Download Micormax apps for Phones and Tablets From Google Play Store

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Micromax has expanded its Android smartphones product line in all segments including one with large display screen (anciently called as phablet phone). Its phones and tablets are powered with Google Android Operating Systems and so they get Google Play Store access.

Now, Micromax has taken a step forward towards the customer satisfaction by introducing dedicated micromax apps. These apps will enhance the Funbook and Funbook Pro user’s experience.

As a android publisher in the name MLABS the micromax now published the two new apps dedicated for their tablet and they are available in the Google Play Store itself.

Through Google Play Store one can easily browse through the catalog of free, paid apps.Its very interesting to know that Google Play Store right now has more than 1.1 million apps.

Here we listed out some Micromax dedicated apps available on the Google Play Store:

1. miBuddy:

This app is the Buddy locator which will help to locate friends who wants to share the location. Using this application in your tablet PC or mobile phone, one can easily trace your friend’s location.

It also, allows you to add friends from your phone book and view their location after mutual agreement to share. The information location on this app is delivered from your service provider rather than the internet information and it is compatible with both 2G and 3G network.

Click here to download miBuddy from Google Play Store

2. MStore_Tablet:

This application is very easy to use in the Micromax Fubook P300 and Funbook Pro P500 tablet. This app provides education content, games, movies, and other dedicated Micromax content out of the box. To get access these app you need to have User ID and Password and this will provided to Funbook customers when you register your product with Micromax.

If you have a Funbook tablet then call customer care and get your login credentials. So this limits the use of the apps to other devices.

Click here to download MStore_Tablet from Google Play Store

3. Mi SMS-Tablet:

The name itself indicates that this app is for SMS application. While you use this app for chating purpose you need the same app installed on other tablets also.

Click here to download Mi SMS tablet

4. m! Weather_Tablet:

If you want to know about the temperature and weather forecast then this app will be definitely useful for you. It will give you the detailed report of weather for today, tomorrow and also for coming days.

Upto this date it shows only the weather condition of Delhi and other Metro cities. In the upcoming version we might see many more cities of India added since Micromax only operates in India.

Click here to download m!Weather for Micromax tablet form Google Play Store

5. m! Weather_Smartphone:

It is similar to m! Weather_Tablet the only difference is it will be for tablet but m ! Weather_smartphone is for Micromax smartphones.

Click here to download m! Weather_Smartphone

6. MStore_Smartphone:

In what is available for tablet through mStore, the same content will be available in the optimized user interface for the Micromax smart phone you have.

Click here to download MStore_smartphone from Google Play Store for free

7. miSMS :

It is available for only Micromax powered smartphones. It allows the users to send SMS on GPRS connectivity as well as Wi Fi connectivity.

If you are not charged on your carrier plans then you can call contacts from your phone book and this is similar to Whatsapp but here the receiver should have also installed miSMS app on their mobile phone.

May be this is the reason why this app is available open for any device installation. This app does not require any separate sign in.

Click here to download miSMS from Google Play Store for free

So, if you have any Micromax tablets or phones download these apps from the links we are provided and enjoy its benefits.

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