Update Verizon Wireless Galaxy Nexus with Jellybean 4.1.1 Firmware [How To]

Verizon Wireless Galaxy Nexus Jellybean 4.1.1 Update

After some waiting, now Verizon Wireless Galaxy Nexus users can taste the newly released Android Jellybean 4.1.1 firmware. In due course of this article we will be checking out the procedure for installing this firmware update on your devices. Please note that this Jellybean 4.1.1 firmware update is not an … [Read more...]

Update Motorola Droid Bionic With Latest 5.9.905 Firmware [How To]

Motorola Droid Bionic ICS 4.0.3 Update

Motorola Droid Bionic receives yet another updated ducked as 5.9.905 which is still not an ICS Android 4.0.3 update. Earlier there was an update for this Motorola device and this new update fixes all the bugs which were the previous update related to Camera and backlight. Reader, be aware this not a official … [Read more...]

Update Nexus S 4G with JRN84D Jellybean 4.1 Firmware [How To]

Nexus S 4G Jellybean 4.1 Update

Similar to Nexus 7 and Galaxy Nexus, a new Jellybean 4.1 firmware update has been arrived for the Nexus S 4G smartphones. Over the due course of this article, we will check how to install this new firmware in your Nexus S devices. Please be informed that this Jellybean 4.1 firmware update is not from Google, … [Read more...]

How to Install Gamerz Custom ROM v10 on Samsung Galaxy S GT I9000

We see here the Gamerz ROM which got an update after a long time and this time it’s an update for Samsung Galaxy S devices which already received a lot of updates since past and this Gamerz ROM update is only for Galaxy S. So, make sure you never try this update on any other device. In due course of article, we … [Read more...]

Update HTC One X With Latest MIUI v2.5.18 Custom ROM Firmware [How To]

HTC One X MIUI 2.5.18 Update

MIUI has become one of the popular ROM and got good response from the users. MIUI seems to become much popular then the CM9 releases and today, on similar lines, we will be checking a tutorial to update your HTC one X with the Latest MIUI v2.5.18 Custom ROM Firmware. Before you follow the steps mentioned in … [Read more...]

Update Galaxy Nexus I9250 With Pre Rooted Jellybean 4.1.1 Firmware [How To]

Galaxy Nexus Pre Rooted Jellybean 4.1.1 Firmware

Galaxy Nexus I9250 users can now update their devices to the latest Android version Jellybean 4.1.1 with the help of Pre rooted Jellybean 4.1.1 firmware. Updating your Galaxy Nexus Android smartphone involves a fairly simple procedure and we are going to discuss the same, in due course of this article. Please … [Read more...]

Update Asus Transformer TF300T With Beta Jellybean 4.1.1 Firmware [How To]

Asus Transformer Jellybean 4.1.1. Firmware Update

Asus Transformer TF300T users can now take out the tablets and update them to the newly released Android Jellybean mobile operating system with the help of Beta release of Jellybean 4.1.1 Custom ROM firmware. Since this is a beta release, updating your tablets to the versions will disable some of its working … [Read more...]

Update Google ASUS Nexus 7 Tablet With Official Jellybean 4.1.1 Firmware [How To]

Nexus 7 Tablet Android Jellybean 4.1.1 Firmware Update

Google Nexus 7 tablet has got its first firmware update which is undoubtedly the Android Jellybean 4.1.1. This official Jellybean 4.1.1 Firmware update fixes lot of bugs in the Nexus 7 tablets. Now with this firmware, we can play all the HD games available for Nexus 7 without any issues at all. This official … [Read more...]

How To Root HTC Explorer: The Complete Guide

Root HTC Explorer

All the HTC explorer owners looking to root their device and get a hold of it, here’s a complete tutorial for you. The below mentioned is the latest, proven and tested tutorial of the process, so don’t hesitate to make a move. If you happen to have any questions or query regarding any of the ways, leave it in … [Read more...]

Update HTC Wildfire S with Cyanogen Mod 9 ICS Firmware [How To]

HTC Wildfire S CyanogenMod 9 ICS Firmware Update

HTC Wildfire S, the device which has been discontinued by HTC in major countries has finally got a CyanogenMod 9 ICS firmware update which ropes on the latest Android 4.0 firmware. In due course of this article, we will let you know how to update your Wildfire S to this firmware easily. Please note that this … [Read more...]