Comparison Between Android Gingerbread And Ice Cream Sandwich

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Android has been around since 2008 but till date the most famous android OS that has captured most attention is none other than Gingerbread.

It was the most revolutionary version of the android OS since the launch of the cupcake which introduced many new features including the ability to use widgets.

Similarly Gingerbread introduced many new features to the android system and also made the OS more streamlined and battery friendly. Various bugs that plagued the previous version were addressed in Gingerbread.

According to the latest which was carried out recently showed that there are almost 50.6% of devices are out there that are running Android Gingerbread while Ice cream Sandwich is slowly and steadily gaining ground.

Now after the release of Ice cream sandwich which revamped the entire android platform with many new features that again revolutionized the entire android system. Ice cream sandwich was mostly designed to bridge the gap between the tablets and phone.

It unifies both the platform just like what Apple did with their iOS. Now slowly majority of the devices are being upgraded to the ICS and so in this article we will compare two best android OS Gingerbread and Ice Cream Sandwich.

1.  User Interface Comparison:

The user interface of Gingerbread was very simple and mostly was carried over from Froyo. But with ice cream sandwich Google have made it easier to be used by putting the commonly used buttons right in front.

Even more animations were added to UI which was designed keeping in mind the 720p HD display of the devices. With ICS google have introduced a new Roboto font which makes reading easier and gives a cool and modern look. The entire ICS UI is very smooth and intuitive.


2.  Multi-tasking:

Gingerbread had good multitasking capabilities and was able to manage the background resources very efficiently. You could select to end the entire task by the touch of a button.

With ICS Google have taken multitasking one step further by introducing the screenshot of the open apps in the task manager moreover you can now close the individual open apps with a swipe to the right. That’s a new gesture that Google have introduced in the ICS.


3.  Network And Data Manager:

In ICS Google have introduced the network and data manager which was missing from the Gingerbread. This is a very useful feature because it allows you to monitor your data over your 3G network making sure that you do not exceed the limit of your data plan.

In gingerbread you would have had to install an app that would have allowed you to do the same but now it is directly available in the UI.


4.  Sharing Files:

Within Ice cream sandwich Google have introduced a host of new features that will enable you to share files very easily and effortlessly. Now you get the option of WI-FI direct options directly in the OS without the need for a third party app.


You also get NFC capabilities right in the OS if your device supports it which most device of 2012 bound to have then you can use it directly. In gingerbread these features weren’t present in the OS so you needed third party apps to use these features.


5.  Speed:

Gingerbread was a huge update in terms of speed as compared to previous android OS. Gingerbread was fast and there weren’t any lag in any part of the OS. Even the launching of the apps was fast and smooth.

With Ice cream sandwich Google have managed to make it faster and snappier so much that in benchmarks you get 220% improvement over Android 2.3. Even the android stock browser saw a speed bump.


After comparing the features of both these OS’s you can say that Ice cream sandwich is a major improvement over the Gingerbread and has revolutionized the android world.

If you have come across some other Ice cream sandwich features that improves the user experience then do let us know.

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  1. speed is based on hardware and os.

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