Develop Android Apps In Your Phone With The Help Of AIDE

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The apps that are available in the android market whether they are of premium quality or the most basic sucky app they were all developed using Eclipse and Java SDK on PC.

Initially attempts have been made to try to develop in the phone itself because it allowed the developer to fully understand how the app worked in the phone and tweak its setting and such.

But using Eclipse and Java SDK in the PC also enabled developers to create many wonderful apps that have made our life easy and entertaining. As the saying goes without apps where we would have been now.

Android devices couldn’t be used to develop various apps because the processing power that is available in the devices weren’t enough to develop the apps and moreover the amount of memory needed was too much.

But with the release of the quad core devices and with improved memory all those limitations are removed because they provide the much needed horsepower and as a result Android IDE (AIDE) is released.

AIDE Will Allow You:

  • Access to development package which will grant you access to code completion
  • Refactoring
  • Formatting
  • Real time error checking and fixing

AIDE will allow you to code for the app on the go so now you can work on the app even if you are away from the PC. You can create apps and check how they work right on your android device.

Best part about this app is that the file that you save in Eclipse while you are working is fully compatible in AIDE and you can export that file in AIDE and work on the go.

Another advantage is that when the developer are testing their apps on their phone now they can fix it directly using AIDE on the go rather than going back to your PC and loading the entire file and searching for the error or bug.

You will be amazed to hear that AIDE was not developed by some famous software but it was developed by a small group of Android Devs in Germany. They promised regular updates to the app that will make its functioning better and more efficient.

In the future you can expect to see more similar apps coming into production because as each year passes the mobile processing power and memory capacity are slowly approaching that of a computer and in time your mobile can replace the use of a PC.

It would have been great if Google would have developed a similar app that is capable of developing or fixing an app then it would be god send because than the developers would be able to fix and enhance the app immediately without waiting for their PC.

AIDE is available in the android market but to make full use of its potential you should use the app in a tablet which offers much bigger screen and preferably a quad core device because you get the processing power you need.

Do let us know what you think about AIDE and if you have used it then let us know what you think about it.


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  1. MickLinux says:

    Where do you get a list of functions for programming in AIDE? I haven’t programmed since C (Borland C, Power C), but I used to program with a book in my hand. Where do I get such a list, nowadays?

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