Casio Announces Android G-Shock Smartphone

casio g-shock android phone 1

After Casio has announced their tough smart phone G’zOne Commando which is available from Verizon on contract now they have announced another rugged all terrain smart phone which is named after their popular brand of G-shock watches.Moreover this G-Shock smart phone is powered by Android 2.3.6. This phone comes … [Read more...]

Android 5.0 Jelly Bean Might Feature Improved Desktop Capabilities

android 5.0

Android is one of the most famous mobile operating system that has been ever developed. It’s like Google has struck gold with android and over time since the first introduction of Android OS it has evolved so much that now out life isn’t complete with android.Android has been suffering with fragmentation which … [Read more...]

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs. IPhone 5 The Rumor Roundup

galaxy s3 vs iphone 5

The two most anticipated devices of this year are the Samsung Galaxy S3 which will be unveiled in a couple of hours and the other device is Apple IPhone 5 which will be showcased sometime in September at the Apple event which is held every year.There is no concrete information available on the devices … [Read more...]

Galaxy S3 Will Have Quad Core Processor, But What About other Rumors?

concept of galaxy s3

Samsung have done well to keep tight wraps on their upcoming android flagship device but this didn’t stop the rumors from appearing and floating around the net.Most of those rumors are to be accepted with a pinch of salt because according to many anonymous users the new design of Galaxy S3 will be ground … [Read more...]

Nexus Tablet Or Asus Memo 370t Which Would You Prefer?

nexus tablet

If you were following our blog then you would have noticed that earlier this month we had published a post about the rumors that the Google tablet which is supposedly called Nexus tablet is going to be manufactured by Asus.The rumors were true because after we had published it a week later AndroidAndME and … [Read more...]

Android Within The Skin Of IPad

knock off ipad

The Chinese manufacturers are great at producing marvelous products which features good performance while retaining the shape and size of some of the most popular gadgets in the market.First one was Meizu MX which is a droid that is designed exactly like the IPhone. From the shape to the home button everything … [Read more...]

Chameleon Redefining Your Home screen


Home screen is the most important of any device because it’s the first most step that you encounter when you are about to use any device. It is also the first step through which various manufacturers can add their own flavor to the device.If you buy any android device from Samsung or HTC you don’t get the … [Read more...]

Is Asus Working Close With Google For Android 5.0 Jelly Bean?


It hasn’t been that long since the release of Android 4.0 ICS and we are already hearing the news about Android 5.0 jelly bean being released this fall.This year at MWC Google had introduced some jelly beans as a teaser for the people at what they can expect from Google in the upcoming months.Now it … [Read more...]

Rumored Quad-Core Phones


This year we have seen the release of the latest mobile processor which is known as Tegra 3 and boasts a quad core processor for processing intensive tasks and a fifth low power processor that is mostly used during the stand by times or used when reading Twitter feeds and keeping track of our Facebook posts. With … [Read more...]

Asus’s Affordable 7inch Transformer Prime

Asus MeMo 370T

Just after the announcement and release of the first quad core tablet transformer prime Nvidia have announced the release of 7-inch transformer prime with ice cream sandwich on board for a very reasonable price of $250. The tablet is actually running on Tegra 3 chipset and provides an amazing performance similar … [Read more...]