Firefox OS With ZTE And Alcatel Releasing Smartphones At The Beginning Of Year 2013

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It wasn’t much predicting from Firefox to launch a HTML 5 based mobile operating system. Few months back MWC ’12 had little bit excitation about this new operating system by Firefox.

On MWC there was not much information unless announcing to the market as an open source operating system. The approximate time and idea of smart phone provider also was not clear to people on MWC and others.

As it’s a very brand new mobile OS from developer to consumer of smartphone everywhere was excitation about this.

At the end Firefox has announced yesterday about the probably time and about the companion smartphone producer for Firefox HTML 5 OS.

ZTE and Alcatel, who are the joint partner to bring smartphone to market with a new Firefox OS. The exact time duration was not announced yet but they assume that on the beginning of the year 2013 the smartphones with Firefox OS are going to be shipped in.

We have no idea now that how people will respond to this new smartphone with HTML 5 OS with Qualcomm Snapdragon processors but it’s pretty much obvious that one community is certainly happy to have this OS on HTML 5.

A developer OS to create an universal platform

The reason Firefox HTML 5 OS being good to developer community is very simple, functionality of HTML 5 OS gives developers to develop apps white wide spectrum and most importantly only HTML 5 based apps are possible to make universal any OS.

I have heard Steve Jobs to welcome HTML 5 apps on some interview to talk about. Android, Microsoft and others all would welcome HTML 5 apps because of functionality.

It seems like Firefox OS is having huge back up from different platform. Both smartphone manufacturers and telecom companies are welcoming this new OS to work with. The reason is I think distinct to everyone is because of being an open source operating system and the system which allows only HTML 5 applications.

There are some other reasons developer community is much happier with Firefox OS on market. Because of having this different platform of developing applications for phones and tablets the processes and universality of development is truly a big hassle for developers. There comes need of universal system which will allow them to work with single process of development.

Even though currently HTML 5 applications are being allowed by iOS and Android platform but the functionality is limited and now to take it as playing with flexibility.

Now it’s time to see the response of developer community first on how dedicated they are to take the functionality of Firefox OS for consumers of the smartphone with Firefox OS.

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