Daredogs Android Game – A Review

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Daredogs is one of the fun-filled flying game developed by the Bugbyte Productions. They said that they are planned to give 10% of its earnings on Daredogs to dog shelters and pet charities.


Now, it is available for android. Let’s take a look at what makes this game worth your time.

Outline of the story:

The Hero of this game is named as Bravo who is a son of legendary Daredogs pilot. Each day Bravo would look up and see his father fly and win. But one day; unfortunately his father was shot down by Rocco who is an another competing pilot.

There were many accusations of foul play, but none of them would bring Bravos father back. Now all that remains is joining the tournament and taking back the trophy from Rocco. Along with Bravo his friends Rascal and Ronya also fight against with Rocco and helped his father to come back.


Gamers can choose from four unique characters to play as throughout the tournament in Daredogs, helping to keep things interesting and mix things up if it starts to feel stale.

Players can control the planes using a joystick on the bottom left of the screen, and fire their weapons by tapping another button on the right. The special weapons are also available at the right side of the screen.


But these special weapons depends on the dog you are flying with. For example if you want to fly with Bravo you can use only the ‘bone’ weapon which distracts his competitor.

There are various modes of play which includes:

a) Race – Beat your competitor to the end of the course
b) Dog fight – Air Battle that is the best out of 5.
c) Capture the bone – Where you have to capture and defend a bone from your competitor before taking it to a platform.
d) Pirate Heist – Where you fight to collect pirate booty as it is thrown from a pirate airship.

All these creates a thrilling and diverse Game play that makes the gamers addictive and interesting. It is a great game to play when you get bored or during travel time or waiting in a long ques.

Positive aspect of this game (Merits):

  • Four different modes of play
  • Lots of different weapons
  • Great Sound Effects
  • Makes addictive and Interesting
  • Neat Graphics
  • Easy to Understand and Play
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