Create Free Ringtones Using YouTube Videos

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You can download ringtones for your android device from anywhere on the internet. There are many websites available that offer much different kind of ringtones for your mobiles that makes sure to keep you from getting bored.

But what if while browsing YouTube you happen to come across some amazing piece of song or tune and you want to set it as your ringtone, then how should you go about doing it?

This article will provide you with some step by step guide that will enable you to make ringtones from your YouTube videos for free without having to go through the hassle of signing up and what not.


Procedure for Converting YouTube Videos to MP3

  1. On your PC browser go to the YouTube site which you want to convert into MP3.
  2. After you have gone to that specific YouTube site now you need to just extract the MP3 from video. To do that visit
  3. Once on that site go to convert video to mp3 and paste the URL of the YouTube site into the text bar and click on convert.
  4. Once the video has finished converting you will be shown a link for downloading it. Once you click the download button you will be taken to another site from where you can download the MP3 file.
  5. After download the MP3 you may want to edit the file to remove the segments you don’t want or if you want only a specific segment of the MP3 as ringtone.
  6. To trim the MP3 you can use Audacity free open source audio trimming software to edit your YouTube mp3.


Create the Android Ringtone

  1. Connect your android device to your computer
  2. Enter the SD card and create a folder called ringtone. This will help you to be more organized and also to maintain a folder full of ringtones.
  3. Copy the Mp3 into the ringtone folder that you have created.
  4. Now configure the android device to use the new MP3 file as ringtone. The settings for that are different for each android phone but it is relatively easy to find in the settings menu.


Here you a go comprehensive guide on how to create a ringtone for your android device from any YouTube videos or from any of your favorite YouTube videos. This process requires some patience from your part and does not needs the purchase of any paid app to do this simple process.

You can also use this guide to get MP3 from any other streaming sites as well. The procedure is identical and very easy to carry out.

You can even use the software audacity to trim any kind of audio files to use them as your ringtone. Audacity is very use with a very simplistic user interface.


So if you have already created some free ringtones from YouTube videos then do let us know and also what you’re using as your default ringtone.


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