Comparison B/W Apple iPhone 5 and LG Optimus G

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Apple also called the “God of Mobile devices” has unveiled its much awaited all new iPhone 5 that has captivated the users all over the world with its exciting all new looks and features. Apple claims that iPhone 5 1st sale graph would include a sale of 1 million units all over the world on a pre-order basis that is quite a large statistics favoring Apple at the best.

LG also recently has made up a smooth pace with its devices. One such device is the LG Optimus G that is an Android based phones and comes in a reasonable segment for the customers as compared to that of iPhone 5.


Now coming to the main observation of comparison between both these devices: Apple iPhone 5 vs. LG Optimus G. The LG Optimus is rumored to come with Verizon and Apple iPhone 5 will come with LTE features.

Design Comparison:

LG Optimus G has a clean, simple and sober look that is not captivating as compared to iPhone 5 that is much lighter, brighter and thinner as compared to its previous versions of iPhone 4s. Apple iPhone 5 is made up of glass and anodized aluminum that makes it a tough and durable smartphone as compared to LG Optimus G.

Apple iPhone favors 123.8 x 58.6 x 7.6mm and 112 grams dimension while LG Optimus has 131.9×68.9×8.45mm and 145 grams weight.

Clearly in design features Apple iPhone 5 wins as it is versatile in design and will attract the customers by its unique and magnificent look. LG Optimus will not captivate customers because of its simple design.

Hardware & Display Comparison:

Apple iPhone 5 favors a smart 1.4 quad-core A9 processor and a Mali 400MP GPU. The Apple iPhone 5 gives the all new Apple A6 chip that really favors smart performance and multi-tasking is much faster up to twice as fast as that of iPhone 4s.

On the other hand LG Optimus G has a quad-core 1.5GHz Snap dragon processor. Along with this quad-core processor LG Optimus G has a 320 Adreno GPU for smart graphical performance.

The Apple iPhone 5 has a longer, sharper 4-inch display with a resolution of 1136×640 pixels that is much better than that of previous iPhones. Truly the retina display of Apple iPhone 5 is much better and sharper than that of LG Optimus G. But the thing is that the extra size (0.7-inch extra) of LG Optimus G display makes it favorable for complete web experience and media experience as compared to iPhone 5.

Camera Comparison:

LG Optimus G favors a rear 13megapixel camera and front 1.3 mega pixel camera that favors a smart picture quality and is better than 8 mega pixel of Apple iPhone 5.

iPhone 5 camera is made up of thinner lens and provides detailed enhanced sharper picture as well as video quality as compared to that of previous versions. But the front camera of the iPhone 5 favors 720 p resolution that is much better as compared to LG optimus G, as iPhone 5 favors face time over both 3G and Wi-Fi.

Software Comparison:

LG Optimus G is a Android based flagship phone that favors all new Android 4.1 Jelly bean with a new graphical user interface. LG Optimus G also favors all new UI 3.0 that is an upgraded version than previous one.

On the other hand, Apple favors all new IOS 6 that has a unique and better graphical user interface with all new effects that are even much better than that of iPhone 4, iPhone 4s and also Samsung Galaxy S3 as well as LG Optimus G. IOS 6 is also powered by SIRI that is enhanced and much more intelligent than that of SIRI in iPhone 4s. The LG Optimus G is not favored by SIRI but by old voice control options that is also another disadvantage of LG Optimus G…


Clearly it is visible that Apple iPhone 5 is much better than that of LG Optimus in almost every field of view but if one wants a smart photo quality and UI experience then he/she may god for LG Optimus g but iPhone 5 has made history and is revolutionized to favor its users all over the world with starting sale of 1 million units that is big statistic quality of Apple.

One can buy Apple iPhone 5 with all new experience and Apple iPhone 5 will poll more against LG Optimus G because of its unique persuasive looks and specs….

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  1. What a piece of crap article. Clearly an Iphone fanatic. Abdur Rashud, get your facts straight. Iphone isn’t a bad phone bus LG optimus G is way more powerfull.

    Iphone 5—mali400? incorrect fact in your article

  2. graham canada says:

    yup another post about is girlfriend the Iphone 5. Hope apple is paying your way through med school other wise your a tardboy to think the way way you do.iphone is over priced and use outdated tech and is sold to ppl who know crap about tech.

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