EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard – Review

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Have you ever accidentally and permanently deleted a very important file and cursed yourself for it? I am quite sure we all have. In these disappointing times, the data recovery software available online come to our rescue. In this article, I am about to review one of the most popular and most successful data recovery software on the web, the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard can be used for recovering the files that have been deleted from the recycle bin or the files that have been lost due to any hard drive crash, virus attack, operating system crash and even hard drive partition loss.


  • The software supports all types of storage media. You can recover data from the PC’s or laptop’s own hard drive, external hard drive, a USB drive, sd card recovery, camera, mobile phone and even others. That definitely makes this software a complete package.
  • Other than that, the software also supports all types of files. You can recover documents, graphics, videos, audios, emails and more.
  • Easy to use with a three step process: Launch, Scan and Recover.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard


Now, I used the software to recover deleted files from my external hard drive. You should know that the trial version can recover up to 2GB of files so if you have accidentally deleted a file smaller than 2GB, you can test out the software before moving on to spend money on the paid version which obviously supports recovery of unlimited amount of data.

It took quite less time to scan the hard drive but being a 1 TB hard drive, it took plenty of hours to recover the data. But after almost 16 hours, the data was recovered. I had another hard drive handy to store the recovered data. Now, one of the best things that I found out about the software is that when it recovers the data, it recovers them with the original file names. I have used other software for recovery and once the files are recovered it becomes a tough task to identify them because the software renames the files into some random numbers.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Professional

So, I would definitely suggest you to use this software. You should definitely check out the trial version for yourself and see if the software caters to your needs which I am quite sure it would. Then, you can go on to invest in the Data Recovery Wizard Pro which is currently selling for $69.95 or Data Recovery Wizard Pro + WinPE which is currently selling for $99.90. While the above two models are targeted towards normal consumers, you can purchase the Data Recovery Wizard Technician version for $499 if you would like to be able to offer technical services to your clients using this software.

Apart from that, all the versions offer free lifetime upgrade and free lifetime technical support which would be helpful for all the users of the software. So, my suggestion would be that you should definitely give it a try and decide for yourself whether you would like to invest in it or not.

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