EA Games Makes Announcement Of the Iteration Of Real Racing 2

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The developers from the EA sports and a new studio Firemonkeys have made an announcement of their new game Real Racing 3.

Firemonkeys is the newly made studio which has made a collaboration with the gaming giant EA for the release of their new game Real Racing 3. The original Real Racing was one of the most successful racing games and the game was critically much liked.

So the company decided to iterate the game to the third version. The game is still in pre-alpha stage which means that there is some time left before the game to actually arrive in android devices.

In the meantime EA has released the game trailer showing off its beautiful and heavy duty graphics, I really need to say one of the best games in terms of graphics having said that it is still in pre-alpha stage.

The argument is present from the start about the better game between the Gameloft Asphalt series and the Real Racing 2. Having said that real racing 2 was really a good game but it was less famous compared to Asphalt series games.

May be with the release of Real Racing 3 there may be a throne fight between the franchisee. EA has bumped the price of real racing to 0.99$ in the Google play store which is a very good price considering the game.

The preview release of the Real Racing 3 only shows off porches but according to reports it has got license of many cars including some top most vehicles for their newest game.

The Most Impressive Graphisc ever done on smartphones

After looking into the game trailer we are very surprised. We were gone into confusion that whether game is being released for Mobile platform or some Gaming console. The graphics really created wonders.

EA has not only licensed the top most cars but also the best racing tracks present round the world.

From the words of EA itself:

Real Racing 3 will also include a full lineup of real world tracks from the top names around the world including Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, Indianapolis Motor Speedway and Silverstone. With a 22 car grid, gamers will be able to pit themselves against 21 other drivers in one race. – EA / Firemonkeys.”

EA has not officially announced the launch date of the game, but we are already a fan of the game. Real Racing 2 was first launched for the iOS and debuted in Android after sometime, having said that all the new releases from EA have been provided for both iOS and Android.

So it is nearly possible that Real Racing 3 will be released for Android too. The game is expected to be released for the Android near this fall. As soon as any other details or trailer or any other details arise we will notify you.

So are you too waiting for the game like us? Did you play the previous iteration of the game? Share your thoughts with us. We will be eager in hearing you.

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