Enabling Administrative Privileges On Android By Rooting

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Owning an android phone is the greatest joy because which other OS will allow for customizing the entire operating system as you see fit. But to carry out such customization of your choice first you need to ROOT your android device.

Root you may have heard about it from your friends or read about it on numerous websites but what is actually root? ROOT access means gaining control of the core files of the android think of it similar to administrator access as on windows.

Rooting Android Admin Privileges

Rooting an android device allows you to install custom ROM’s, use great apps that allow you to complete access to the OS. Advantages of installing custom ROM’s is that your able to access great features which aren’t directly available from the manufacturer and some additional features can also be added to the OS by simply installing the right kind of apps.

Rooting an android phone is a very simple method. The most easiest way is to install SUPERONECLICK for windows and attach your phone via USB cable. This program supports a vast number of android devices so your device is definitely on the list. After attaching your phone to the PC just follow the instructions and on the click of a button your phone is rooted.

Now that you have rooted your devices you might be thinking what kind of apps shall I try or how to get more out of the android. Well worry not, below are some of the most popular apps that are designed for rooted android:

1. Superuser:

Superuser is the first app any rooted android user must install. This app allows total control to be established over android and also allows any apps that need root privileges to run.

2. Titanium Backup:

This is an extremely useful app. It allows you to make backups of all your apps and even their data so in the event you installed a new firmware you can restore your apps and their settings. Or worst case scenario you messed up while installing a custom firmware and needed to do complete wipe then you can restore your apps. It doesn’t only makes backup but also allows you to uninstall system apps and also block apps.

3. Metamorph:

Most simple app used to theme any part of your android. It only can be used on rooted phones and there are various themes available on android market to choose from. Metamorph can theme the following:

  • Lockscreen
  • Menu screens
  • Individual apps
  • Anything that’s displayed on the screen.

4. Adfree:

You might not believe it but adfree is the greatest root app available on android market. It blocks ads anywhere on your phone and doesn’t even slow down your device.

5. SSH Tunnel:

Sitting in a coffee shop and public wifi is available but worried about snoopers then just install SSH tunnel it encrypts all internet traffic on your phone so now you can use your GMAIL or FACEBOOK at ease.

6. Wireless Tether:

This is a must app for a rooted android device because it turns an android phone into a complete WI-FI hotspot for any devices that need one regardless of the carrier.

These are some of the apps that are available after you have rooted your device and plenty of more apps are available that will make sure that you’re the MASTER OF YOUR ANDROID.

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