The best thing of this launcher is you can use this for any android device which runs in ICS/Jellybean. Full credits will goes to the XDA … [Read more...]

Samsung Galaxy Tablet 2 Is Now Available On Canadian Market With Two Variety Of Display size

Galaxy android tablet 2

It seems like Tablet devices are the hottest devices of the market. The trend of computing on hand is highly increasing hence the big guys like Google, Samsung and other as well is behind the person who loves to use powerful  android devices on hand.Week back Google introduces Nexus 7 a pretty much impressive … [Read more...]

Android Based Gaming Console: Ouya To Offer A $99 Console Ahead Of Google

ouya-android based gaming console

Even though dramatic domination of smartphone market Google people are not to beat the market of game consoles. If we look at how every Google product is taking place over market its pretty much smart marketing.They are very good at distract people from other products and take a bite of them then swallow them … [Read more...]

Samsung Galaxy Beam On UK market: Coolest Device With £395

samsung galaxy beam in UK

Multimedia projector on a phone is cool device though its not much in market with major brands. As only we can see the first brand of Samsung Galaxy Beam. It was announced on February of the last MWC with lots of other excitation of Samsung.Without any specific time schedule of international launch Samsung … [Read more...]