Enjoy Stock Android With AOKP ROM For Xperia Arc And Arc S

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There are many custom ROMs available these days on the internet and each custom ROM comes with specific features that aren’t available in the stock Android ROM.

One thing most users like is to enjoy the stock android experience which you can get from devices such as galaxy nexus or other google phone. But majority of the android ROM that are available they come with some sort of launcher on top that prevents you from enjoying the stock Android experience.

But now thanks to the custom ROM AOKP you will be able to enjoy the stock android 4.0 on your device. The good part about AOKP is that not only you get stock experience but also the ROM offers very speedy performance.

There are customizations that you can perform on the ROM also thanks to the available ROM CONTROL mod. But be aware the ROM still in the alpha stage of development so you can expect some bugs and crashes during the usage of the ROM.

But if you are still willing to give this ROM a try on your Xperia Arc or Arc S then we have prepared a guide for you that will enable you to install this ROM in your device and enjoy the stock android goodness along with other customization.

How To Install AOKP ROM

  1. Make sure that your Xperia Arc/Arc S has an unlocked bootloader
  2. Before you begin with the installation you should have a rooted device with recovery installed so that you can create a Nandroid Backup of your current OS.
  3. Install the ADB on your computer
  4. After you have create the backup of your OS download the AOKP ROM from their official development site
  5. Now you have to also download the Google Apps package which includes Google apps such as android market, gmail etc. and the package will be named gapps-ics-20120317-signed.zip
  6. The files that you have downloaded in step 4 and 5 copy them to your SD card
  7. Now you need to download the kernel required to flash the AOKP ROM and file name is ARC-DooMKernel-ICS-BETA-v04-high-boot.img
  8. Now download fastboot.zip which will help you to install the ROM
  9. After downloading fastboot extract it to get a fastboot folder and copy ARC-DooMKernel-ICS-BETA-v04-high-boot.img into the folder
  10. Now you need to connect your phone to the PC in fastboot mode and to do this you need to plug the USB cable to your phone while holding the menu key on your phone
  11. Now open the command prompt in your PC and enter the following commands cd c:\Fastboot press enter and then type fastboot flash boot ARC-DooMKernel-ICS-BETA-v04-high-boot.img
  12. The kernel will start flashing and after flashing is finished “finished”/OKAY will be displayed and unplug your phone
  13. Now turn your phone on and repetedly press the back button until you boot into recovery
  14. Now you have to select install zip from sdcard and then choose zip from sdcard to select the ROM
  15. Install the ROM by selecting Yes and after the ROM has finished installing now go back to recovery main menu and then install gapps-ics-20120317-signed.zip
  16. After installation is complete reboot your phone from recovery and your will boot into AOKP ROM

There you go a simple procedure with which you can enjoy stock android experience in your device. Do let us know what you think about the ROM and how it performs.

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