CritiCall : An Android App Which Allows Critical Contacts To Ring Even in Silent Mode

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Do you turn your phone silent when you go to bed? Worried about missing important calls while the volume is turned down? Then CritiCall will be the best answer for you. You can set a contact as critical and your phone will ring when they call or text, even when your phone is set to silent or vibrate.

This would be great if you don’t want to miss late night phone call from your wife and kids. This would be perfect for business/service professionals if you don’t want to miss a call from an important client.

Easy ON/OFF widget for times when you don’t want CritiCall to override the volume. Adjustable auto-resume feature so you don’t have to remember to turn CritiCall back on.

Custom Settings in the CritiCall app let you to add unlimited number of groups and an unlimited number of contacts in each group. When you change the group settings, you automatically change the settings for every contact in that group.

Features of CritiCall app:

  • Even you set your phone in silent mode, when the critical contacts call you the phone will rings.
  • You can set custom times for each Critical Contact
  • You can set as many contacts as “critical” as you want
  • Groups
  • On/Off widgets
  • You can add unlimited number of groups (friends, family, clients, work etc)
  • And also, you can add unlimited number of contacts within each group
  • Quick and easy to turn OFF if you can’t have your phone ring
  • Volume control
  • Customizable defaults to see the information you want to see quickly
  • Auto-resume override if you don’t want CritiCall to auto-resume
  • Adjustable auto-resume so you never miss a call from a critical contact
  • Change settings once to change the settings for all contacts in the group.
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  1. Just came across your blog and saw that you had reviewed our app CritiCall a few months ago! Thank you very much for the review. I wanted to let you know that we just recently updated CritiCall to include some new features and to move towards a Holo-inspired UI. Hopefully you liked the changes – we’re working on another update now.

    Anyways, enjoy the blog!

    Thanks again,

    • Sathishkumar says:

      Thank you Sir,

      We definitely update our review by adding new features as you have said. We expect another update also from you. Once you finished;let us know.

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