Dragon Go Alternate to SIRI For Android

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For a long time many android users were waiting for an official app that rivals SIRI which is found in the latest IPHONE 4s.Although many SIRI like apps are available in the android market which work to a certain extent but these are not official developer apps. The new DRAGON GO  is bought to you by the creators of SIRI and they have assured you that it provides performance which can rival those of SIRI.

Nuance communications are the developer behind SIRI and now for android they have developed Dragon Go a personal assistant app that will answer any query that you may put forward. It will even provide you solution to various problems and also direct you to services that provide streaming media, social networking etc. All you need to do is ask the app a question it will connect to the servers and find the correct solution to your problem.

SIRI also does the same function it connects to apple server to answer the question and also it is able to find anything that you have asked for. Dragon GO is the direct competitor to SIRI. Moreover dragon go will work on any and all android device. There isn’t any specific device that will be only supported. The requirement is as long as you have android 2.1 and above dragon go is guaranteed to work in your device.

Some APPs Like Dragon Go

Dragon go is available for free in the android market It is a good alternative to other apps that especially a well known app called IRIS which also provides similar functionality to that of SIRI but is less accurate and cannot record the question correctly. The app connects with the google server to retrieve the information but is most of the time wrong as it cannot identify the question and also the information provided does not matches the query.

Another app called SPEAK TO IT which also rivals SIRI but is different from it in the manner that you can customize an avatar with any voice you want. The apps voice response is very genuine because the voice expression changes on their reactions and response. The app works wonderfully unlike IRIS and also is able to provide you different information regarding weather or map searching. It is a noteworthy application which is also available in the android market for free.

Before dragon go there was another app called CLUZEE which provides a different kind of functionality other than helping you to be organized. The app pulls more not just data from the web to answer your basic question it also provides you with image and other required assistance to help you to clear your query. It can also read your texts, email aloud and help you to find the nearest restaurant based on your current location. It also provides guide to the restaurants that serves food according to you taste. It’s a highly intelligent app which definitely rivals SIRI. Cluzee is the new innovation for personal app.

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