Galaxy S3 Will Have Quad Core Processor, But What About other Rumors?

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Samsung have done well to keep tight wraps on their upcoming android flagship device but this didn’t stop the rumors from appearing and floating around the net.

Most of those rumors are to be accepted with a pinch of salt because according to many anonymous users the new design of Galaxy S3 will be ground breaking what not? Also many renders have popped up but nothing official has been announced from Samsung’s side.

But from the entire rumors one rumor that has been close to the original statement of Samsung is the rumor about the processor that is going to power the new device. Yes I know it’s going to be a quad core processor but what kind of quad core processor? What GPU will the new device feature to power the HD screen?

As little bit of information surfaces more questions also arise with those rumors. But according to one credible source at The Verge that the new flagship will be powered by an Exynos quad core processor and will provide impressive performance that will even put Tegra 3 to shame.

The latest news that we got was that Meizu are about to ready their own quad core device this year which will be powered with a 32mm A9 variant of the quad core processor but we don’t know whether it will be the same processor or slightly better than this one which will be powering the new Galaxy S3.

Among other rumors is that the Galaxy S3 will feature a 12MP camera but according to the leaked camera samples that have surfaced it shows that the still are of 8MP. Still we don’t know what kind of camera will the galaxy S3 will sport.

Another interesting bit of rumor is that Samsung are hiding the true final design of their flagship from the masses. They are doing this by shipping a ordinary looking device with the proper hardware to the carrier for testing purposes. So even if there are leaks only the hardware information of the device will be leaked and not the final design.

Even the event that will be held on 5th May which organized by Samsung not much information as been made available even the poster doesn’t reveal much information on what sort of device will be unveiled.

One thing we can be sure of is that the device will be Galaxy S3 even if it will be called that no one is sure as no concrete information is available. All we can do is waiting while holding our breath for the event to launch and the devices to be unveiled.

I know there are many users out there who are waiting for the Samsung’s device to see what kind of device it will be. Whether it will be better than the other quad core offerings or inferior?

Samsung have done a good job to keep everything under tight wrap thumbs up to that and as a result of this the public drive or let’s say enthusiasm for the upcoming supposed Galaxy S3 has reached its maximum.

So do let us know what kind of device you would prefer and whether Galaxy S3 will be better than other quad core devices or not.

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