Galaxy S Value Pack Leaks

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After Samsung had denied the update of the most popular device Galaxy S to Android 4.0 ICS it left many of the users disappointed. The reason for that was that according to Samsung the hardware requirement would not be met by the 2 year old device to run the ICS.

Instead Samsung had promised a value pack for the millions of Galaxy S users which would bring the ICS sweetness to the gingerbread running device. But recently Samsung had announced that they won’t be releasing the value pack which left many of the users disappointed. Although development community had make sure to port ICS to the galaxy S but many people were still waiting for the official update which now has been officially cancelled.

Well recently the value pack firmware for Samsung Galaxy S has online which provides performance improvements and also provides some of the ICS goodness to the aging device. Whatever may be the reason for Samsung cancelling this update, now you can download it and try it on your phone. Although be reminded that doing so would void the warranty of your device so some would prefer to wait for the official news from Samsung.

The value pack is based on the firmware Gingerbread 2.3.6 build XXJVU and some of the changes that it brings to your device are:

  • Face unlock as found in ICS
  • Galaxy S2 photo editor
  • Galaxy note lock screen
  • Improved camera performance which allows you to take still pictures while video recording
  • Faster auto rotation
  • FPS is a bit higher on 3D
  • IO performance is significantly improved
  • Stock browser is much more smoother
  • Available RAM is increased to 320MB
  • Notification bar is much faster
  • Gallery 3D is much faster
  • Overall performance is much faster and smooth

Procedure For Flashing

  1. Download the firmware and also make sure to download the PIT file if you’re flashing from some other custom firmware.
  2. Make a NAND droid backup of your current installation using CWM.
  3. Go into download boot mode by holding power button, volume down and home button or center button simultaneously. If successful it will display download mode.
  4. Run Odin in your PC
  5. Connect your Galaxy S to the PC and it will show that a device is connected in the Odin.
  6. Make sure that Auto boot and reset time is check marked.
  7. Then load the PIT file in the PIT field if you had previously installed a custom firmware. PIT is needed because this is a leaked official firmware so it will remove your custom firmware.
  8. Then load the corresponding files in the other fields.
  9. After loading all the appropriate files click start to initiate the flashing procedure and it should take about 10min to finish.
  10. Once done the phone will reboot and to start up the OS it will take sometime so do not panic.
  11. After booting is done you can enjoy the Android ICS sweetness.
  12. Now you can get down to rooting your phone to enjoy more awesomeness from android.
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