Cheapest Nexus Tablets: Will It Be Manufactured By Asus?

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Asus has been in the game recently with the introduction of their hybrid tablet/netbook transformer prime which is not only increases the usability of the device but also enhances its mobility time. Also the Asus boasts good performance and software update along with best hardware which is available in the market.

Google has been doing very well with their Android OS which is now powering thousands of smartphone all over the globe. Google admits that they haven’t been successful in the tablet market as they have been in the smartphone market.

So in trying to conquer the tablet market Google have decided to produce the Nexus tablet in collaboration with Asus and aim to be the most cheapest and affordable tablet at a price range of $199 which will appeal to many users worldwide.

It has been reported that the Nexus tablet will enter production in April and will be unveiled to the world at the Google I/O conference which will be held in June at which time you can also expect the Android 5.0 Jelly Bean to be released.

Asus Will Build The Nexus Tablet

Asus has recently come into the news with the introduction of their first affordable 7inch tablet Memo 370t which just costs $250. The tablet boasts incredible specs of Tegra3 quad core processor along with 1GB of RAM and IPS HD display.

Looking at this remarkable feat Google have announced that Asus will be manufacturing their Nexus tablets which looking at Asus one can expect that its going to be really affordable.

Nexus tablets when its going launch is expected to come preinstalled with Android 4.0 ICS but since the launch is going to happen in June at the Google I/O conference where Jelly Bean will be unveiled it is highly likely that the Nexus Tablet will feature the latest iteration of the Android OS.

Jelly Bean is made by Google to overcome the fragmentation issue that has been plaguing android since the introduction of the first version. To overcome this issue Google will release their nexus tablet with Android 5.0 as an attempt to unify the tablets with smartphone and PCs.

So now the main question that most gadget enthusiast will be willing to ask that will Asus really be able to produce a Quad core Nexus tablet at a price range of $199?

Well the answer would be it is highly possible because Asus have managed to produce a quad core 7inch tablet with remarkable specs and kept the price at $250. At this price range one would never expect to find a highly affordable tablet that runs Ice cream Sandwich.

But still one says that what would Asus sacrifice to keep a top notch performance but to provide a tablet at a price of $199? Well if you have noticed the Nook Tablet which just features an 8GB of internal memory then Asus is likely to follow that strategy.

Provide a tablet with powerful specs but reduce the internal storage that is provided and also it is rumored that with the Nexus Tablet you get 8GB of internal storage but also you get a generous space on Google Drive, a cloud service from Google which will be unveiled in June.

So what do you think? Is it possible to deliver a high quality Nexus Tablet at a price of $199? Do let us know what you think.

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