Comparison Between Apple iPhone 5 And Samsung Galaxy S3: Edge To Edge

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Apple is one of the giant  in the world with its unique devices that have made millions of people in favor of Apple products and services. Samsung is also not less. Samsung is also in the race of smartphones has made many user friendly devices that have really affected the other company marketing procedures.

Recently Apple has launched its much awaited iPhone 5 that has stunned the world with its looks, specs and features.

The whole of the web and media are fully loaded with iPhone 5 news. Samsung galaxy S3 on the other hand is polling less day by day as compared to Apple’s devices.

Due to the Apple vs. Samsung verdict of the patent technology, Samsung has faced serious losses in the international market that makes Samsung difficult to recover from the losses.

Edge To Edge Comparison: Apple iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S3

The first and foremost thing to know that Apple iPhone 5 favors all new IOS 6 while Samsung Galaxy S3 favors Android UI with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

Display & Design comparison between both the devices:

Samsung Galaxy S3 favors a 4.8-inch Super AMOLED HD screen with 1280×720 pixel screen resolution powered for smart pixel display with 302 PPI densities.

The display of Samsung Galaxy S3 provides best colors, contrast, saturation and hue of the colors and pixels. It is much better than the other LCD displays. The Pen-tile display of the Samsung Galaxy S3 favors a smarter and sharper display factor.

On the other hand, Apple iPhone 5 has a longer, sharper 4-inch display with a resolution of 1136×640 pixels that is much better than that of previous iPhones. Truly the retina display of Apple iPhone 5 is much better and sharper than that of Samsung Galaxy S3.

But the thing is that the extra size (0.8-inch extra) of Samsung Galaxy S3 display makes it favorable for complete web experience and media experience as compared to iPhone 5.

The Dimensions of Samsung Galaxy S3 are 136.6×58.5×7.6mm and weighs 133grams and that of iPhone 5 is 123.8×58.5×7.6mm and weighs 112grams.
So clearly it is visible that for much wider experience one can choose S3 but for lighter, thinner and brighter experience iPhone 5 is the best option.

Hardware comparison:

First comes is CPU – the CPU of Samsung Galaxy S3 favors Exynos 4412 Quad-core processor. On the other hand Apple iPhone 5 favors a smart 1.4 quad-core A9 processor and a Mali 400MP GPU.

The Apple iPhone 5 gives the all new Apple A6 chip that really favors smart performance and multi-tasking is much faster upto twice as fast as that of iPhone 4s. Samsung Galaxy S3 also favors 1.5 GHz smart performance that delivers enlightening experience.

Overall the conclusion signifies that Apple iPhone 5 has much faster performance and graphical display of iPhone 5 is also vulnerable to buy this device. Apple iPhone 5 wins in this segment as compared to Galaxy S3.

Storage capacity- S3 and Apple iPhone 5 both come in 16GB, 32GB and 64GB memory models. The S3 has advantage of memory expansion but the iPhone memory is fixed.

Camera shows iPhone 5 to be better as the iPhone 5 camera is made up of thinner lens and provides detailed enhanced sharper picture as well as video quality as compared to that of Samsung Galaxy S3.

S3 uses a smart 8 mega pixels camera and exciting feature is that it favors 2 mega pixels front camera. But the front camera of the iPhone 5 favors 720 p resolution that is much better as compared to S3 as iPhone 5 favors face time over both 3G and Wi-Fi.

Both the devices come in LTE versions but iPhone 5 has much faster web experience as compared to Samsung Galaxy S3. Ultimately iPhone 5 again wins in this segment.

OS features:

Samsung Galaxy S3 features Android 4.0 Ice cream Sandwich upgradable to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. But S3 comes with the same as usual Samsung’s Graphical User Interface that is a disadvantage.

On the other hand Apple favors all new IOS 6 that has a unique and better graphical user interface with all new effects that are even much better than that of iPhone 4, iPhone 4s and also Samsung Galaxy S3.

IOS 6 is also powered by SIRI that is enhanced and much more intelligent than that of SIRI in iPhone 4s. The Samsung galaxy S3 is not favored by SIRI but by old voice control options that is also another disadvantage of Samsung Galaxy S3.

The Pricing :

Samsung galaxy S3 is favored with $600 for its 16GB model that was launched in June 2012 while iPhone 5 favors $199 on 16Gb models, $299 on 32GB and $ 399 on 64 GB models on contract basis.
Inference :

The conclusion :

iPhone is the winner and is much better as compared to Samsung Galaxy S3 but if one needs a bigger display and customization the he/she might go for S3 but if one wants pure device and ultimate UI experience with faster mode and Graphics then iPhone 5 is the best preference.

Therefore, iPhone is much better as compared to Galaxy S3 and favors more than millions unit sales from the day of its announcement that is really a noticeable characteristic.

Wait for iPhone 5 to hit the international markets. One can book the iPhone 5 for UK and US versions on a pre-order contract basis.

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  1. thang dien nay` than tuong apple qua’ muc’ den phat cuong roi. Apple an the deo’ nao` dc S3 mac di iphone5 ra sau 1 thoi gian dai`

  2. Did you actually compare this or did you forget that there is no Flash and web browsing is a problem unless web developers adapt to html 5 so you can see the web page. You didnt see flash on an iPhone How does that make it a clear winner.

  3. graham canada says:

    What a garbage review, some one is a apple fan boy. first you say the S3 is better for screen dpi ect. And on the next paragraph you say nope iphone is better. then you talk about jellybean vs. ios6 sorry but big fail ics is coming out at the end of the year oh and the camera sorry S3 wins again also on the tech end the S3 is why stronger then a iphone 2gig ram end it there. sorry apple fail big time

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