Dashlane for Password Protection

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People these days spend majority of their time online, thanks to all the social networking websites and forums. The ease with which anything as well as everything can be accessed online is the reason why more and more people are turning toward online businesses and services. With so much of our personal information being used and created online, there comes the need for a password protection manager. Apart from this, online thefts and attacks are on the rise and there is the need for something robust and genuine so that people do not get their hands on your confidential information and passwords.

Dashlane is a very robust password manager that helps in keeping all your passwords safely within a password vault that it creates inside your system/ device. It is the perfect combination of all the criteria that ensure that your password does not fall into the wrong hands.


Why Dashlane?

The basic need of every individual is to first of all set a strong password and after that ensure that it stays protected. People often use the same password for different accounts because it is easier to memorise it, which is actually a dangerous practice. The advantage of using Dashlane password manager is that there is extra room for other crucial details and passwords that you should not share with others under any circumstances. For instance, your credit card details, IDs, receipts and personal notes.

Meanwhile, if you are tired of typing the same password and details again and again, it is high time you should start using Dashlane. Dashlane also comes with an auto fill feature which saves all your contacts, phone numbers, mail addresses, account details, etc. so that you do not have to type them in the future. The working of Dashlane is very easy and it comes with a user- friendly interface as well. Apart from this, it is robust in nature, beautiful in design and supports cloud syncing.

Further, it is very easy to install and use Dashlane password manager. Each time there is a threat to your password or if the concerned website is about to compromise with your personal details, you will get automatic alerts on your devices. It uses all the web browsers that you are using for importing your passwords into the password vault. Moreover if any of the passwords is left out, you can easily import them while browsing the internet.

Dashlane 2

Advantages of using Dashlane:

– Dashlane helps you to generate strong passwords for your accounts and also stores them safely in the password vault on your device.

– You will be able to auto fill all the forms online without the need to leave the page or minimize it to see the passwords.

– Not only for your online passwords and details, but you can also use Dashlane for storing other sensitive data, such as Wi-Fi passwords, software keys, personal notes and plans. The best part is that all this information will be accessible only to you.

– In case you want to share your password with your friends, family or colleagues, you can send it by encrypting it first. It takes just a single click to encrypt and send your password. This password will be self- destructed few minutes after the receiver opens it, thus leaving no room for any leak of your details.

– It is also possible to sync your passwords and other confidential information along various devices, which gives you the power to choose where your data will reside.

Dashlane password manager is very impressive in its design and usage. It is also the perfect password manager for all kinds of users.

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