Verizon Galaxy S-III with Stock Root & De-odexed I535VRBLI5 Jellybean Firmware

Verizon Galaxy S-III

The Jelly Bean ROM I535VRBLI5 has been leaked for Verizon Galaxy S III. It is fully stock TouchWiz ROM, bringing all the goodies from Jelly Bean to your device including Google Now, Project Butter and notification tweaks.Please make a note that it is just a leak at the moment, Verizon has not yet rolled it out … [Read more...]

Unofficial ClockWorkMod (non-touch) for Verizon Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.7.0

Verizon Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.7.0

The Verizon Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.7.0 receiving an unlocked bootloader. The XDA Senior Member MrHyde03 have successfully ported CWM to his android device. Please make a note that it is not an official release, nor it is built from source. It is still on the working stage.The current version available is … [Read more...]

How to Install Blue Stacks Beta to Get Google Play Store


BlueStack is a very good application for Windows PC. Blue stack releases software that allows the consumers to run on android apps on Windows PC. This application runs all android apps that are available on Google Play, GetJar, amazon etc on your desktop.One of the best thing about BlueStacks is that it runs … [Read more...]

How to Root the GSM & CDMA Desire with Unrevoked 3.21

GSM & CDMA Desire

The GSM & CDMA Desire users can now root their smartphone by using our given below tutorial. Rooting allows you to modify the phone's firmware so as to allow for things like custom themes, apps and custom operating systems/ROMs.Please make a note that once you root your device the warranty of the device … [Read more...]

Tutorial to Root LG Optimus VU P895 Android Smartphone

LG Optimus VU P895

One of the most astonishing feature of Android Operating System is; it allows you to do basically anything with your phone. In the due course of this article we will be checking out on how to root LG Optimus VU P895 smartphone which is one of the recently developed smartphone.If you are a new android user and … [Read more...]

Update Galaxy S2 GT I9100 with Official ICS XWLPX 4.0.4 Firmware [How To]

Galaxy S2 GT I9100

We have one good news for the Samsung Galaxy S2 GT I9100 users; you can now install the latest stock XWLPX firmware which is the ICS Firmware in your device.It has come up with many goodies such as; add on stabilities in the Camera, increased battery life etc. and also one of the best part of this firmware is … [Read more...]

Update Gingerbread Simplicity Custom ROM Firmware in Galaxy ACE S5830i Smartphone [How to]

Samsung Galaxy ACE 5830i

In this article, we are guiding you to apply the Gingerbread Simplicity Custom ROM firmware update for Samsung Galaxy ACE 5830i smartphone.Please make a note that this is a custom ROM firmware and not the official firmware update released by Samsung Electronics. Miserably, there will be no future updates for … [Read more...]

How to Root Samsung Galaxy S Advance I9070 with XXLD1 Firmware

Samsung Galaxy S Advance I9070

In this article, we will show you how to root Samsung Galaxy S Advance I9070. It is especially made for the phones with XXLD1 firmware (European), but you can use this method also on ZSDL1, DDLD4, DXLD1, VJLD1, ZSLE4, JPLD3 and XXLE2 firmware. You can check the firmware version by tapping the option Phone Settings … [Read more...]

Android 4.2 Google Wallet App Magic


LG Nexus 4 is the latest model presented by LG with Android 4.2 system installed. It withholds the capacity to run many applications which aren’t available to the publically. With the help of the compatible system in LG Nexus 4, we are subjected to many new music and Gmail applications.Other than all of this, … [Read more...]

How to Root AT&T HTC One X Smartphone on 2.20 firmware with X-factor exploit


The HTC One X of AT&T android smartphone can now be rooted successfully by the latest 2.20 firmware. This firmware breaks the older methods and make use of two different exploits to change your CID and lets you to unlock the bootloader and root your AT&T HTC One X.Full credits will goes to the XDA … [Read more...]