Chameleon Redefining Your Home screen

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Home screen is the most important of any device because it’s the first most step that you encounter when you are about to use any device. It is also the first step through which various manufacturers can add their own flavor to the device.

If you buy any android device from Samsung or HTC you don’t get the default android home screen but rather customized with Touchwiz or HTC sense which provides some new features and eye candy to the device user interface.

But most of the time the home screen customization ends up slowing down the device and also it poses a problem to the manufacturers at the time of releasing an update to the device. So many users prefer the default or stock home screen that comes with android rather than the customization from various manufacturers.

Although the stock home screen with just a clock and access to the installed application is enough but to some especially the Canadian Tekinson it’s not enough because according to them Home screen is the place which can be more than just clocks or shortcuts. As a result they have developed Chameleon which gives a whole new meaning to the word Home screen.

Get An Adaptive Home Screen Through Chameleon

If you are not familiar with Tekinson then let us tell you that they are the company that is responsible for building the intuitive UI that you see in the RIM’s playbook tablet. The UI is very sleek and is appreciated by all the users.

Chameleon is based on UX overlay that is found in the Android 4.0 and features a very new way to interact with your tablet. It doesn’t rely on apps or notifications but instead Chameleon uses the complete screen for adding smart widgets for emails, weather, RSS feeds etc. You can find the exact thing from the Metro UI in Windows 8 desktop.

Chameleon is much simpler than Metro UI because it’s like a skin on top of the home screen which aims at providing customizable options to you which will allow you home screen to come to life.

Chameleon Stays True To Its Name In Being A Chameleon

Just like its name the app is very intelligent in that it adapts its interface depending on the user. Chameleon integrates the device camera for facial recognition which you can set up to a profile so as a result every time a new user logs into the app Chameleon will change the desktop interface to match the profile of the user that you have created.

The app will have deeper integration with the device which will allow it to rearrange the desktop depending on your location which it determines using the devices GPS. For example if you are at home then the desktop will feature apps, widgets and TV guides that you usually use when you are at home.

If chameleon detects that you are at work then your desktop or dashboard will contain the apps and tiles that will improve your productivity. Tekinson are thinking of making chameleon very smart by allowing you to set profiles and update status on social networks or auto reply to your emails when you are busy.

Tekinson have showed a demo of the app where they showed the example of a businessman whose flight was cancelled so accordingly chameleon will try to rearrange your calendar dates and time and send auto replies depending on the situation which makes life very easy. This concept showed by Tekinson is very revolutionary so we will wait to experience it firsthand rather than believe in demo or rumors.

Will Chameleon Be Available For Android?

This is a question that most user are asking and the answer is yes because according to tekinson they are in talks with several known android developers who are interested in integrating chameleon with their product.

If that is not possible then you can always get chameleon from the android market as a standalone app such as Go launcher Pro or other home screen modification apps that are available.


So let us know what you think about chameleon and its ability and whether it should be available for android or not.

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