Polaroid Announced Android Powered Camera (IM1836) in CES 2013 – Rumored Specs

Polaroid- Android camera

At CES 2013, Scott Hardy the president and CEO of Polaroid company introduced a new android powered camera with interchangeable lens.The details of the camera are just the rumors right now. But there is a leaked information that it could have 18.1 mp lens in the camera. The android OS, will be atleast Android … [Read more...]

Specifications and Pictures of Samsung Galaxy Music Player was Leaked

Galaxy Music DUOS

Telekom-presse leaked a couple of pictures of the new upcoming Galaxy Music. They also leaked the full specification list of the Galaxy Music and Galaxy Music DUOS (dual sim sibling to the Galaxy Music phone).The Galaxy Music was made not only for music but it also has some good features. It is a 3.0 low end … [Read more...]

Is Galaxy Nexus The First To Receive Android 5.0 Jelly Bean

playstore galaxy nexus

The rumors about the next android iteration Android 5.0 jelly bean is becoming more and more intense daily and the latest rumor being that Asus is working close with Google to bring the first Nexus tablet that will feature the next gen android OS in it.Rumor land is quieting down unless the month of June … [Read more...]

Rumors Say T-Mobile HTC One X+ Launch Delayed


HTC phones have placed their successful steps in the market of smartphones especially with its one series devices that are powered by smart android experience. Recently HTC One X has stunned and has given tough competition to almost every device in its segment. But Rumors say that HTC One X+ launch is delayed and … [Read more...]

HTC Desire 4G LTE To Be launched at Verizon Wireless In Coming weeks

htc desire 4g

HTC has spread its name all over the world with its different and user friendly devices. The truth is that HTC changes the name of its devices when releasing in US. The recent HTC One series has successfully hit the US markets and have increased the sales of HTC.The leaked image from the Verizon wireless … [Read more...]

Sony Xperia SL Leaked Before Announcement: A Pure Silver Edition

Xperia SL

Another day another rumor, the rumors of the new Android devices are flying in the market like hot cakes. Now it’s the chance of Sony to get some limelight. Just few days ago there were rumors flying about the multi colored Xperia SL but today the rumor gets a step ahead.We have got a few leaked screenshots of … [Read more...]

Professed HTC One X+ Shows Upgraded Features Over Its Original Model

HTC One X+ leaked specs

The All New HTC One series android device HTC One X+ has stunned users with its amazing features as compared to the original HTC One X.According to the leaks by XDA developers HTC One X+ is rumored to have much better features as compared to HTC One X that has hit markets successfully and is liked by many … [Read more...]

Rumors: Nokia Lumia 920 Unveiled Including A 4.5 Inch Display


Recently Nokia has faced a continuous decline in the android smartphone  market due to a big lead given to it by the Android companies. But this is something that you need to know.Nokia’s new flagship Windows 8 phone has been rumored today named as Nokia Lumia 920.According to the leaks posted on twitter … [Read more...]

Rumors Still Prevailing For: Samsung Galaxy S3 Based Camera

Samsung S III based Camera

Samsung Galaxy S3 is one of the leading phones in the contemporary market. This smartphone has great price considerations. Although it is a Brilliant phone but rumors still prevail about Samsung Galaxy S3 based camera that the camera could be even much better.According to GSMARENA upcoming Samsung Galaxy S … [Read more...]

Samsung Galaxy S Blaze Q: A New Phone Rumor With T-Mobile


So are you ready for another Samsung Android phone? If not, then get ready because there is another Samsung phone in the lineup of the company. According to a press leak a new Samsung Galaxy device is made ready for T-Mobile.This android device is supposed to come in a physical QWERTY keyboard. The device is … [Read more...]