File Transfer Between Android Devices Via Wi-Fi Made Easy – AnySend

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Have you been using Bluetooth technology so far to send and receive files between Android devices? Well, things are about to change as “AnySend” can help you transfer files between android devices over Wi-Fi.

If you love to send files from one platform to another but you don’t want to do it in a slower way then there is something that can lighten your load. There is a new android app introduced in the market called “AnySend” with the help of which you can send and receive files between android devices over Wi-Fi signals.


This app has a really clean user interface which makes it easier for anyone to use this application. No doubt, AnySend is going to be a make a new history in file sharing technology. If two or more android devices are sharing the same Wi-Fi signal then this app can help you transfer files between those android devices easily.

The process used in this app is called the device-to-device transfer system. There is no use of FTP or shared content over the internet. So, file sharing is fast, simple and easy with the help of AnySend.

Using AnySend

Setting up and using AnySend is really easy. Once you have installed the app, it will detect all the other android devices that are sharing the same Wi-Fi hotspot and have got AnySend installed in them. After this, the app can help you send files between different devices very easily with a few taps.
Even if you exit the app, AnySend will keep running in the background and it will automatically alert other users of the new incoming files via notification in status bar. You can configure the app to initiate vibration or an alert sound can also be used.


Why AnySend Is Better

There are other apps available on Google Android Market that let you share files between two different devices. However, AnySend is much better than those apps because in this application, you can create a white-list so if anyone wants to send you files, you don’t have to grant the permission again and again.
There is no doubt that AnySend is not the only app in market that is offering these services but when you look at the features of this app, no other application comes close to it. You don’t need to configure the app in your smartphone. All you need to do is install the app and start using it.


Easiest File Sharing App Ever

Unlike other file sharing apps in Google Android Play Store, using and running AnySend is very easy. All you need to do is to install and run the application. Once you have started the app, it will configure itself and search for devices that can be added to your network. All other devices will be listed on your home screen.

If you want to transfer data from your device to another device, simply tap that device on your home screen and select the files you want to transfer. In a blink of second, the data transfer process will start and since, it works on Wi-Fi, the process will be completed very soon.

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