Asus Transformer Prime TF700T Vs. IPad 3: Comparison Between Best Tablets

ipad3 vs transformer prime

2011 was the year of the smartphones and sadly the tablets were launched but they failed to make an impact like the introduction of the dual core smartphones. Google also messed it up by releasing the not so popular Android Honeycomb for tablets.But all this has passed and this year is THE YEAR of tablets … [Read more...]

Ainol Novo 7 Elf: A Tablet With The Right Price Tag


If you have been following our android blog lately then you must have noticed some of the articles mentioning about low cost tablets and how they are good when you are in a budget. But no matter how much you read and research on low cost tablet still you will be unsure whether a $150 tablet will be any good or … [Read more...]

Best Android Tablets That You Can Gift To Your Friends And Families


There are many android tablets in the market that you can purchase and think is the best but how to think that they are the ideal tablet that can be used as gift?Well don’t worry about that because in this article I have compiled a list of tablets that can be used to gift to your friends or families and I can … [Read more...]

A Look At Lenovo IdeaPad A1: An Affordable 7inch Tablet


In one of our previous post we took a look at the most affordable android tablets that you can purchase and among them 7inch tablets was the most affordable without being too bulky for a normal tablet user.Well after taking a look at the tablet we can say that is the tablet that offers you the greatest value … [Read more...]

5 Best 7inch Android Tablets So Far


7inch tablets are the most portable tablets ever to be available as they provide a bigger screen and much improved battery life. If you are tired of the small screen of your smartphone then 7inch tablets is a good choice.But if you fancy a much bigger screen then you can opt for tablets that offer screen sizes … [Read more...]

4 Best HD Tablets That You Can Expect To Own In Q2 Of 2012

HD tablets

Tablets are the most portable device that has been ever to be developed. They boast extremely long battery life and couple it with the all touch display and you get an amazing value for your money.HD displays are joy to have because the images appear crisp and beautiful with vivid colors and contrast that … [Read more...]

LG Optimus Pad: A Stereoscopic 3D Tablet


With the release of various kinds of tablets which offer similar functionality and features, LG have decided to launch a tablet that features slightly different features which you wouldn’t normally expect from a tablet.The result is Optimus 3D which is a beast featuring dual core processor with Android … [Read more...]

The 5 Most Affordable Upcoming Android 4.0 Tablets


With the release of iPAD the tablet price in the market has been set at $500 and any price below that range is considered to be not so good. Bit is it really true?With the upcoming Android 4.0 ICS there will be many cheap and affordable tablets available for the masses. Most people are not willing to shell out … [Read more...]

Comparison Between LG Optimus Pad And Motorola Xoom


LG and Motorola is major mobile and tablet manufacturer. They have produced many successful brands of mobiles and with the advent of dual core processors both the companies have taken a shot at the tablet market.LG have produced the Optimus Pad while Motorola have released the Xoom tablet which was said to be … [Read more...]

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Catching Up To iPad 2

galaxy tab 10.1

Slowly tablets are becoming a norm these days with iPAD2 dominating majority of the tablet market while other manufacturers are trying to get a firm place in the tablet market.Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 accept the tablet challenge and manages to snatch the two spot behind the iPAD2 but if you’re a believer of … [Read more...]