The Technology Partnership (TTP) Created Augmented Reality (AR) Glasses – Review

TTP - AR Glasses - Review

The Technology Partnership (TTP), a Cambridge-based product development company, has created enhanced reality "specs" which looks like an ordinary eyeglasses.Unlike Google's Glass it project a video image right in the center of the lens, allowing the tech to be near-invisible as the user goes about his or her … [Read more...]

Jabra Stone – 2 Bluetooth Headset

Jabra Stone2

Jabra Stone 2 is a high-end Bluetooth headset with a portable, pebble-shaped charging dock. The design of Jabra Stone 2 is closely in the design footsteps of its predecessor, leaning towards a subtle, classy and unique form factor. The only difference between the Stone 2 and the Stone's design is that the Stone 2 … [Read more...]

Android Jelly Bean 4.1 Official Roll Out For Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 & Galaxy Note 10.1

samsung galaxy note

Samsung has launched various latest devices and tablets that attract public attention. This is due to the services and technology provided by the featured devices of Samsung. Two of those featured devices are Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 and Galaxy  tablet 10.1.Recently according to the leaks by SamMobile, … [Read more...]

Professionalism At Heights: Amazon.Com Vs. Google


Google is a firm that has taken over almost all the world with its replenish-able products and services. Google has taken hold on the Android devices with its services and applications that are user friendly and has played a wonder in the world today.Today, Google has been providing services in almost every … [Read more...]

Alibaba Aliyun: A Chinese OS Wants To Take On Android Competing Google


China is one of the leading markets in the world for its remunerable devices in the world. It has challenged today’s smart phones with a strong versatile nature of its devices.Starting from low price phones to high ones chinese devices have reached to Android as the Xiaomi company has launched its unique … [Read more...]

Naztech N15: A Mini Boom Speaker


The Naztech Mini Boom speaker is the perfect portable speaker system for your mobile device. It is a compact, affordable external speaker that plugs into your device with a built in 3.5mm jack. The SD card slot, Playback control keys and a dedicated head phone jack in this speaker makes it so special when compare … [Read more...]

Springpad : An app for Sharing and Discovering Notes Smartly


We have see many peoples in our life they always associate with notebooks taking notes for class discussions or for the next big company project. Though it is not enough for ideas. Still some more people's are there, they usually tear the pictures, articles or stickers from the newspapers and magazines. Such kind … [Read more...]

Dashlane : One of the Best App to Keep your Passwords and Other Sensitive Information in one Place

Dashlane -4

If we are very much active in online or we have a multifarious credit cards we always have a fear of having our private details and information offend by strangers.We can never be too safe. Coming up with very long passwords consisting of a lot of numbers and letters is not enough. What we need is a secure … [Read more...]

Via.Me : An app for Sharing Pictures, Videos, Audios, Texts and More……


Via.Me is an uncomplicated and elegant media sharing app. It allows you to share text, sounds, videos and pictures via Facebook and Twitter follow and be followed by friends, like, favorite, comment, flag and repost. It has a web interface looks very much like Pinterest.It also shares sounds like Audiboo, … [Read more...]

Samsung Announced Samsung Galaxy S Duos and Samsung Galaxy Y Duos (Galaxy Pocket Duos)

Samsung Galaxy S Duos

Samsung already announced the international availability of Galaxy S Duos and Galaxy Y Duos a few weeks ago.But, in India it announced only couple of days before.It is important to note that the Galaxy Pocket Duos is known in India as Samsung Galaxy Y Duos Lite, whereas the Galaxy S Duos retains its original … [Read more...]