Update Galaxy ACE S5830 with Droid ACE Cyanogen Mod 7.2 Firmware [How To]

Galaxy ACE S5830 CyanogenMod 7.2 Firmware

Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 Smartphone can be easy installed with the all new version of Cyanogen Mod 7.2 Custom ROM firmware which is optimizes such that user can get the best performance as well as best user interface.Well, readers need to keep a note that this update hasn’t been officially released by Samsung … [Read more...]

Root/Unroot Karbonn A9 And Spice MI-425 [How To]

RootUnroot Karbonn A9 And Spice MI-425

Looking for a way to root/unroot your Karbonn A9 and Spice MI-425? Well, you are just in time, we bring to you the entire process at a glance;Rooting your device we let open the device in your hands after which you can ideally select from amongst the options. If you wish to unroot your device back to the … [Read more...]

Update LG Optimus GT 540 with Jellybean 4.1 Cyanogen Mod 10 Firmware [How To]

LG Optimus GT 540 Jellybean 4.1 Cyanogen Mod 10 Firmware

Jelly Bean 4.1 CM 10 can be installed onto LG Optimus GT 540 with ease with the help of this tutorial. We should be thankful to Cyanogen Mod Company as they have come up with this update.Readers need to keep a note that this update hasn’t been officially unveiled by LG Electronics and even we do not have any … [Read more...]

Update HTC Evo 3D GSM with Jellybean 3D 4.1 Custom ROM Firmware [How To]

HTC Evo 3D Jellybean 3D 4.1 Custom ROM Firmware

GSM version of HTC Evo 3D users can now install all new version of Jelly Bean 4.1. Readers need to keep a note that this isn’t an official update announced by HTC but it’s a custom ROM developed by a XDA member.The firmware is in early stages, so there are few bugs and issues. Before applying this update, … [Read more...]

Update Motorola Droid RAZR with Cyanogen Mod 10 Jellybean 4.1 Firmware [How To]

Motorola Droid RAZR CyanogenMod 10 Jellybean Update

Motorola Droid RAZR Smartphone can now be upgraded to all new Cyanogen Mod 10 Jelly Bean 4.1 firmware. Do keep a note that this update can be applied only to device which are rooted. Also, this is not an official update but just a custom ROM which has been developed by XDA member.It’s an unofficial update but … [Read more...]

How to Root HTC Evo 4G LTE (Simple Guide)

If you own a HTC Evo 4G LTE device, then now your device can be rooted with the help of this easy tutorial we’ll be sharing in this post. Rooting the device isn’t difficult and requires minimal steps.The advantage of rooting your device is once your device is rooted, you can easily install Custom ROM and … [Read more...]

AndroPlatina Utilities Tool For Recovery Flashing, Unrooting, Fast Booting And More

AndroPlatina Utilities Tool

Hey all, today we present to you a tool which is a pretty handy for all those of you who are new to rooting and rooting processes, this one is sure to help you guys around the process.Here is the AndroPlatina which is coded with C++ and can easily get you do a couple of things by just clicking a button or so … [Read more...]

Update Galaxy S GT I9000 with AOKP based Jellybean 4.1.1 Firmware [How To]

Samsung Galaxy S Jellybean 4.1.1 ROM Update

Samsung Galaxy S GT I9000 users can now enjoy the benefits of Android Jellybean 4.1.1 with the help of AOKP based Custom ROM firmware released by nasif619, an Android developer. In due course of this article, we will be checking out the procedure for installing this firmware on your Galaxy S smartphones.Please … [Read more...]

Update Galaxy Note N7000 with Cyanogen Mod 10 Preview Firmware [How To]

Galaxy Note N7000 CyanogenMod 10 Firmware Update

The newly released CyanogenMod 10 preview firmware is now available for the Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 devices and in due course of this article, we will check out the procedure for updating Galaxy Note devices with this new firmware.The CyanogenMod 10 preview firmware ropes on the Android Jellybean 4.1.1 … [Read more...]

Update Galaxy S2 T989 With UVLE1 Official ICS 4.0 Firmware [How To]

Galaxy S2 T989 UVLE1 Official ICS Update

Galaxy S2 T989 user can now rejoice as in due course of article, we’ll be checking out a tutorial to apply UVLE1 Official ICS 4.0 Firmware on your device.If you’re on any custom ROM or any ROM on beta stages, then I recommend you to apply this update since it’s an official update. This all new ICS firmware … [Read more...]