Comparison Between LG Optimus 4X HD and HTC One X

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LG optimus 4X HD was the first phone introduced by LG in MWC 2012 which featured Tegra3 quad core processor along with Android 4.0 ICS. To join the quad core bandwagon was HTC with their device One X which also featured similar specs.

Now after these devices were show cased in MWC 2012 and their availability also mentioned we decided to compare both the devices and see how they stand against each other in a head to head competition.

So we compared the basic things that most users would look for in the devices when they go for purchasing the devices after they are made available in market.

Design And Display Comparison

LG optimus 4X features a 4.7inch True HD IPS display with a resolution of 1280×720. The display produces one of the most amazing pictures that you can find from an IPS display with good viewing angles and clear crisp images.

Despite the Size of the device you will be amazed to find that the device fits very comfortably in your hands and also LG have managed to keep the weight of the device down despite its size.

HTC One X also features a similar screen of 1280×720 resolutions but the display is Super IPS LCD2 capacitive touchscreen which according to HTC is an improvement over the previous generation LCD in viewing angles and color reproduction.

The device has dimensions of 134.4 x 69.9 x 8.9 mm which is similar to that of LG Optimus 4X HD and also weighs just 130g.

So both the device are designed similarly and both comfortable when you hold them so we guess it’s a tie for this category for the two devices.

Storage Comparison

LG Optimus 4X HD comes with 1 GB of internal storage and 1Gb of RAM. Fortunately you can expand the storage to up to 32 GB with microSD card.

On the other hand HTC One X comes with 32 GB of internal storage but you don’t get an microSD card slot for further expansion. To compensate the users for the lack of microSD card HTC have promised the users 25GB of cloud storage on dropbox for at least 2yrs. So that’s something to look forward to.

So the storage category you can’t really say whose win it is because having enough space in your device is a blessing and also accessing your contents from anywhere is also a blessing. So we are at a loss as to say which device won. So we leave it up to you to decide which is better.

Processor And Operating System Comparison

Both the devices are powered by the Tegra3 quad core processor along with a fifth companion core which is used for less processor intensive tasks to keep the battery drain to the minimum.

Now both the devices will be available with Android 4.0 ICS preinstalled. HTC One X will feature HTC Sense 4.0 which provides very nice eye candy to the whole UI whereas LG are opting for minimal UI modifications trying to keep the user experience close to the stock Ice cream sandwich.

So there you have the basic comparison between phones. As soon as the phones are released we will present you with a more detailed comparison.

So do let us know which phone would you prefer and which quad core phone is making you eager to buy one right now.

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