Dolphin Browser Update: HD Test With An Improved Address Bar

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If you are an android user you must be very familiar with the Dolphin Browser HD. The default browser in Android pre Jelly Bean versions had lots of bugs, so users had no other option other than to use the third party Android internet browser, and then it was a time that a new refreshed look browser was available in the App market named Dolphin Browse HD.

The browser introduced tabbed browsing in Android like never before, most appealing looks and relatively faster to use.

Today Dolphin Browser HD is blessed with a major update bringing along a lot of descent changes.

The first change done is that they have removed the “HD” tag from the name; it is now simply Dolphin Browser. There is no known reason for doing so. The visuals department undergoes a lot of changes with the optimization of performance.

A major improvement has been made at the address bar. The address bar is now more optimized is the Landscape mode to make the keyboard work properly and differently in different devices. From this change the smaller devices will get lot of help and there will be improvements too in the android tablet.

The bookmark management system has also been visually made appealing and it will become easier to manage.  They have undergone stabilization in sync options too. A shortcut for Dolphin Sonar has also been added.

As traditional way the change log states about the various performance and stability improvements. From this users can expect a good stability in terms of web experience on their devices.

With Google chrome already made way onto Android and started eating up market there will be a lot tougher competition in the Web browser market for Android.

As we all know that the major share of Android is still in Ginger Bread and since Google chrome is not supporting Android Ginger bread so it is not so much difficult for Dolphin browser to retain lead but it will be very tougher if we compare to Android Ice Cream Sandwich or Jelly Bean.

We still don’t know whether Google Chrome will make their way to Android Ginger Bread and if it does it will be a near die situation for Dolphin. Until then you can surely enjoy Dolphin Browser and go ahead and update the browser from the Play store.

So what is your view after updating your Dolphin Browser? Share with us

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