Nikon Introduces the Android Powered Coolpix S800C Camera

Nikon Coolpix S800C Camera

Looking at modern day Smartphones, it's a wonder how far we have come since the old days of brick phones. Not only have phones become slimmer and more powerful, they now come with many exciting features.Nikon today officially announced its first Android-powered camera Coolpix S800C.Its WiFi capability allows … [Read more...]

New Android 4.0.4 ICS – What You Need To Know About It


Android 4.0 is designed with such features that people love to use. It provides you with easy multitasking, rich notifications, customizable home screens, resizable widgets, and deep interactivity. It also adds powerful new ways of communicating and sharing.The best features of new Android OS 4.0.4 aka Ice … [Read more...]

New Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1: Updated With Hands-On Video And S-Pen

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

Samsung has put a lot of time and effort into the user experience here, hell bent on shifting consumers' focus from hardware to software. It recently designed the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1.It is a natural evolution of current tablet specs from Samsung. It included the same quad-core processor as the … [Read more...]

The OTA Update Center -Easiest OTA Updates For Every Developer


Android is all about Open Source and its big community of developers, Rom hackers and Rom Users. This community has made Android grow day by day with now more than a million activations per day there seem to be no stopping of Android.Now there is a further step in Android Rom Development. Now there is a new … [Read more...]

Cyanogen Mod 9 Finally Reached A Stable Version- CM10 Will Be For 21 + Counting Devices


If you are an Android user and you know something about ROM development then there is no way that you do not know about the world’s most third party Android ROM the “Cyanogen Mod”.Cyanogen Mod community in their blog just announced the release of the stable version and the work progress of the new CM10. The … [Read more...]

Say Good Bye To Mobile Abode Flash: No More Download From Now

Mobile adobe flash

The days are soon going to be over when Android users brag in front of iOS for the support of Flash Player. The Android Operating System bundled Adobe Flash Player from its early days to be specified from the release of Android Froyo version 2.2.This was released to give tough competition to the “iOS” which … [Read more...]

A Blessing For A Cult: The Cult HTC G1 Gets Android “Jelly Bean” Port


Are you aware of the HTC G1 Dream; it was the first Android phone ever released long ago at 2007. So did you ever have the privilege to get hands on with the phone ever?If no then it would be very difficult as the number of devices are quite low and one of the most old specification phone. Now this device was … [Read more...]

CyanogenMod 9 Disappoints Lots Of Users: No Rollout For Snapdragon S1 Devices

CyanogenMod 9

As we all know that CyanogenMod is the best Android 3rd party stock looking ROM. Cyanogen Mod is in existence due to a great man “Steve Kondick”, he started making lot of changes into the Android source code and made a ruminant amount of changes.The changes directly changed the framework of Android and he … [Read more...]

RIM CEO Admitting Of Possibilities For Shifting To Android


So we know Blackberry as one of the world’s most secured OS, but for years there was no major haul in the operating system which led to the fast decline in the shares of RIM.We definitely know that RIM is not in a good form and with constantly downfall of shares there is not much hope for the platform … [Read more...]

HTC Made Developers Rejoice By Releasing The Desire C Kernel source


It was not too long ago that HTC made an entry to the ICS market with the high end One Series phones. It was not just the high end phones that debuted with Android 4.0 ice cream sandwich but there were other low end android phones like Desire C who marked the debut of low end Android Ice cream sandwich phones made … [Read more...]