Functions of External Buttons of Android Phone – Easy Guide for Newbies

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If you are new to the Android phones then this article will definitely useful for you. In this article we discussed about the functions of each and every external buttons. Some of the android phones comes with few physical buttons and some others comes with a few touch sensitive keys.

Each of those keys have a own function, and they all changes in the way you press them. That means if you press the buttons normally it will perform some functions, instead of pressing if you touch it will perform some other function. Or else if you long press the buttons/keys it will totally do the some other unusual functions.

Usually the Standard buttons present in the Android phone are Home button, Menu button, Back button, Search Button and Recent apps button. It’s not necessary all these buttons are available in every android phone the number may differ in the range of 3-5.

Let us see the function of individual keys and the combination of those keys:

1. Back Button/Key:

This key usually takes you to the previous screen where you were there, but keep in mind with a single press it won’t directly take to the home page.

2. Menu Button/Key:

This button usually allows you to open the options of the particular section where you are currently hitting the button. For instance, if you are on the home screen and if you tap the menu button, it would open the options like editing the home screen, changing the wallpaper etc. Again if you tap the menu button from there it will take you to open the options for that application.

3. Search Button/Key:

The Search Button not just opens the Google Search when you are on the home screen, but when you are within any application, it would open the search box to help search within the app.

If you want to open the Google Voice Search then simply press and hold the Search button.

4. Home Button/Key:

If you press the home button it would take you to the home screen, either from anywhere within the app, or from the left or right extra home screens to the center home screen.

If you press and hold the Home Button for more than one second then it opens the list of recently opened apps or the most frequently opened apps depends on the type of phone.

The four keys which we discussed above, mostly come as touch sensitive one rather than the physical buttons in the recently developed android phones. One thing here you need to know is those touch sensitive keys might not be visible until the display of the phone is activated.

5. Power Button/Key:

In every android phone the power button is located in the top left/right, or on the right side panel. Usually, the Power Button perform two functions, based on the time it is pressed.

For example, if you normally press the Power button it would allow you to turn OFF the screen. Instead of normal press if you press it for long, it would open the options to Switch OFF the phone, or enter the phone into the Flight mode or Silent mode and a few other options based on the phone interface.

6. Volume Up/Down Buttons:

The Volume Rocker keys are usually located on the side panel of the android phone and it allows you to adjust the volume level. If you normally press the volume down button it decrease the volume level instead of that if you press it for long, then it would activate the silent profile automatically.

When the phone is ringing, if you press any of the Volume rocker keys then it would silent the phone. While you are in music player or the video player app, and press those keys would influence the media volume rather than the Ringer Volume.

7. Camera Button:

It is located in the right side panel. This button will be very useful if you or on the Video Recording Mode.

Combination of Buttons:

If you combine those buttons it will perform some different function. For Example: The Default Android Phone which has the Android Version of 4.0 ICS would need the Power Key and the Volume Down Key to capture the screenshot, while the button combination would be different based on the phone manufacturer.

If you switched OFF your android phone, it would require you to hold even more than two buttons together when you are doing any developer options like Recovering or Updating a phone while it is connected to the computer.

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