First Game, First Hit – Amazon Game Studio

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Amazon game studio first came in the lime light with their amazing Facebook games. They had already gained a lot of fan following and liking just through Facebook but I guess they wanted to take one step ahead with mobile games.

Android has become a favorite of many today and many mobile companies have adapted to it. Many men and women are making a living out of Android applications and well, why stay behind, may be the Amazon game studio thought. Obviously with much finer work and professional touches they really did make the audience wait for something worth it.

Amazon game studios are a well reputed firm which has out shown many professionals with their superb outcomes in many fields. Gaming is a favorite of many today and well they seemed to keep all ages busy with their entertaining merchandise. It put up its first mobile Android free game on Google play store, Amazon’s application store and iPhone’s application store. Shortly, they will soon be taking over Android Play Store.

Air Patriots

What’s new in the Android Play Store if you are asking well, it most certainly is the new all so very free mobile Android game. A trial for many soon to be customers; this is the initiative into the mobile career and just what the company wanted, love and fame. They are sure that their next upcoming games will be waited for as they will have quality and obviously come with a price too.

Furthermore, coming to Air Patriots, it is an interesting game like field runners. There is of course a lot of fighting involved, battles to be exact in the most exceptional arena. Hurdles, adventure, wins and yes, a lot of lose also. Air Patriots may get addicted. Moreover, with kindle fire, you get the opportunity to further socialize the game by sharing battlefields and comparing high scores.

The game itself allows the player to play according to his own will. If on flight the player wants to change his pathway, then all he has to do is pause, change the game plan and plan out the path way again in order to fire directly at the enemy spots.

But the game just isn’t that easy. The enemy is hard to defeat, there is a lot of competition so there must be an extra effort made to defeat the enemy and win the game while staying on the right pathway. The game has enough hurdles, difficulties and tough challenges to drag the attention of the player with full concentration.  It is a to be continued game of course for it is lengthy so the whole time the player is not indulged in playing the game, his mind is somewhat swayed in its memory and more and more curiosity arouses in his mind.

Over all, Amazon game studio has done a fantastic job. Their first free game is a complete hit all over the Android Play Store and on many different Android phones. Many different classes and age groups are busy in playing their daring game.

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