Exciting Features of ZDbox (All-In-One Toolbox) – Battery Info, DND Feature, App Lock, Task Killer And More…..

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What is ZD box?

ZD box is one of the multi-function and incredibly handy toolbox apps for Android. It contains several helpful features like battery info and power saver, traffic counter, battery info, do not disturb feature, app lock, task killer, uninstaller, application to SD card functionality and system cleaner.

It additionally packs a slew of detailed information about your device. If you want to get all the above mentioned features under the skin of your phone or tablet, then this is a great app to begin with.

1. Task Killer:

  • If you want to shutting down your app immediately then you can go for this option. It is facilitated for both individual killing or overall simultaneously.

2. DND:

  • Do not disturb (DND) allow you set a period of time (on set days of the week or via a countdown timer) where your device isn’t going to disturb you with notifications or calls. You can set it to either silent or Airplane mode for ultimate silence if you want.

3. Mobile Traffic:

  • If you have a set volume of data you can consume in a month- this is the place to monitor how much you are using. You can set limits, notification warnings and even allows you to monitor the usage of individual apps.

4. App Lock:

  • It is one of the most significant feature of ZD box. While other people accessing your device and if you dont want them to distrub your networks or gallery you can lock them easily with the App Lock function. It will get unlock only via a password.

5. Battery Info:

  • It shows how much battery you left in a percentage, temperature, suggested life and Customizable power saver feature. It all will help you to preserve battery when you require.

6. System Cleaner:

  • Most apps take up cache space, which in turn takes up storage space on your device. If transferring apps to your SD card only goes so far in freeing up space, try cleaning your cache in this section. While you’re there, check out the history eraser, which lets you clean out your closet of Browser history, Google Play Store search, Gmail search history, Google Maps search history and clipboard.

7.  Apps to SD:

  • If your mobile has only limited space, then you can use this option to transfer compatible applications to your bigger SD card.  Its very simple to do and free the space quickly and easily.


    • In a nutshell this feature uninstalls applications. While going through the process on the Google Play Store is a bit of a chore- as is going through Androids ‘Application’ settings, this feature uninstalls quickly. Batch uninstall lets you remove several apps at a time.


Merits of ZD Box:

    • Smart widgets
    • Very easy to use
    • It provides lots of useful information about your Android
    • It contains many useful tools such as power saver, Cache cleaner and History eraser.



  • One of the main disadvantage of ZD box is it lacks the advanced features experienced users might require
  • Perhaps we could not see nothing before

All the settings in the ZD box can be backed up and restored. It helps to keep your Android running smoothly.

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