CyanogenMod 9 Disappoints Lots Of Users: No Rollout For Snapdragon S1 Devices

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As we all know that CyanogenMod is the best Android 3rd party stock looking ROM. Cyanogen Mod is in existence due to a great man “Steve Kondick”, he started making lot of changes into the Android source code and made a ruminant amount of changes.

The changes directly changed the framework of Android and he released a first public mod. This was a start of new ERA a “LEGACY” it was the establishments of CyanogenMod 3rd party rom.

The Rom has gone through many phases with the most popular being the CyanogenMod 7 which was based on Ginger Bread. The numbers of devices added in support from the previous CM6 were increased from merely 10 to nearly 70 in Cm7 which is in itself mind blowing and bombastically amazing, nearly every owner of a new device wanted Cm7 running on their phones.

The saga continued when Google unveiled the Android 4.0 and there was the release of Cm9. Ice Cream Sandwich did not take the traditional approach and it changed the whole overlay of framework. It was getting very difficult for developers to port Cm9 to the old devices. Some were successful and some were partially successful.

The major problem remained to be the media drivers which most of the devices faced issues many of the phones were even not solved. Now that Jelly Bean has arrived developers have no time in getting the media issue done in the remaining Cm9 devices instead they are trying to fix Cm10 issues.

So finally CyanogenMod community has decided that they will drop the support of Qualcomm based Snapdragon one series processors. None of the devices containing first gen Snapdragon will be supported “Officially” by the CM team.

The other reason that has been stated for the dropping of support is due to the memory management of the chipset. The chipset requires partitioning of the internal memory of the device.

Though it can be solved but in order to solve it the Cm9 codes has to be depleted which is obviously not going to happen so they instead deciding to continue support up to Cm7 only.

The decision made has affected a number of 30 devices which were running Snapdragon first gen processors. Some of the devices include Nexus One, Xperia X10 mini and others…

If you really want ICS there will be definitely some hacks made but it will be not as easy as A-B-C. There may be some severe workarounds. So the users need to do lot of searching for getting ICS running on their phones. If all the bugs are solved it will definitely be a dream come true for all the devices affected.

Let’s see what will happen in near future, there is anything possible in the Android world with every day news are getting heated up and with holiday season beginning new phones will be definitely sold so the support for old phones will diminish day by day so one needs to think an upgrade.

So are you a victim too? Share your opinion with us

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