Comparison Between Dual Core Flagships Galaxy S2 and HTC Sensation Part 2

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In our previous post Comparison Between Galaxy S2 and HTC Sensation we compared three different things build, storage and RAM, processor and found out that each of the phone has its own merits and demerits.

If you are looking for something more solid than HTC Sensation would be the phone for you but if you’re looking for performance and do not mind the all plastic body then Galaxy S2 is the device for you.

In this article we take a look at some more of the things that will help you to decide between the two android devices.

1.  Display Comparison:

  • Samsung Galaxy S2: Samsung have used Super AMOLED Plus capacitive display with a resolution of 480×800 pixels and 16M colors. The screen size is 4.3inches and we all know that Super AMOLED is one of the best displays in the market with crisp color and deeper blacks. The screen is a joy to watch HD videos on. The screen is protected with gorilla glass and also has excellent sunlight legibility with clear colors. The viewing angles are also great.
  • HTC Sensation: HTC have used S-LCD capacitive touchscreen with a resolution of 540×960 pixels and is 4.3inchs in length. The color representation isn’t that crisp and blacks are not quite deep as that you would find in the AMOLED screens. The display has not good viewing angles and also the sunlight legibility isn’t that good. Although the screen has higher resolution it isn’t quite close to the Super AMOLED display of galaxy s2.
  • Verdict: in the display comparison galaxy s2 is the clear winner because of excellent sunlight legibility and excellent color representation.


2.  User Interface Comparison:

  • Samsung Galaxy S2: the device comes preinstalled with Android 2.3.4 and features TouchWiz 4.0 on top of the gingerbread. The touchwiz UI features some extra widgets and also enhances the usability of the OS.
  • HTC Sensation: it also comes with android 2.3.4 preinstalled but features HTC Sense 3.0 on top of the gingerbread. Sense UI features lots of eye candy and you will be surprised whether you are running android or not. The customizations run very deep.
  • Verdict: In this case HTC Sensation is the winner because of the eye candy and customization offered by the Sense UI which is also very fun to use.


3.  Camera Comparison:

  • Samsung Galaxy S2: this device comes with an 8MP camera with LED flash. The camera interface is very simple and easy to use. The images produced are very good with low noise, plenty of detail. The color and contrast of the pictures are also very good. Galaxy S2 can also record full HD videos at 1080p with auto focus and the quality is very good.
  • HTC Sensation: it also comes with an 8MP camera but with dual LED flash. The camera offers lots of options which also help you to modify the pictures that you have taken. Imaging isn’t one of the strong suits of HTC and thus it shows. The images produced don’t have too much detail and with too much noise. The contrast is good but in some pictures the colors are off.
  • Verdict: Galaxy S2 features one of the best 8MP cameras that you will ever find in a smartphone.


4.  Battery Comparison:

  • Samsung Galaxy S2: the device comes with li-ion 1650mAH battery which makes sure to meet all your multimedia and gaming needs. The SAMOLED screen takes very low power and also the entire device is very power efficient which ensures long battery life. You get a talk time of 9hrs and standby time of up to 576hrs.
  • HTC Sensation: it comes with Li-ion 1520mAh. The battery life isn’t that great mostly due to the LCD unit which drains more power as compared to SAMOLED screens and also the device isn’t that power efficient. You get a talk time of 8h 20min and standby time of up to 350hrs.
  • Verdict: it is a clear win for galaxy S2 because you get longer battery life and more talk time.


After going through both the comparison article you can conclude that Galaxy S2 has numerous advantages as compared with HTC sensation. But each person has their own choices.

If you choices are geared towards more user experience then HTC sensation is the device of choice for you. But if you’re looking for performance and good camera then Galaxy S2 is the best device for you.

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Do let us know what you think about the comparisons.

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