MWC 2012 Huawei Coverage Day 1


Huawei have entered the smartphone race by unveiling their own quad core devices and the Chinese manufacturers are confident that their android devices will mark its own territory.Huawei have grown in recent years because they have manufactured their own quad core chipset which they claim to be the fastest … [Read more...]

MWC 2012 Sony Coverage Day 1


MWC has kicked off and Sony has bought with them three new brand new devices to showcase. Xperia S which was unveiled in CES 2012 which was held in January has already started shipping and is available for purchase.Xperia P and Xperia U are the two devices that Sony have unveiled in MWC. Both the devices … [Read more...]

Latest Gadgets That You Can Expect To See In MWC 2012

samsung galaxy tab 2 10.1 screen

Finally the day is near when the MWC will launch and the latest gadgets that are going to be released this year will be unveiled. It is a huge event that is held every year in Barcelona, Spain.Mobile World Congress (MWC) it is the event where all the major mobile and tablet manufacturers appear to show case … [Read more...]

Tutorial to Add a Website Shortcut on Android Home Screen

Website Shortcut on Android Home Screen

Hi guys you may tired of opening the website in your android smartphone. Every time you want to do that you have to launch the browser first then you need to wait until the browser gets ready.After that you type the website address then only the web page will accessed in your android phone. It is actually a … [Read more...]

Google Have Announced that Malware Apps have dropped from the Market

android market bouncer

Google have just revealed that there is a significant drop in the number of malware apps from the android market. How were they able to achieve such a feat?Well Google have designed a new security system for their android market which is called Bouncer. This new security measure was made last year and has been … [Read more...]

Google+ Update Promised


Google+ is another famous social networking website that allows you to stay in contact with your friends and families. It hosts a variety of new features that may seem much easy to use to some users. Day by day Google+ is gaining more users and has already grown to about million users since its release.The … [Read more...]

Sony Introduces Android Powered Smartwatch


Among some of the coolest accessories that any person can own it is the smart watch. Smart watch allows the user to access and view select functions of your phone. Smart watch has been launched by many device makers but none has come close to the smart watch that is released by Sony. Most of the smart watch … [Read more...]

Dragon Go Alternate to SIRI For Android


For a long time many android users were waiting for an official app that rivals SIRI which is found in the latest IPHONE 4s.Although many SIRI like apps are available in the android market which work to a certain extent but these are not official developer apps. The new DRAGON GO  is bought to you by the creators … [Read more...]

Use Your Android Phone To Control Robots

android robots

If you have been following the latest news in technology and development then you must have come across various articles which talk about many different forms of robots that are being developed and tested.Many of the robots that are being developed are usually for either entertainment purpose or industrial … [Read more...]

How to Root and Flash the T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note II


Here is the easy method to root and flash your T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note-II. This method works perfectly in T889.DISCLAIMER : Use the given below procedure at your own risk. We would not be held responsible if anything goes wrong in your device. 1. First, download the CWM6-Recovery-n7100-121014.tar and … [Read more...]