Essential Android Apps For A Newbie

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You have just bought an android phone and browsing through the android market looking for best apps or popular appsthat you might need or you just want to experience the using of apps on your android device. Well you don’t have to look any further because in this article is listed some of the essential apps that you will need in your device at all times. These apps are important to you because they are free and you will use them frequently. So the essential apps for an android newbie are:

1.  News Republic:

This app will provide you news on all topics that are available. You can even create your own topics and follow the news at your own leisure. The app will also organize the relevant news for you and you can follow news related to tech, business, sports, entertainment etc. Also you can follow the world news and the app supports news from AFP, ITN, eWeek, BNO news, etc.

 2.  Springpad:

This is a very useful must have app on your android device. It will let you take notes instantly thanks to its amazing user interface. You will be also able to organize the notes and you can also look up information on any products and also receive advanced information.

3.  Seamless Food delivery:

This app is one of the most useful app. It helps you to locate nearby restaurant that offers quick home delivery. This app uses combined information from the phones GPS and Google map to display a list of restaurants that are nearby you. It will also allow you to browse through the menu of those restaurants and even place an order. The restaurants will let you know the estimated delivery time.

4.  GasBuddy:

This app will let you win free gift vouchers. Because it lets you find the nearest gas station with their current gas prices. The more you report the updated gas price the more points you accumulate and then you receive a gas gift voucher of $250.

5.  Angry birds:

Your sitting bored and looking for a perfect time pass then angry birds is the right choice. You can play this game while listening to any of your favorite mp3 or listening to radio and you won’t know where the time flew by.

6.  Tune wiki:

Listening to your favorite song now you can sing along with it because Tune wiki will help you to find the lyrics to your favorite song. You can also get the lyrics of the song that is being played on radio. You can follow songs of same interest and also follow other peoples song interest though Facebook or Twitter. It’s an app that will be definitely popular with people who like to do karaoke.

7.  Lookout:

This is a very useful app that protects your device by blocking malicious contents and malware. It will also help you to back up your contacts and also scans any new downloaded app to make sure that its virus free. It is one of the security utility app that is very useful.

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